Top 5 Best Realme X2 Pro Back Cover, Cases for Ultimate Protection

I seriously don’t like people’s craze with glass back body of smartphones. Glass back be it even Corning Gorilla Glass 5 as is the case with Realme X2 Pro, tends to break, sometimes unexpectedly and very easily; remember, they are glass, they are fragile. So you need to protect it by keeping it under case, there you go, that glass touch feeling is replaced with plastic/rubber/silicon/leather, etc based feel. What good is that glass body, beside making you concerned, as if display breaking wasn’t enough, you need to concern yourself with body breakage issue as well. But, hey, go with the flow, the world wants glass body, the companies provide it on their flagships. Glass body is associated with premium signature of phone. Thankfully, Realme X2 pro comes with transparent/translucent Back cover inside the box for immediate protection. Here in this post, I am listing extra cases of interest for your Realme X2 pro back protection:

Golden Sand Aramid Carbon Fiber Series back cover for Realme X2 Pro

These cases look beautiful and are available in three colors – blue, black, violet. The cover has bold and big carbon fiber texture throughout, however in the top half, there is smooth finish raised slightly around the camera. Anti-shock and impact resistant, the case has slim profile as well. The design is appealing as well. However, price is Rs.500.

TheGiftKart Realme X2 ProTranslucent back cover without side frame

This case has hard back plate translucent in nature and is made of semi-clear polycarbonate material, the side lining is made of tpu material. The case has no side frame, but bumper on all corners. Side buttons including power and volume buttons are exposed. If you like such cases, this is for you and price is also less at Rs. 149. Moreover it doesn’t add bulk to your device, and you get to flaunt the original color of Realme X2 pro.

TheGiftKart Hard Tempered Glass Back Case for Realme X2 Pro

If you want that glass feel and still want to protect the phone from accident, this is the case for your. The case has glass back plate with tpu lining on the side. It is available in three beautiful colors – white, blue with black gradient on the bottom, black. The glass is of reflective nature. The glass is not scratch-resistant (based on my experience with glass back cover). The cost of this cover is Rs.299.

Transparent and Cheapest Back Cover for Realme X2 pro- No Frill

If you’re like me, whose first preference when choosing back cover for any smartphone is transparency, this is for you. I have browsed through several such transparent back cover listings and finally listed this TheGiftKart Transparent Back cover, as it is the cheapest available as of writing this post. It is available at just Rs.69 and is available in two variants. Both the variants are transparent. One variant has thicker corner bumper and big single cutout for all cameras as the back; the other variant has slightly raised corner bumper, four individual cutouts for each camera at the back and anti-slip hand grip structure on sides. Both the variants are available at the same price and can be purchased from here.

Kwine case for Realme X2 Pro with mobile holder ring

It is a thin case with inbuilt ring at the back. The ring can be rotated 360 degrees. It is available in two colors – blue, black. It costs Rs.399.

Do comment below if you liked any of the Realme X2 pro back covers mentioned above. If you have any item suggestion to add to the list, contact us.

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  1. Could you also tell me the best tempered glass for realme x2 pro because most of the tempered glasses are of low quality?
    Doesn’t the company manufacture original ones?

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