Unknown cool YouTube Tricks for FUN {Easter Eggs}

YouTube, the world’s largest video portal, is not just for watching videos. It has certain secret Easter Eggs fun as well, like you can play game on YouTube. How? We’re going to share those cool YouTube tricks full of fun and will make you wonder if there are more. Try these given cool YouTube tricks from your computer as these won’t work on YouTube mobile app.

  1. Search anything on YouTube with (forward slash and space preceeding your search term) and you’ll see the special search result page in linux text command like GUI. For example, search / techrear saurabh . Or go to this link to see the effect.youtube-linux-effect
  2. Play any video on YouTube and type 1980 anywhere on the screen, but not in any text field. You’ll see ‘Missile Command game’ above the YouTube video which is playable. It’s easy, simple and fun. In this game, you’ve to blow the incoming missile before they hit your tanks. Cool, isn’t it?youtube-game
  3. Load any video with comments on YouTube and type 1337 anywhere on the page, as above. The comments will be converted into leet language. For, example – See will be written as $33 in leet language.youtube-comments-trick
  4. In YouTube search box, type Fibonacci . Or go directly to the typed search term by following this link. Instead of the usual search page, you’ll see Fibonacci animation with golden ratio. The animation consists of YouTube video thumbnails. Try it yourself to see the effect live.learn-fibonacci
  5. Search for ponies on YouTube. On the search page result, just wait for few seconds and you’ll see little ponies walking on the screen. Follow this link if you don’t want to do the typing.youtube-ponies
  6. Want something more dynamic? Search for Use the Force, Luke . You’ll see entire screen shaking, dwindling with the force. Nice animation, indeed. Do not want to type the search term, follow this link to see the effect.
  7. Type Beam me up, Scotty in search box on YouTube and you’ll see the search results appearing with Star Trek effect animation. I’m not linking this search term because the effect may be already played before you switch to the tab. So, type the required search term yourself on YouTube to witness the effect.star-trek-animation-youtube
  8. Watch this video and you’ll see a new POW button on the YouTube video player control bar on the right side near annotation or quality button. Hit the button to see in comic-like effect.

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  1. how to write that numbers on youtube page???

    1. You just have to type the number anywhere via your keyboard.. The numbers will not be shown on the screen but the effect will be shown..

      1. ya i got it…. thank you sir… really that game is nice :)

  2. it didn’t work and now im crying :(

    1. Pretty sure most of these features are removed. It was from 2013 sadly

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