Yu Customer Service & Support Sucks! The Untold Story of Playing God

There are several ways in which you can be screwed by Yu because you decided to go with Yu, thinking of Yu as counterpart of Xiaomi, convincing yourself good of Yu’s prospective penetrative effect in budget-smartphone race. To begin with, let me direct you to an article graduating some of the many demerits of Yu’s flagship handset, Yureka. After reading the mentioned article, which I wrote positively to help fellow users, and unrelenting hordes of comments from not-so unperturbed users, you’ll begin to gauge the level of dissatisfaction or worth-whileness of their buying decisions. In fact, by reading into my replies to their comments, you’ll find my biased optimism for Yu. While I heartily suggested some of those users to contact Yu support for their hardware issues, now I know the real story since I personally experienced the hammering horror, futile frustration, unbearable time reflexes from Yu support & service, for their total disregard of customers, for their sheer lack of shamefulness.

When Yu announced Yureka at surprising price point, promise of amazing door to door service, I said to myself – Damn, this is daring, daunting finger to all other brands. They even promised to pay courier expense charges for those areas not covered under their door to door service. I was elated. Even though, Amazon didn’t deliver to my location, I purchased Yureka in the first sale, got it shipped to New Delhi and from there arranged shipment to my location via another courier.

But, after a while, Yu proved that things on paper and things in practice are two opposite sides of the same coin and can never meet. I started getting problems on my Yureka – several of them probably software related which I tried addressing in Yureka cons/demerits article as well; one of them being hardware related, camera dust problem. Somehow, dust partcles settle inside camera module. I disassembled back panel and cleaned it myself but the problem happened again and again. Finally, I sold it for good loss to another eager customer. I didn’t claim for warranty service just to avoid hassles of sending the handset to Yu service center and then waiting to get it replaced. Still, I didn’t lose hope in Yu. I was still supporter of it.

When my neighbor, a young boy of 12th standard, sought my advice for best handset in mid-range, I prompty suggested Yureka, though warned him of some issues, mainly software-based. His parents were opposed to buying online. Despite that, He heeded me and was convinced. I bought the handset for him and arranged its delivery to my location (this process took more than 10 days, thus escaping amazon return timeline). When he started the handset, it notified of available Lollipop update so he asked me to update the handset. I did and for some reason, after update, Yureka failed to start, neither in recovery nor in fastboot/download mode. Yureka was dead. It was hardbricked to the extent that it was not recognised in PC at all. I tried all ways to recover but couldn’t. Since, I was updating the handst to Lollipop and I was the one who recommended him to buy Yureka, I took it as my responsibility to get the handset fixed so I sought warranty support from Yu. The real story begins now, the untold story of India’s raunchy budget handset company’s service & support: 

Yu is not about You. Beware, Yu is about screwing You! Literally, Yu is playing God with their innocent customers!

yureka-yuphoria-customer-serviceI tried calling on Yu helpline number but the call couldn’t be connected at all. Then I knew why some of my readers complained of unreachable Yu helpline. For some reason, Yu helpline number is not accessible from few operators like Aircel, uninor, etc. I called them from idea-network phone of a relative, the calls are chargeable. Call was connected in an instant. They registered my complaint and asked me to wait 48 business hours (4 days) for a callback from L2 team, I received a callback from them on the 4th day but before I could pick up, the call was disconnected (3 rings). They didn’t bother calling again or calling on the alternate number. I even mailed to their support email address. I called them again and was again asked to wait for 4 working days. I mean, 8 days of wait just to receive a callback from their L2 team who did nothing but confirmed my issues and agreed for replacement. I was then told to send the handset to Yu warehouse in Delhi as my area is not serviceable under their door-to-door coverage(they use Delhivery courier, instead of widespread Bluedart/dtdc/firstflight). I asked regarding reimbursement of courier expenses as mentioned on Yu official website. The lady put me on hold and then told me that I would get Yureka accessory in lieu of courier expense, she asked me to email them courier tracking number and its receipt. I agreed and sent the handset via bluedart courier to Yu warehouse in Delhi on 6th and mailed them the receipt with tracking number. The handset was delivered to them on 9th. I called again for delivery confirmation and they acknowledged and asked to wait for few days as they are required to generate waybill before dispatching the replacement. I patiently waited and called again after few days. Again, same response. This continued till 17th. On 18th, I was told to submit POD (proof of delivery). They hit my nerve there. First, this was new term to me, Second, when I was asked to send the defective handset, I was not told of obtaining POD, I was then just asked to forward them with courier receipt. Third, why didn’t they request for POD earlier, why did they made me wait till 17th with false assurance of replacement dispatch in progress? Fourth, why don’t they make note of accepted consignments to their warehouse instead of pestering customer to produce POD? I talked to local Bluedart office and the guy said that they didn’t provide POD. All consignments delivery status could be checked and verified online. He asked me to take screenshot of delivery webpage and forward it to Yu. I did the same and confirmed to Yu customer care executive about the same. They accepted, acknowledged and further assured me of speedy waybill generation for dispatch of replacement. Meanwhile, I complained to Bluedart main office in New Delhi for scanned copy of real POD and Bluedart complied, thankfully. Few days later, I called Yu again and this time they denied receipt of POD, I forwarded the original POD to them again and then they confirmed receipt again. Since then, I have called them several times. Sometimes, their representatives deny receipt of POD, I insist them to look thoroughly in their system and then they acknowledge it and then ask me to wait some time for waybill generation or callback from their side. Till now, neither waybill is generated for dispatch of replacement nor callback is received from them. Each time, I call them, I try to talk with full patience and without loosing my temper. Every time, the customer care executive replies in apologetic words that they understand my concern and that my complaint is in progress but nothing happens really. I have tried all channels including email and their support forum.yu-customer-supportI even offered to personally take the handset from their warehouse if they are unable to send it but they reject it. It has been more than a month, several calls, emails – but to no effect. I have no idea if and when will I receive the replacement. Hence, I am writing this report to share my experience with you readers.

Here is what I learned valuable from Yu Customer service & support, so far:

  • Yu Helpline number is chargeable. It is reachable only from few network operators.
  • Some of the customer care executives are really dumb while some of them are average, none of them excellent or effective.
  • So-called L2 team is sleeping most of the time. They act like they are vvips of country.
  • If your area is not covered under door-to-door service, keep courier receipt, POD handy.
  • Yu support system structure is completely messed up. They don’t even have all your info/communications composed together in their system.
  • No way to reach backend team of Yu support or talk to senior or so-called L2 team, or special customer grievance team. Customer care executives are helpless, handicapped.
  • Be prepared to wait more than 1 month (better to get paid service from other places if possible, instead of claiming warranty)
  • DO NOT BUY Yu products. Better safe than sorry. Yureka and Yuphoria, both the handsets are plagued with enough problems. You’re lucky if you don’t face one.
  • Be mentally prepared, keep your hopes/expectation to low/pathetic level. Higher the hopes, grater the fall.
  • Do not suggest/recommend Yu to anyone otherwise your ethical/moral/geek obligation will land you in trouble.

That’s my story but this is not unique or single case. Yu support forum is filled with complaints of several customers. Take a look yourself in sales and service section (if those threads are still there). There are few happy cases also, but compared to the otherwise, they are relatively small. I will update this report as my story progresses further (Lets see how long yet). Door to door service is nothing new and certainly not complex. Many companies of other products do this in India. It was easy getting my defective hard disk from WD or headphone from Sennheiser or router from TP-Link replaced, without any hassle or continuous calls/mails followup. If you have been cheated by Yu, or have severe complaints, feedbacks against them, feel free to voice your opinion in comments section below.

23 Replies to “Yu Customer Service & Support Sucks! The Untold Story of Playing God”

    1. yes, I have received it now but the customer support team doesn’t have info whether the handset is dispatched or not. If I call today and ask them why my handset is not dispatched, they’ll ask me to wait more and that they’d review my case on priority. This confirms my original belief that there is no proper communication between warehouse and support team and their support system is wreck.

      1. hello i am Afzal Shaikh fronm Solapur. I had ordered the phone around 22nd march and now i am in a miserable condition.I have a long list of problems, to start with the apps misbehave like anything in the world.
        i am unable to solve the problem. it has been about 4 days since i did access m Whatsapp. I had reset my yureka before once it happened but this is the second time it has happened .Help me .

  1. The same thing happened to me when I bricked my phone trying to downgrade it from lollipop. Literally it took more than 3 months to get my phone replaced. I had to call them every night and day.I literally spent 1000 rs just to talk to them and 300rs for courier to parcel my mobile to them. They didn’t even gave my courier charges.Most of all I am mentally disturbed because I have to attend my final exams at the same time.Some customer executive says that yu is a subsidiary of micromax and some claim that they don’t have any ties to them.Finally its a cheap trick by MMX : release a cheap phone with lots of bugs,make it look like an affordable flagship killer.wait for the problems to raise and people will spend lots of money just trying to get help from them by calling customer support since they don’t have service centres and MMX don’t even repair you. MMX should also service you mobiles just like KTM and bajaj.When I said about KTM and bajaj.They were shocked and didn’t reply me.Finally they said that a bike is very difficult to transport to foreign bajaj services it here.That answer became my sword.I questioned them since yureka is a mobile not a bike whytf**** you people didn’t send me my phone then or why can’t MMX services it.They shocked.You executives always talk dry words,they don’t talk sense. I am going to sell it tomorrow for 8000/- (Thanks to my accessories)

  2. I forgot to mention that they also have crappy flash sale system and they will always put you on hold and disconnect your call.

  3. I have booked a call for my faulty phone on 3rd Aug. My yu become dead while upgrading to lollipop. Since then i recd a call from so called customer care executive and asked me to wait for Level 2 executive call. Still i am waiting.

  4. I have been thoroughly cheated and misinformed by Yu customer support team. I have been calling for the last one month to your customer care regarding issues in my charger and after diagnosing the problem the agent reached at the conclusion that my charger is not working and hence it needs to be replaced.

    After that i have been calling numerous times to know the status of my request and every time i was told a lie that one of your agent will call in 24-48 hours but no one called. I have been calling repeatedly to your customer care form last 10 days and every agent takes 15-20 mins to answer my query and even then they promise that my problem will be resolved but not a single phone call from your side has been received.

    And today one of the agent told me that my charger had a six months warranty and thus we can not replace your charger. What the hell is this? Why did you take so long if my warranty had expired? Every agent i talk to gives a new story. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    I would certainly recommend each and every one in my circle never to buy a Yu product.. Customer support is absolutely pathetic. I’m also gonna lodge a complaint against Yu and will also share my experience on social media. This is not how you are supposed to treat your customers.

  5. Today they suggested to update my YUREKA PLUS by FLASHING but its failed and phone bricked. i called thrice but they told me to wait 48hour as L2 team will call me.

    Now what..? Should i try..? or any fast option of replacement ..?

    Ashok parmar
    Ahmedabad Guajarat

  6. Even the same problems I faced with the support team and I had made almost 20 calls, it was almost 18 days followup and finally they created the Waybill Number.
    And that time I Decided I am going to fuck them….
    So basically they send me the handset to bangalore location for a hand in hand delivery and reverse pickup of my existing mobile.
    I packed some shit stuff in a box very well packed and had sent them through their delivery partner delhiver…
    they called me several times after recieving the shit in my packet, and tried to behave the exact same way they behaved to me..

    I asked them the POD, please send scan copy of the same, please send photograph of what shit you have recieved. I ask them to do the same stuff again and again and sometimes I say, let me ask to my grand father, exactly who had sent that shit and will get back to you please be on hold and that way I deal with them.. they blocked my mobile from warranty services, but who cares? I anyways knew they are playing in the name of warranty.

  7. Hi guys ,
    Now they improved service , for me theyve taken 20days replace my bricked device.
    The new seems no issue at even heating issue…

  8. recently i have booked a complaint about yureka mobile heating and battery issues immediately they have sent the procedures to solve the present issues but the problems not solved the same has been communicated on 16th nov subsequently 24th Nov received new mobile against defective set am very much thank full to yu support team to solve the issues with in 15 days

  9. Hi, am facing an issue like whenever i connect to wifi,network is avalaible and if i disconnect wifi the network tuns off and if i try to call my mobile with a different number it disconnects an says not reachable. wts the problem?can u please fix this issue?!

  10. Soo true..
    Such a beautifully written article.
    It’s been over 15 days and still i am just getting emails that issue is forwarded to ‘concerned department’ but unfortunately the concerned department is not at all concerned.
    And yes as you told, YU Customer Care 📱
    18602122122 is of no use.
    Despite of having On-site Door Service at my location, its actually no service at all (email, phone)
    Today i will be visiting YU Service Center and see what offers they have for me… 😂

  11. how much time they took to replace your mobile? i have also faced the same problem and have sent my mobile to them but i am worried about the delivedy.

  12. Same story here. It took close to one and half month to get the replacement for my dead phone (Dead within 2 months from Purchase).

  13. This is the worst customer service… My phone is there for replacement for the last 67 days… From the day one they are saying its a technical error to replace and some 30 days ago they started saying its ready to dispatch some technical error there… Whenever I call them they ask me to wait for 10 days… So I started calling them every week and they are giving the same reply… Customer care people have no clue what is happening behind them. I have warned them that I will go to consumer court and there is no use with that… Pathetic customer service and they just want tl sell the their scrap phone without giving any proper after sales service…

  14. So I guess I m not the only yu-harassed-soul out there. YU customer care team is the dumbest I have ever encountered. And they haven’t just got dumb executives but creepy stalkers too. I have placed about 25 calls ( charged) to YU care regarding replacement of accessories under warranty period , and it has taken about one a half months to understand the issue. If that was not frustrating enough, one of the creepy executive guys decided to misuse my details. I started receiving weird texts on whatsapp and calls, which I had to block. But I guess it wasn’t enough since the guy tracked me down on FB and sent a friend request, wherein I realised he is from YU care( mentioned in his profile) . So much for replacing my headphones. basically the services are not only inefficient but also weirdly creepy( stalker services) . Better be safe than sorry, applies to YU!

  15. For those who have hard bricked ur phone u should have open it and booted to edl mode by joining to points via wireur phone would have start taking software. Same happens with me I recovered this way. Just Google about it. Nd yu support is worst. I wanted charger those chottey aren’t picking and replying mail. I have sent them thousands of email like bombered with auto email sender.

  16. Same story is mine…phone is in company for repair for past 1 month and till now no information when i will get that back. Let’s show the reality of these guys…please post these comments on their facebook/ twitter and other social media accounts so that people know their reality.

  17. Indeed! They just dont care. Emailed them twice not even an auto response, seems like they should name it “Customer (diss)service”

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