Utter! voice commands helps you control you android phone offline

Utter! - Voice commands

Android Jelly Bean was the first android version to feature offline voice typing. Google had somehow managed to stuff the speech synthesis engine into its operating system. Despite this, Google Now had to connect to the internet to answer your queries. A recent update just made Jelly Bean better by adding offline voice recognition to Google Now. Google had already released the api to third party developers and Utter! is the first to take advantage of this feature. Utter! is an application which aims to replace Google Voice Search with a lot of other interesting features on board. Although Utter is currently in its Beta stage, it manages to respond well. The User Interface is neat with minimalistic design elements used.

When you open the app for the first time, it guides you through the basics by explaining the features and menu. The main menu offers a list of commands that Utter! can recognise. But you could very well ask the app if you don’t know what to say. Initially, you will have to check if the app is recognizing your slang properly. You can start using it once the app is calibrated to recognize your voice properly. You should tab the notification bar before you start speaking something and once its ready, you’ll see a mic symbol on screen. You can ask Utter! to perform in-phone tasks like toggle wifi,bluetooth,sound,brightness,etc.. or even ask it to post a Facebook status, Foursquare checkin or a Tweet. More than just working with commands, Utter! is also designed to provide audible responses to the user like Apple’s Siri. Ask utter “WHAT IS THE WEATHER ?” and it responds you with the correct weather information in your location. The accuracy is quite good for an app in beta stage. However, Utter! is not designed to respond to complex commands. Siri can execute complex commands like “REMIND ME TO WISH MY MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND BOOK A TABLE FOR TWO AT PERSE ONCE I REACH HOME” Siri tracks your location and alerts you to wish your mom when you reach home and automatically books a table at perse restaurant via OpenTable application. But, Siri needs an active internet connection. Utter! is currently integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, ¬†Dropbox and Evernote.


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