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Hindi is the mother tongue of India. Although English has been widely in use in India lately, yet it is second language for Indians. English to English dictionaries are readily available everywhere but for those Indians who want English to Hindi dictionary, choices are few. The choice further get limited when it comes to mobile application. Here in this article, we’re listing all those English to Hindi dictionary available in android market i.e. Google Play store for free. Note: We’re listing the name of the application alongwith its developer name so that you could easily identify these apps in android market because most of the names are idential. The only way to differentiate them is by going through the name of respective android developers.

1. English – Hindi Dictionary by SE develop

This dictionary contains more than 1,55,000 words and is available offline i.e. to find the hindi meanings of words, you don’t need to remain connected to internet. The offline data download size is around 32 mb which will be downloaded on the first installation. It also displays words alongwith few translation and sentences which will help you understand those words easily in hindi and English. History, favorites and Text-to-speech mode is also there. It also has context word search feature so that you can click on any word inside the app to find its meaning. Random word of the day widget is also provided so that you can learn one new word daily.

Download English-Hindi dictionary from here on android mobile.

2. English To Hindi Dictionary by burningpassion

This dictionary has good amount of words. It offers offline mode, words suggest, voice recognition, pronunciation as well. This app is heavily supported by ads which might even pop up on home screen and some people are fed up of ads.

Download English to hindi dict from here

3. Hindi English Dictionary by Hinkhoj

This dictionary is one of the popular hindi-english dictionaries. It is also free. The download size is very small but it works online. The developer claims that they have provided offline mode as well which should be enabled by visiting its settings. In such case, offline files will be downloaded once which may take some time. It also has ability to display in hindi and you can even type in hindi there. The hindi font may not be displayed on few android mobiles if the manufaturer has not added support for hindi fonts. It is one of the most downloaded English Hindi dictionary in android market because it has been available for a long time.

Download this Hindi-English Dictionary from here .

4. English Hindi Dictionary Free by corporate technologies

This dictionary contains over 60,000 words and works on most of the mobile phones. This is very easy to use and also has unique accent facility for English words. This app has also been very helpful to students, business men and foreigners. It contains most of the basic words and is also being updated often. It is also free and supported by ads like most of other android apps.

Download this mobile dictionary from here

5. Google Translate: English TO Hindi

This application is official Google Translate app which can be used as dictionary to find Hindi meaning of any English Words. Just download this application. Launch it. Choose English in one side and on the right side, choose hindi. Now type any word in bottom and enter. It will translate the word in Hindi with Hindi meanings. The Hindi meanings are displayed in Hindi fonts for more easy understanding and native feel of the language. This contains almost all words of English so you can say that this is the largest dictionary of all. The only limitation with this application is that it works online which means that to be able to use this app, your mobile requires GPRS or 3G internet connection.

We recommend you to download Google translate application from here on android phone and use it as your dictionary or english-hindi translator.



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