Top 10 plus Yu Yureka Tips

Yu Yureka is awesome device, greatly priced – best for bucks, comes with Cyanogen. YU’s exclusive partnership with Cyanogen in India made Yureka more interesting as Cyanogen comes with great customization options and the rom is regularly, fastly updated. In this post, we’ll disuss top 10  and counting best tips for Cyanogen based Yureka phone:

  1. Double tap to wake up – This is the most loved feature of mine. I hate pressing power button to turn on the display on any phone. Also, it doesn’t feel ergonomic. But with double tap to wake feature, just take yureka in your hand, double tap on the screen anywhere and the display will turn on. Nice, isn’t it? If your Yureka’s display doesn’t light by double tapping, make sure the required setting is enabled (GO to phone settings > Display & Lights > Double-tap to wakeyureka-double-tap-sleep
  2. All side screen rotation: You can also enable screen rotation on all sides – top, bottom, right, left. By default upright down i.e. bottom side is disabled. To enable rotation on all sides, go to phone setting> display & lights> Rotation > Select all angles.screen-rotation-cyanogen
  3. No Screen lock – Why use lockscreen unless you’re using pattern or password based? I do not use lockscreen as it requires another effort to unlock screen by sliding the lockscreen image. With double tap to wake feature enabled, I just tap on screen twice repeatedly and get to work. No extra hurdle or time wastage on unlocking screen after turning the display on. remove-lockscreen-androidYou can also remove lockscreen by going to phone settings > lockscreen > Screen Security > Screen lock > None. no-lock-screen-android
  4. Double tap on status bar to sleep – Since, we can wake/turn on display by double tapping anywhere on display, what if we want to turn off the display quickly after some work on Yureka? We can press the power button, the traditional way, or we can double tap on status bar, the modern intuitive way. Just double tap on status bar (top position where time, date, network strength, etc display) and the display will turn off.
  5. Make Yureka feel faster, swifterGo to phone settings > about phone, scroll down and tap repeatedly on build number five times to enable developer options. GO back to phone settings > Developer options. You’ll see lots of options there, do not mess with them, scroll down until you find Window animation scale. Change its value to 0.5x. Likewise, change transition animation scale and animator duration scale to 0.5x. This will make your phone feel more snappier and faster.developer-tools-yureka-cm
  6. Long-press back button to kill current app – You can also enable this option in developer tools, scroll to the bottom and tick this option.
  7. Ringtone for 2nd sim card: In setting> sound menu>phone ringtone, you can set the default ringtone for mobile but it doesn’t have particular for which of the two sim cards. You can set different ringtone for each of the two sim cards in Yureka by going to Dialer from homescreen and then enter its setting by tapping on three dots at the bottom or by hitting on menu button. You’ll be able to select ringtone of each of the sim cards from there. You can also adjust other call related settings for 1s and 2nd sim cards, like vibrate on hangup, on answer, on call waiting, etc.yureka-2nd-sim-card-ringtone
  8. Adaptive backlight and Color enhancementUnder phone setting > Display & lights, you’ll find these two options – Adaptive Backlight & Color enhancement – tick these to enable them. Adaptive backlight adjusts led screen backlight optimally to ensure better battery life and balance of display brightness. Color enhancement, like Sony Mobile Bravia Engine for Sony phones,  enriches colors on Yureka so this makes your movies, videos look more color-rich, vivid, magnificent and kind of awesome.
  9. CM themes – You can change to a different look on your Yureka without changing the launcher. The default toggle icons, navigation keys, fonts, wallpapers, styles, padding, color schemes of notification window, app icons, boot animaton, etc – all can be changed and a theme usually contains all these elements. Just tap and hold on homescreen or press menu/option button on homescreen and select Themes option. CM themes app will be launched, you’ll be required to create Yu account and accept T&C. Do that and then it’ll list all the installed themes on Yureka.cyanogen-themes-yureka Tap on Shop Themes button and it’ll list around 12 free themes for you to choose. Download and install any of the themes. Again go to themes menu and select the desired theme and apply it on your phone. Enjoy the new look. You can install as many themes as you want. For more themes, just go to Google Play Store and search for CM themes, you’ll get many free and paid cm themes on play store, including lollipop style themes (I like this one). Install them from play store and enable them from themes menu. You can even customize these Cyanogen themes, in the themes list i.e. installed theme chooser window, beside every theme name at the bottom of the preview, wrench icon is there, tap on it and you can customize certain elements of the theme i.e. you can choose fonts from a different theme, boot animation from a different one, and keep the style from the current one.
  10. CM Launcher Options – When you press menu/option button on homescreen, you get three options – wallpapers, widgets, themes.yu-themes Just above these options, you’ll notice three dots in up-arrow form, press it and a list of homescreen customization options appears. From there, you can turn off Google search bar, Change the homescreen scrolling animation, turn off wallpaper scrolling on homescreen, or change grid size(number of apps shortcut icons in a row/column). Change scroll effect for homescreen and app drawers and see the effect.cyanogen-launcher-setting
  11. Onscreen navigation keys – Yureka has three capacitive physical keys but those users who are accustomed to on-screen keys hate physicals keys and vice versa. Many users prefer physical capacitive keys because it doesn’t eat up any of the screen space. Many users prefer onscreen navigation keys because onscreen keys are customizable in their design, size, and numbers. Whatever side you’re on, Cyanogen will not disappoint you.lollipop-style-navigation-keys-yureka-cyanogen If you prefer onscreen keys, you can enable them by going to phone setting > Buttons > Enable on-screen nav bar. When on-screen nav bar is enabled, physical capacitive keys are automatically disabled and vice versa. Now tap on Buttons and layout to change on-screen nav keys position. cyanogen-on-screen-navigation-buttons Tap on Lock button on the top bar in Buttons and Layout window and then you can drag and reorder buttons at the bottom(Drag back button to the right if you’re habituated to physical keys). Add more buttons by tapping on + button. After making the desired changes, tap on lock button at the top again to save those or reset button beside it to revert to default on-screen nav key. yureka-on-screen-nav-keysThe design of the on-screen keys can be changed by installing different cm themes (for example, you can get lollipop style on-screen nav keys on your kitkat based Cyanogen os).
  12. Physical capacitive keys – If you do multitasking on your smartphone, you often switch to another app by using recent apps menu, you need to hold menu for few seconds to bring up recent apps window, this process is cumbersome. The good news is, you can change this behavior. yureka-capacitive-keysGo to phone settings > Buttons> Under Menu Button subheading, Short press action > select Recent apps switcher, and under long press action, select Open/close menu. This way, you can change reverse default behavior of menu button so now you can easily switch to another app by pressing menu button once and selecting desired app from recent apps switcher window, and I recommend this because most of the apps already have menu button in their interface so you won’t often need long-press physical menu key for options. Under Home Button subheading, you can change double tap action to launch voice search (my recommendation).
  13. Dual sim management – A big demerit of Cyanogen in Yureka is that the default dialer doesn’t have sim1 and sim2 button to dial from the desired connection directly.yureka-dual-sim-4g-management Under phone setting > sim cards > Voice calls, select always ask so that each time you dial any number from dialer, you’ll be prompted to select sim1 or sim2, but if you do not use one of the sim cards for calling, you can set the default sim card for voice call here and then you’ll not be prompted to select sim card during dialing. The same can be done for sms. Here you can also set the default sim card to be used for connecting to internet. dual-sim-setting-yurekaAlways ask option is good to compensate for the lack of sim card buttons in dialer but there should also be toggle button to easily switch the default active sim card for voice calls in notification toggle.
  14. Hidden Performance setting/Performance toggle – Cyanogen in Yureka doesn’t have performance menu in Setting because it is hidden. Performance menu usually consists of performance settings like cpu balanced or performance mode, etc. The default is balanced which is optimal balance of performance and battery life. You can change to performance mode in which cpu tends to hit its full speed frequency quite often, but this may result in slight lower battery life; or you can change to powersave mode, which as the name suggests, is favorable to longer battery life. There are two ways to access performance setting. First Go to setting menu and tap on Search button at the top, write performance, select the same, tap on ok button and then adjust the desired setting as you wish. This is slightly cumbersome process. Well, the second way is very easy, which is via toggles button from status bar. Go to toggles page from notification window and tap on + button and select performance profile from the list of several toggle buttons. It’ll be added and shown in toggle page window. Now whenever you feel like you need to be on adrenaline, switch to performance mode by tapping on performance toggle button. yureka-cpu-performance-modeWe’ll keep updating this page with more Yureka smartphones tips. Feel free to share your findings, tips in comments below!

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    1. Hi,

      I have yureka mobile I do screen display on Zero from Users Profile so i am not able to see display (Display got black) How can i reset my Users Profile…

    2. My Yureka after factory reset he has automatic voice command enabled. Touch not working. how to disable this function please ans. reply.

      1. In this situation u need to use 2 fingers to scroll the page, double tap every time to open anything.Just go to access ability in settings and turn off the talk balk option.

    3. When i receive any call my screen automatically goes on sleep mode as & when phone gets disconnected phone gets awake bcoz if this m not able to pick any calls kindly help me out

  1. Wow thank you.. I had this phone around for few days and I was surprised with all the features cyanogen powering this device with.. Now with all your tips above its truly YU playing God. Please add if anything more to this.

      1. I hv download the cynogen new update file of 128 MB … But I m now unable to find the file to update my yureka. Can u tell me the location of the file ?

      2. I was adjesting display. I adjesting brightness ro zero and my screen got blank. Not showing anything. But if I restart phone it is showing the booting after start the screen again got blank . how to solve this problem?

  2. I got the answer:
    1) Go to settings ->Personalization->Notification drawer ->Quick Settings Panel ->Sound Modes
    2) Select Sound & Vibrate mode
    3) Then go back to one level and select Tiles and lay out and add Sound by clicking on + sign
    4) Once done go to your notification panel, you will see different buttons there like for setting,Device only,wifi,bluetooth etc. You will see sound button also there. Click on that and select Sound+ vibrate and you are done

  3. I tried the Make Yureka feel faster, swifter trick but when ever i turn off developer mode, the values resets from 0.5x to 1.0x is this how this is supposed to be?
    should the developer mode be enabled for the values to remain

    1. i’ve updated my yureka to cm12.few days back i activated pattern lock in my phone and now i want to unlock pattern lock but when i go to screen lock setting, it shows swipe lock has been disabled by device administrator. please guide me…..

      1. I too got into this trouble.
        To fix it just to to the settings>>security>>clear credetianls
        Tap on OK and you are done with reseting your lock screen to swipe :-)

  4. Please let me know if there by any chance can i off the predictive text input option in yureka….as i dont use this form usually… i searched out the whole phone …but i dint find any option…i did check dis option in language & input section also… pls help

    1. Well to turn autocorrect off. Go to to the settings first then click onto Language and Input after that their should be written Android Keyboard (ASOP) on side of that their are three strings like button, click on to that.Scroll down you’ll see autocorrect option click on that and turn it off.

    1. what to do to get Gujrati phonts on this yureka phone… Is it possible ? If it so than let me know it … Thanking in anticipation.

  5. There is an issue in Cynogyen. Can you please tell me how to fix the issue.

    Actually i am connecting through WiFi and after some time i am getting popup from my service provider(vodafone) like money has been deducted. Please assist me how to resolve this issue.

    1. whenever wifi is connected, mobile data turns off temporarily and when mobile data turns off, balance deduction message appears for the session before wifi network..

      1. Hi saurabh i am also facing similar problem. I am on tatadocom after ever few minutes balance deducted message is coming with 0.10INR.This is very irritating as i am on wifi & never use mobile data.

  6. I am facing a problem in YUREKA. Whenever I dial or receive a call the screen becomes completely black and I cant perform any on call tasks like call record. Kindly help with that.

      1. I have the inbuild softwate. I have checked for update and it shows the system is up to date.

        1. I am also facing this kind of problem. When call is arrives or outgoing call display light getting black I not able to cut the call . how to this pls help me..

      2. Whenever I open dial pad my mobile restarts…its too frustrating.. Whenever I have to call someone urgently..its restart automatically..
        Plz help if u can….

    1. Hi Saurabh,
      It would really be helpful if u can guide me how to show all the notifications (like whatsapp, gmail) on lock screen whenever I get a new email or ping. I tried to switch ON Heads up in Notification drawer, it is showing me the notification but it is showing the latest single notification only not all the notifications which I got after I locked the screen. And it is allowing me to reply to that person which should not allow. Please guide me. I want this option anyhow.

    2. Dial *#*#7769#*#* if ur system is up to date and proximity calibration window will popup just hit start and when it shows calibration good hit stop and exit ur issue will be resolved.

    3. Just check your screen guard…
      It may hide your Senser which makes your screen blank while calling..

  7. I am faceing problem in yureka
    When ever I fail or receiving a call
    The screen becomes completely black., not able to perfome on call operation ..plz help me

  8. I am unable to write ‘p’ when writting a message in Yureka.
    Also unable to scroll contact list with scroll button.
    please guide and help.

  9. How to change the option for watching videos using other app. Its default is VIDEO PLAYER. But i want to change it to MX PLAYER. But i cnt able to change it in GALLERY folder ?? Any help .

    1. Saurabh bhaia!!! Pls do help.. Default player is pathetic. Is there any way to change it into mxplayer or something else. Waiting for your reply

  10. 1)I am facing same problem in YUREKA. Whenever I receive a call the screen becomes completely black n cant cut the call.
    2) cant read gujrati messages.
    pllll help

  11. I have just got my yureka…need some help on setting a notification tone for mail and gmail account..the present settings for mail is silent and the changes are not getting saved…even for the gmail account its not getting changed..pse advice on the steps to be followed…thanx

    1. install file manager like es file explorer and then try changing ringtone from setting. you’ll be prompted to choose es explore during ringtone selection process.

  12. Hi Saurabh..
    I am unable to move my photos which I have in icon Photos to gallery. Whenever I tried to delete it takes some seconds to delete with this pop up- deleting everywhere—
    What does it mean?

    1. Images in photos app might be of those in Google account i.e. cloud account and therefore, those takes time and prompts as such.

  13. How to change the default ringtone to custom ringtone in Yureka?
    i was not able to set customize (i.e. Downloaded from Net) ringtone in Yureka.

    1. First install es file explorer app.
      Launch dialer >settings>phone ringtone>select es explorer when prompted>locate ringtone.

  14. Hy.. guess it ll be worthy asking here..
    Problems I face with yureka are
    1. Power drain and automatic heating problem even in standby mode
    2. Takes more than 5 hours for a full charge
    3. Proximity sensor not working effectively but this not what I’m bothered about
    Kindly help me out with first two problems..

    1. Hello Rajesh..
      You didn’t mention battery usage details. Go to setting>battery and then report here what’s eating your battery juice.

      1. Screen is using 35% of battery sometimes 100.. No background apps are running.. I always clean running apps.. Yet in standby mode battery lasts hrs.. And during usage maximum 5 hours.. I don’t know why phone is getting heat even without usage

  15. Hi Saurabh
    Thanks for your previous answer. I would like to ask you one more question that My mobile is not detected by the USB cord to the computer. Whatever the setting I tried but I couldn’t. Even I called to YU helpdesk but they are also unable. I expect my problem would be solved by you.

    1. Have you tried: Setting>Storage and then option button and tick/untick mtp connection.. Your phone must be connected to computer during this process.

  16. I played music on mobile at that time I could see equiliser when its screen light became off. nowaday I am unable to see equiliser instead black screen can you help me in this regards.

  17. i have a problem. my gmail id is not signed out in my yu to do sign out of gmail in yu yureka

  18. Some times when i pluged my head set in the port. The sounds heard from normal speaker only. Some time it works in opposite condition also. In that case i restart my device and done it.

    Any other software problem? kindly let me know the reasone.

  19. could you help me? I just got my yureka yesterday. The ringtone sound is very low. I can’t hear the sound when i kept it in my pocket or a little distance from me. All the sounds are selected full even though i can’t hear the sound? please help me

  20. I have the Yu Yureka…and while i am very happy with it …. i am unable to cancel calls on screen … it needs me to double press the power button to do that. Also, whilst on calls, i am unable to get the keypad to appear.

    Please help!

  21. hello,
    Help me to assign the ringtone from my playlist or songs,is it possible or the mobile ringtone alone allowed

  22. hello saurabh,
    i got my yureka one week before, tamil font was not available how to instal font and also i couldn’t find gallery option in my yureka on default all pic and vedios were stored in google photos how to change the settings guide me plzzz…

  23. Charging Percentage goes on decreasing while the phone is charging. and also it take a long time to charge. What is the resaon? is the same things happen with other guys ..????

  24. saurabh sir please assist me how to
    increase sound in YU where all are selected Full even I can’t hear the ringtone

  25. Hai, my Yureka is awsom regarding all aspects.., but I noticed a problem when I want to record 60fps video screen goes in to total dark… Plz help me. ThanQ

  26. recently i have purchased yu yureka i have 2 problems with this..
    1) when i reinsert the battery the battery percentage showing so low. startly phone showing 98% of battery when i reinsert the battery the current % is showing 3%..
    2) When i installing the applications they are not show on the menu

    please sugest me for this problem as soon as. at [email protected]..

    1. when mobile is connected to pc, pull down toggle window from status bar, usb tethering option will be visible then, tap on it and your pc will be able to use your mobile net.

  27. I m not able to get sound and vibration at a time as its ringing volume is low. I changed the sound mode from personalization

      1. One more problem… I m able to set custom ringtone for only one sim.. (That was sim 1)Through es file explorer.. How to set for second one also

        1. To Mr. Saurabh, Myself also facing the same problem unable to select other ringtones than the default ones, I have gone through your article and tried to do as you mentioned in point no.7, it only shows the default inbuilt ringtones, kindly explain once about changing any other ringtones than the default ones.

    1. You can download new themes with different fonts. While applying themes, just tick font option instead of applying the whole theme.

  28. Hi,
    I am not able to see icon names below the Icons like camera ,gallery , photos..etc… but I am able to see icons on my Yureka phone. could you please help on this .


    1. Long tap your home screen, on the top of widgets there is an arrow will displayed. Press that icon, you may see option “Icon Label” and enable the option to show.

      It works..

  29. Hi Saurabh

    I have 2 queries:

    1)Whenever I want to dial a number directly in my yureka, the dial pad doesnt show, even while I am on a call where I have to press numbers as per IVR instructions, the dial pad doesnt come up even though I press the center key.

    2) The quiet hours don’t seem to work even though I have enforced it.

    Please assist.

  30. Please help to let the phone keypad or dial buttons during call, I am not able to press any button during call.

  31. There is also a hidden “Superuser” settings in yu yureka where u can set if only or apps and ADB have access to superuser and also can set a password protection for giving superuser access and also can set timeout…this is really nice have full control on apps and can decide which apps should have superuser access and which are not..

  32. Hi guys,

    My Yureka is rebooting several times in a day i am worried can you guess help me out to solve this issue please its irritating for me please help me outtt

  33. I have set the ring volume to the maximum in my recently bought Yureka phone, but it is very feeble even at the max. We can hardly hear the ring-sound at a distance of 10 feet. Is this a design problem of the phone or any setting issue?

  34. Great Sourabh… Very useful.

    When I plug in earphones.. I am getting TTY notification. How dO I turn it off..

    Once again appreciate your efforts

    1. Go to apps in settings then at the top right corner ull get a button wid 3 dots press it and then press protected apps

  35. Bought this phone 5 days back . speaker is delivering low there any way to increase sound.or is there any availability for change of speaker with another in market.
    Remaining all the features are awesome

  36. Hi Saurabh,

    I got a notification to update to Lolipop 5.0, and i did it. But the fone seems to have got slower, than it was on the earlier version. Also, i cannot get back to the default background theme of the apps/menu button. Fone seems to heat up while using an application.

    Is there a problem after upgradation?


  37. i am facing the following problems after updating to lollipop –
    1. dns_probe_finished no internet connection
    2. an interrogation mark beside the tower strength symbol and wifi symbol
    3.quick battery drainage especially after updating to os12
    4. huge heating during charging

      1. Hi Saurabh,

        I am getting very much low tone while speaking in the phone,

        Can you please tell me how to reduce this problem…

        Damodar Prasad

  38. Hi suarabh..
    I installed lollipop on my yureka.
    Now I’m am not finding performance profile option when I searched in setting bar…can you help me with it how to find it. Please give reply.

  39. Hi Saurabh,

    My memory is not detecting in the Yureka mobile. But i am able to see that the card is detected in other mobiles. Is this some problem with Yureka devices or some settings i have do.

    1. Hi Saurabh,

      My memory is not detecting in the Yureka mobile. But i am able to see that the card is detected in other mobiles. Is this some problem with Yureka devices or some settings i have do.

    2. Hi Saurabh,

      my screen goes blank whenever i recieve a call ?

      i have updated to the latest OS and my phone is running on Android Lollipop 5.

  40. I am facing a problem. I have enabled pattern lock but now not able to change it back to swipe or none.
    It shows ‘disabled by administrator, encryption policy or credential storage.
    Please suggest something to remove pattern lock.

  41. plz help me… im not able to sign in to my gmail. fb messenger.. and not able dwnload pics or send pics from my wataspp.. plz help me

  42. not able to sign in to my gmail. fb messenger..
    and not able to send or dwnload pics videos from whatsapp..

    plz help me

  43. I need help to solve below issues. Yureka is my first smartphone. I have updated it to lollipop. Few issues like volume loudness, vibrate & ring have been solved in CM12
    1. I use only one sim and on status bar I want to remove the so-sim icon for 2nd sim.
    2. on top left of lockscreen, I dont want the scrolling of Service provider name. Because it shows no-sim-no service for 2nd sim.
    3. I dont want to see alarm icon on the status bar.
    4. 4-5 times a day sim network disconnects for 2-3 seconds and then re-connects.
    5. 4-5 times a day H+(3G) turns to E(GPRS). I googled and tried *#*#4636#*#* and changed to WCDMA only. Then it immediately changes to H+ but after some time shows E and when i check WCDMA prefered is shown.

    1. Hi I am also facing exactly same issue mentioned in point 5. Please let me know if this issue is resolved.

  44. 1. How to create Playlists in yureka? lollipop update done.
    2. SDcard not recognised. How to get it into the settings –memoey? without Es file explorer etc. Is there a workaround?

  45. my yureka’s external speaker not working even when I connect the earphones no audio
    pls help me to solve the problem
    running on latest updates 5.0

  46. I am not able to download any app from playstore using my phone’s internet connection however I am using 3G services from Airtel. Alternatively if I am on wi-fi, I am able to download apps. Is there a problem in my handset or there is some setting to enable this feature.

  47. How to change the option for watching videos using other app. Its default is VIDEO PLAYER. But i want to change it to MX PLAYER. But i cnt able to change it in GALLERY folder ?? Any help ….pls..

    I had given ‘always’ for system video player..

    1. go to manage applications->all apps-> find and open the video player (obviously the system one player) -> clear defaults .
      Yu did it. :) ;)

  48. I am facing a problem in YU YUREKA. Whenever I dial or receive a call the screen becomes completely black and I cant perform any on call tasks like call record. Kindly help with that.
    i have updated my device with Lalipop 5.0.

  49. nic one…thnk you
    now plz le me know that how can i change my ring/notification tone from my gallary or plz also suggest me about my camera because it capture bluish picture in auto mode with flash but without flash its ok.

  50. Hi, There is So Many changes after i have Updated My Yureka with Latest android Lolipop…i cannot See Many option which was available on Kitkat. So can u please help me hw can switch back to Kitkat or get more Options to make changes.

  51. all the verdicts of in call black screen ….. its a problem with your proximity sensor …. just calibrate it …. using code *#*#7769#*#* that’s all … #Yu did it.


    same as said by TAHIR .

  52. Dear Saurabh,

    Few weeks back i received the update of Lollipop from YU and I updated the same on my phone by following the instructions as it comes. However message blinks like “Unfortunately your Lollipop has stopped working”. I have taken the screenshot of the same for your reference if you need. Also after that it asks to use “Lollipop OS” or “Launcher 3”.

    Please help and solve this problem, I have written many times to your support team on [email protected] but haven’t received any reply.

    With regards
    Keval Joshi

  53. hey…i m getting problems like call drops frequently ,its now like a cummvbrsome problem for me , whenever i call some1 ,the call diaconnect automatically ,plss help me out

  54. Ever since I updated it to lollipop, each time I delete any picture from my gallery.. The gallery automatically exits. I’ve reported for like 10 time till date. Also the phone stucks in between and turns off in like 5sec..

    1. Hello Archana,
      GO to setting>apps>gallery>clear data.
      If that doesn’t help, factory reset phone, otherwise, use a different gallery app (search for gallery in play store)

      1. Does this clearing data erase all my data i e my pictures.. And I’ve got an other problem.. My inbuilt protected app isn’t working.. I open it I gets crashed all the time? What do I do??.

        1. no, clearing data will not erase your pictures, it will just erase automatically generated thumbnails, and thus thumbnails of all pictures will be regenerated..

        2. Okay thank u so much!. And y protected app isn’t working..! What do i do with this please help!. Thank you :)

  55. Hi saurabh

    Really let me tell u heart full thanks for this wonderful information about yurek. On net this the most useful information i find compere to others too enhance yur use for phone.

    I need ur little assistant which also faced by pranay and harshita about default video player

    Pls reply me asap.

    1. This is inherent feature and part of gallery app, If you’re browsing from default gallery app, the videos will always open in default player, not mx player.
      The only alternative to this is using different gallery app from play store (search for gallery in play store..)

  56. I have problem in my phone. It does not support call barring & forwarding facilities. I bought a mobile on one month any one know to how to solve barring problem plz tell me.( I did many time factory rest & hard factory reset and I asked my sim care side also)

  57. sir I am not ale to unmount usb otg card. I have tried to unmounts after hearing the music. . but of no avail. If I remove usb, it gives message usb removed. what is the solution pl

  58. I have activated pattern lock but I m unable to remove it to ‘none’ what should I do???
    The none option has dissappeard…
    Plz hlp

  59. My phone is not vibrating at all… only vibrates at reboot…even my led light is not blinking at all at the notification…….

  60. I make the system ringtone as default ringtone location when I opened the ringtone option and I can’t set various ringtones or songs from gallery.pls help me


    1. Do a factory reset.. Turn off the phone. In off state, press volume down+power keys together, you’ll enter into recovery mode. Select factory reset option from there.

  62. i have a few problms with my phone…mainly
    1)switchs off automatically
    2)screen goes completely black wen a call comes
    3)how to find de performance settins, i tried searchin t n de settings,but t ddn cme
    pls find answers fo dis

    1. Long press the home screen, you get setting wallpaper and widgets.. Scroll down and youhave many options over there.. Go to drawer setting enable icon setting..

  63. After updating to lollipop my YU yureka suddenly switching on frequently while I was operating YU yureka or while browsing ……. Can I get solution for this if i can, please mail me

    1. Move or Copy the song to the ringtones folder in your files. Thenfollow the general steps to change ringtones in settings. In the tones list you’ll find your copied song to set as your ringtone.

  64. I have forgotten the password for my device, and there is no ‘Forgot Password?’ option, like there was before the Lollipop update. Is there anyway to unlock my phone without resetting it?

    1. via android device manager on the web.. watch this video for full guide:

  65. hi saurabh in my new yureka phone am not able to get lock screen sound,screen shot sound & etc sound problms but whn an call comes tht will sounds nice pls pls pls pls ………. solve my problem……

  66. in yureka i cannot delete any file from my sd card using es file explore and similarly i cannot delete any video using mx player….
    is there any solution for this?

  67. I need to change my yureka mobiles application page background color to transparent. Its white in color now.

    1. There is no option in default launcher. You could use apps like Nova launcher from PlayStore as it is almost similar and has option to set color or app drawar to whatever desired including transparent.

  68. After updating my yureka with cm 12 and the other performance update provided by yu , my phone’s speaker stops working suddenly and started working on its own. This has happened 4- 5 times. I have tried switching it off and reboot again but it didnt work.
    Pls tell me how to fix it.

  69. hi Saurabh,

    i did add (.) DOT in the start of the folder name in order to hide the pictures in gallery.

    but after doing i couldn’t fine where i can see “show hidden files” option in yu yureka?

    please provide solution.

  70. My yureka switches off and restarts automatically. There is no specific time interval or if so, I haven’t noticed it yet. It has happened 4 times till now within 3 days. I didn’t update to CM12 cause I heard reports that it gives lot more problems then the present CM11.
    Do help me out. I love this phone.

    1. The restart issue could be due to number of times.. User reports about CM12 i.e. Lollipop update has been mixed but many have appreciated CM12 upgrade as it solved several of their issues/bugs.

  71. To solve battery and heating issue i disabled media server and enabled. But now media files from sd card is not recognised. Pl help

  72. Hi Saurabh,

    I am not receiving sound from one of my earphone even though earphones are in good condition and working fine with another mobile. Is there any setting to solve this issue.

  73. i want to change my ringtone in my micromax yureka mobile i cant able to change from my music folder

  74. My yureka suddenly used to reboot whenever I’m tried to connect witn my college wireless … Can you help me regarding my this problem

  75. Saurabh first of all let me thank you for your effort to make our phone much friendly.
    I tried the method you explained for changing ringtones for different sim but it did not work . I have not updated my phone yet and running still on kitkat. is this the reason?

  76. no saurabh it is not glowing though i change the color in the whats app settings.i just reinstalled twice but still it is not working.but led glows during charging

  77. I have downloaded es explore for change my ringtone and whenever i got option for choose es explore for ringtone , by mistake i choose system as always but now i haven’t get option for es explore … Tell regarding this problem , how I’ll get es explore option again

  78. I cannot edit my SMS center no. Whenever I try to edit smc no. I got warning and the message center no. Doesn’t change at all :(

  79. sir,
    Irecently got yu and intially it looked good but i am facing some problems now
    1 ,my phone gets heated up when i am talking on phone+when i am using internet
    2 regular and serious complaint is that my sound gets broken up at receivers end and they can not clearly listen to what i am talking to them.i have to use other phone when some serious talk is going suggest some remedial measures immediately.
    3 also suggest if i should go for update as some people have reported serious trouble after up date.

  80. Hi,
    I have been using Micromax yurekha for the past two weeks. I am facing one problem regarding the incoming call . During incoming call the volume is very low that i cant even hear while am near by to it.. Its v v low and speakers are working i have checked .. Kindly address the issue if u are aware of the solution

  81. my phone colors are different from my frnd’s yureka mine was whitish nd his are natural as in real…

  82. Hi Saurabh,
    I have upgraded my Yureka to Lollipop about 3 weeks back since then I cannot transfer nor delete data, pics or videos from my External SD card. I get a promp t that the file is read- only and I need root access to enable the delete or copy functions. Please help me solve this issue. Regards, S.

  83. How do set in my YU Yureka Lollipop version download in internal storage…Before update Lollipop version in mobile phone setting I have option to select phone memory or SD card…Pleas help me Sir…

  84. hi,
    While attending call on my YU mobile. the opposite person on the call say my voice is not clear, Same issue for many call. is there any solution,please reply

  85. Saurabh please help me out.
    My Yureka’s speaker has stopped working. I tried disabling audio fx and media storage and enabled it again and rebooted, But nthin happened.
    After that i did a factory reset then also its not working.
    I have updated my phone to cm 12 and had faced this problem before also but then i used to fix it again by disabling audio fx and media storage but this time its not working at all.
    Please tell me what should i do

  86. Hi I have a big issue with yureka whenever I rename any file or folder in my file manager the file or folder are not shown how can I get back them please reply me soon I m worried about it.

  87. My yureka msg app notification tone not working…it was working all this while but now it’s not

  88. Hi saurabh,
    Even after disabling “Vibrate on screen ” option ,my yureka is vibrating whenever I touch on Home menu Button/Back also vibrates when I unlock my pattern.kindly provide solution for this.

  89. I have a issue with the battery backup after upgrading to Android Lollipop on my Yu Yurekha mobile phone, the most battery draining app when I check battery status on Settings is “Android System” and “Android OS” are the top most draining apps, the battery back up has gone down drastically , as earlier the battery would last for 24 hours but now its drained within 5 to 6 hours, I have done a factory reset and checked without installing any other apps except the default apps, any useful suggestions to fix this?

  90. Hi I m using yu yureka
    I want to change my user name
    By mistake it show some others name
    I want to show my name
    But I m unable to change that particular name
    Please help me out with this problem

  91. My gallery and MX player is not performing, no pictures are coming on my gallery and no videos are showing on my MX player, plz help me out Saurabh Bhaiyya, I will be thankful to u

    1. Go to file manager or use third-party file manager app like es file explorer, then go to videos folder and ensure that .nomedia file is not present. Enable “show hidden files” option in Es file explorer.

  92. plz tell me a solution.i just brought yureca plus n i am facing a problem.i have only one or two apps installs but it shows that 55-65% of ram is in use n the phone gets too hot when iam just surffing net.plz give me any suggestion

    1. usually on most of android phones, 50% ram is always in use.. You should check battery stats see which apps take up most of the time on your phone i.e. at the top.

  93. How do I access no media files from the SD card in YU yureka fine…I just got this fone and want to access my old PDFs which I had hidden in no media file…my previous fone had options to access it but I don’t kno how to access it on this fone

  94. hii !! how to set SD card for default storage ??? all info first save into d mobile …..there is no option in setting>storage to change phone storage to SD storage ….!!! ( yu yureka plus)

  95. How to change screen lock animation??? There is no option in my Yureka screen lock animation in display & light setting.
    Please suggest how to enable it.

  96. I reset my camera to reset defaut but now i am not able to see my old photos.
    please let me know how to recover those photos?

  97. I own yu yureka, the receiver of my phone call experience echo and unclarity in voice. Pls suggest the remedy.

    BVK Rao

  98. hi…for last two days , i have faced a new problem in my yureka plus. while using some other apps (say gallery), whenever i get a call a pop up window appears on top. but i cannot receive the call from window. either i have to touch the back button to go back to home screen or i have to press the screen off then on button in order to receive the call. kindly help me solving this problem. thank you.

  99. I get always complaint of Voice break from opposite person who attends my call.
    Please post if u have any solution

  100. I am using YUreka from last 5months. Most of my phone apps don’t respond. There are always bugs generated. Can u tell me why my apps are not responding.

  101. Updated YU Yureka today and its acting crazy!!! Suddenly it gets locked every 5 to 10 second even when I am working. It got locked around 15 times by the time I write this!!!!

  102. In cyanogen latest update 12.1, I cant find call button in dialler…someone please help??
    I mean if we have to dial an unknown number that is not saved in my address book, there is an option for input numbers but not the call button…plz help?

  103. Now new updated version there is no power button option in setting for taking screen shot. How to take back that? Some one has any idea? It is disabled or hide?

  104. Look I used to set my ringtones as you have told but now if I past mp3 format tune in internal storage ringtones it doesn’t show up when I went to setting g to set it help me

  105. Hi, I have my yureka plus upgraded to cm 12. I had my browsers on screen and had cynogen’s lock with pattern over that browsers homscreen folder. my brother dragged that folder containing to delete that folder. now i can’t find any of them in the app drawer or in settings>apps> but i can access and open them from google app store. i’ve tried reinstalling the apps. but it still doesn’t work. pls help. thanks in advance.

  106. YU yureka plus caller ID image not full screen compared to YU yureka kit kat version and resontly lenovo k3 note please help……… I am installed app full screen caller ID application but not computable…. Pls this opposition upgrade full screen caller image id

  107. not able to shoot video more than 10 minutes. It automatically stops at 10 minutes. please let me know how to enable unlimited in video shooting.

  108. Very bad phone yureka plus yu5510a bahut hang hota hai rukh jata hai roming me sirf r Hi aata hai softwer update problem

  109. I can’t find performance setting in my yureka. I have also on developers option but still unable to find performance setting. Plz help me

  110. In yu yureka plus mobile, there is no option like display & lights, where there is an option for double tap to wake. So, in this mobile we cannot use double tap to wake ??! If possible, please pist, it is very necessary for me. Please,……….💐

  111. Hi anybody facing SD CARD issue wit Yureka mobile.? It detects for a moment n displays SD can be removable or SD card can be unmounted.. Please help me.

  112. Im using Yureka, when i press app drawer, i get 4 apps per row. Is there any way that i can increase the number of apps per row?

  113. I have an yureka u in this device my net is not working and I found a notification that tell me my data has been blocked. What did it mean and hw can I fix it.

  114. I have a yo yureka plus on kitkat version but I want to update it direct to naugut
    so can I update it????
    any type of problem accur with it?????

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