Yu Yureka supports 64gb micro-sd card and OTG – Video

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[sch i=”description” c=”In this video, we’ve proved that Micromax Yu Yureka supports upto 64gb memory card. USB OTG is supported as well.”] From the very beginning, I was certain that Yureka supports upto 64gb memory card as it is powered by Snapdragon 615 and according to Qualcomm’s specifications, the chipset supports upto 64gb micro-sd card. Even smartphones powered by Snapdragon 400 supports 64gb memory card so the first thing that I wanted to do when I got Yureka was to bust 32-gb memory card Yureka Myth. You can’t rely on Micromax’s official words when it comes to phone technical specs details. Since, Micromax usually rebrands other Chinese phones and present them as its own, many a time, Micromax doesn’t have clue about true capacity of the hardware.

So, dear readers and viewers, the happy news confirmed here is:

  • Yureka supports micro-sd card of upto 64gb capacity in its memory card slot.
  • It supports usb OTG also, so you can insert otg based peripherals like game controllers or pendrive or keyboard/mouse with Yureka.

14 Replies to “Yu Yureka supports 64gb micro-sd card and OTG – Video”

  1. Then Yureka might support 128GB microSD card as well because HTC Desire 820 comes with same Snapdragon 615 chip and supports up to 128GB microSD card as mentioned on gsmarena.

  2. can u pls tell me which variant of 64GB microSD yu yureka supports??
    64GB SDXC UHS-I memory card?? or 64GB SDHC only??

    1. For your information there will be no 64 gb sdhc card because sdhc-(2 gb to 32 gb) sdxc-(32 gb to 1 tb or more) and also the formet of file system matters to generally all Android mobles support FAT32 system but sdxc means exFAT(FAT64) that’s not available in all devices but in few may mount that sdxc exfat system (that’s question need to be answerd by the video uploader.)that does yureka mount the 64 gb card with exfat file system or he reformated the card to fat32 system.

  3. very poor video tutorial. it is made for person who is working in this video. not clear for spectator

  4. Please give me in written how to improve my camera of micromax Yureka I can not do it in video .

  5. sir my yureka mobile is connecting to PC but unable to copy data from phone to PC, SD card and internal memory file not opening, please suggest me. how to solve my problem.

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