Ubuntu Mobile OS based phones to be launched in October

Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu will soon debut its first open source mobile operating system in october by adding itself to the long list of mobile operating systems – iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, Tizen, Bada and now Ubuntu. Out of these, very few have made their mark on the mobile space and each of these are famous for a particular feature. iOS is known for its usability, vibrant ecosystem of applications and skeuomorphic design (design that imitates real world objects ), Android is known for its customisability and Windows Phone is known for its Metro UI. Each of these operating systems have also failed in some aspects. iOS lacks customisability, Android lacks security and Windows App store applications are limited. Ubuntu has added a new feature to its operating system which will allow its smartphones to be docked to a larger display and use it with a keyboard and mouse as if it were a desktop computer. This is a unique feature and I’m sure Ubuntu will leverage this idea further and take it to greater heights. Application developers will soon get a sneak peek into the software as Canonical will seed its linux based operating system which is currently optimised for the Galaxy Nexus. The company is also planning to conduct a hackathon to make application developers aware of such a platform. It is believed that Ubuntu will also support windows based applications downloaded from cloud servers. However, other features of this operating system are not known yet. Canonical CEO said that the company has plans of releasing the operating system in North America as of now and later in other geographic areas. He also mentioned that North America is absolutely a ¬†key market for Ubuntu as many carriers have already tied up with the company for its release. Ubuntu powered phones are already in development and in October, new handsets running Ubuntu will be launched. Hope Ubuntu makes a mark in the mobile space and not just fade away.

Ubuntu Smartphone

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