Google Glass to be more native with Bone Conduction Technology

Google glass

Sources have confirmed that Google has submitted FCC filings and we guess its just around the corner . It is expected to have 802.11 b/g wifi and Bluetooth 4.0. It also includes a technology which you might have not heard of – Bone Conduction technology . This is a new technology which may be in favor of people who don’t like something sticking inside their ears. As the name suggests , Bone conduction technology uses special techniques to conduct or deliver sound via the bone rather than the ear passage . This reduces the risk of  hearing loss .Vibrations that travel through the bone allow you to listen to music in a more hassle free manner. These vibrations do not have any harmful effects on the eardrum and the user can still listen to the ambient noise.This feature comes in handy for those who listen to music while driving . We’ve already seen some headphones being showcased at CES 2013 which use the similar bone conduction technology. But Google has already filed a patent in bone-conduction technology  . This hints at a virtual assistant or some other similar technology which guides you or responds to your queries in real time. So , apart form the camera input , Google glasses also takes voice input form the user to perform similar augmented reality tasks . Developers can get their hands on Google glass for price of 1500$ . It is slated for commercial release, probably by next year .

What is Google Glass ?

How cool would it be to just look at your coffee mug and know the exact temperature , amount of caffeine in it , etc. This is definitely not some 20-30 years ahead technology that we are talking about . This would be possible with the help of  Google glass by the end of next year probably  . For , those of you who don’t know what Google glass is , Google glass / Project glass is a research and development project funded by Google which is being built at Google X Labs . The core technology behind this project is augmented reality . Augmented reality is a technology which modifies the environment with more useful data and presents it to the user. It doesn’t change things around you , but adds information to things that you see in a separate layer. For example , when you look at a building , Google glass gathers information about the building and displays the number of people in the building , number of floors in the building , etc . To be more simple and specific , the suit used by Robert Downey Jr. in the movie Iron man is based on augmented reality . Augmented reality is a wide area of research and many top players including Google , Microsoft and Apple are involved . Microsoft’s area in augmented reality is totally based on helping the U.S Army and people who build  ship/automobile engines by giving them commands in the form of visual and audio instructions and this is done with the help of a simple wearable computer in the shape of a helmet. Google’s augmented reality is based on consumer model , more simpler and easy to use . Google glass was featured in Google I/O last year but not yet available for public use . Developers are still testing Google glass . With the release of Google glass , people can actually leave their smartphones at home and simply wear a small device around their forehead and experience a whole new level of technology. Just look at something and your google glass will be flooded with data . Google glass essentially consists of a camera , a small display and an internet communicator . The heavy task of processing data is handled by the Google servers and the processed data is sent back to the Google glass to display detailed about the object that the user is currently viewing .Google glasses could be used to help you with navigation to places too.Google Glass Bone conduction

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