Top 10 plus Yureka Defects, Cons, Problems and Solutions

Yu Yureka is a wonderful phone and most of its charm can be easily attributed to its amazingly affordable price. Price-to-specs conduct of Yureka makes it a much valuable and sought-after smartphone, and this is the reason we can easily turn blind eye to its demerits or cons or deficiency. Cyanogen OS is another attractive feature of Yureka but it has its own share of bugs, which will be fixed/sorted out in the next OTA update. This post summarizes all such Yureka defects/demerits/bugs/problems. If you’re facing any of these, you’re not alone.yureka-problems-solutions

1. in-call display issue/proximity sensor bug: Some of the Yureka units have been plagued by this problem (I have not faced this but my friend did on his yu phone). During call, the display turns off, goes black/blank and never wakes, even if you press power button, until call disconnects. This seems to be proximity sensor issue. Some of the users of affected phones have already reported this issue to Yu customer support team and on official Yu forum. The support team is working on releasing software based fix. So, wait for OTA software update and install firmware ota update whenever available. While some users report this to be hardware issue, not a software bug. One of the affected users has suggested a fix, citing poor assembly of components or dirt trapped near proximity sensor as probable cause, that the three screws on the back should be tightened and the user should try blowing air near 3.5mm audio jack. So you may try this method to fix this particular issue. You may also return the defective unit to amazon if you’ve not surpassed 10-days of usage and get refund so you could buy Yureka in its next sale, as Amazon doesn’t provide replacement, but amazon does host exclusive sale (one day prior to the scheduled sale) for those amazon accounts in which Yureka was returned or the order was cancelled. In fact, one of my friends was suggested by Yureka customer support to return the defective unit and try buying in the next sale, or you may request for support-service under warranty.

Update: Try fixing proximity sensor issues on Yureka by dialing *#*#7769#*#* and then start calibration. While it is being run, place your hand over proximity sensor i.e. top part of your phone and then hit on stop button after sometime. Report if this solves your issue.

2. Yureka sim card slot issues– Some of the users (including the author of this article) have also faced problems with the second sim card slot. Issues like sim card not being detected or no network signal when sim inserted in second sim card slot. If sim card is not detected in the 2nd sim slot, exchange the sim cards with the first sim slot. Try adjusting sim card little sideways within the slot to ensure the chip on sim card is properly in contact with the points in sim card slot of your phone. If none of the two methods works, get a new micro-sim card from your operator as those normal sim cards cut using micro-sim cutter face detection issues. For no network signal issue, go to network settings and do manual search for network, then select the network of your sim card. This fix has been helpful for some users.

There is also software based bug for network mode. I have personally experienced this i.e. network mode doesn’t change in reality even if I select 3g mode. So, to force your particular sim card to switch to 3g only mode, first deactivate/disable other sim card on Yureka from setting> sim cards menu. Then dial *#*#4636#*#* > phone information. Tap on Turn off radio button and wait until the button reads turn on radio. Select WCDMA only from dropdown menu above the button. Wait a few seconds. Now tap on Turn on Radio button. Your desired sim card will successfully connect to 3G network. Now go to settings and sim card option and activate the disabled sim card as well. You may need to manually search for network signal if no network is shown. Also you may need to restart the device. If in 3g mode, your phone doesn’t connect to internet, Go to apn setting to ensure correct apn is selected. Sometimes APN menu might not show any installed network settings, in such case, just restart the handset. All these network related issues will be hopefully solved in the next Yureka ota software/firmware update.

3. Camera – If you’re getting “can’t connect to camera” error (I haven’t faced this issue, but some users reported this). Just hold camera icon and drag it to app info, hit on clear cache/data button and then launch camera. It should work.

3. Sound Volume – Low Sound. Playing Music on Yureka loudspeaker will not appeal to many as the sound output is low. Sometimes sound plays muffled as well, depending upon the type of track you’re playing. If the sound output is distorting kinda, Go to audiofx app and disable it on speaker mode.

In-call sound is great but if you get low sound in earpiece, make sure in-call volume is at its peak. There is volume controls bug as well for in-call sound. During call, if the user tries to lower the volume, the volume slider moves but the volume level in reality is not lowered. I have also faced this bug. So, wait for software update, hopefully, these issues will be fixed.

4. Display preference– Display of Yureka is awesome in my opinion, looks deep, dark, rich in colors, kinda saturated as well. However you may not like it. Well, you can lessen such effect by turning off adaptive backlight to increase display brightness and disabling color enhancement in display in settings. Try these and see if the new changed display properties suit your eyes.

5. 99% battery bug – The battery is stuck at 99% (on my Yureka as well). It’s a software bug. The percentage display in status bar never goes to 100% but the phone is fully charged. Wait for upcoming software ota update.

6. Yureka Earphone/Headphone bug – Sometimes, after inserting 3.5mm audio jack of your headphone or earphone jack, Yureka doesn’t detect it. If you play music, it plays on phone loudspeaker instead of routing the sound to headset. On the other hand, if playing in earphone, it doesn’t play on loudspeaker even after removing earphone. In a nutshell, it sometimes fails to detect plugging or unplugging of headphone jack. The author of this post has also encountered this problem. If it doesn’t detect plugging of your headphone jack, just unplug it and plug it again but this time do it faster and make sure it is fully inserted in audio jack. If it doesn’t detect unplugging of earphone jack and you’re unable to play music on loudspeaker, just plug your earphone and unplug it again and then it will detect unplugging and then you’ll be able to play your audio file on loudspeaker as well. If none of the suggested methods work, rebooting/restarting your device by pressing power button and selecting the appropriate option is your last resort, and it definitely works. These issues are software related bugs so it’ll be probably fixed in ota update.

7. Dual sim dialer – The default dialer in Yureka doesn’t have two call buttons, one for each sim card. Instead, you can set in settings>sim cards>Voice calls> Always ask. Here you can also set sim1 or sim2 as the default for all outgoing voice calls. Always ask preference is good, but it makes the user tap once more to select the sim card after hitting on call button in dialer. If you set a particular sim as the default and for some reason you want to make a particular call from not-default sim card, you need to go to sim card setting to alter the default or select always ask as the option. So, this is hassling process. To solve this, we either need two call buttons in dialer for each sim card or a toggle button in notification toggle window to easily change/switch the default sim card. We hope such improvement to be made in future Cyanogen software update.

8. Certain Apps crashing: If PlayStore, gallery or some other inbuilt apps crashes, I have not experienced these kind of issues, the solution is to clear cache/data of that particular app by holding the app icon and dragging it to app info label and then clearing its cache. I do have experienced “android.process.acore stopped working” error but one or two times only. If that doesn’t help, factory reset might help.

9. Battery backup issues: Some users have also reported horrible battery life on Yureka. This could be due to several reasons. So, the best way to solve this is to find whether there is defect in battery or due to some software based reasons. Make sure your phone is set to balanced performance mode, and no third-party apps keep it awake all time. Hopefully, software update might further increase battery life. Do tell us how much of battery juice you’re able to get on your Yureka in comment section below.

10. Unable to access internet/mobile data on Yureka: Some users are also not able to use mobile data to access internet on Yureka. For them, only whatsapp is working, webpages don’t open in browser. TO troubleshoot this issue, Go to setting>mobile networks>Access points and make sure your network apn setting profile is listed and selected there. If it isn’t, restart your handset and then create a new apn profile yourself. If apn profile is listed, enter that profile and make sure there is nothing written in proxy/port option of the apn profile (delete whatever is written in proxy/port option of apn profile). This should solve your mobile data based internet issues.

11. Worst Customer Support : Yu door to door service is joke. It is worse than carry-in service provided by other brands. Their customer support structure is wreck and full of issues. The customer support team itself is not efficient. You can read the horrific experience provided by Yu Support in this article here.

12. You tell me: If you’re facing any such issues, or discovered some new problems or bugs in Yureka, do notify us in comments. We’d try to help you solve the same or report it. Also read our article on Yureka top 10 plus tips



821 Replies to “Top 10 plus Yureka Defects, Cons, Problems and Solutions”

  1. music volume is too low after disabling audio fx also it is a software problem .
    if hardware or software problem then what should i do?

      1. Hi.
        I purchased my Yureka on 26 Feb. I have issues with Proximity sensor, cannot set diffeternt ringtones for the 2 sim cards and cannot edit photographs. Is it a software problem or I just a defective device?

        1. Update your phone for proximity sensor issues.. If still facing problem, wait for the next update. Lollipop update is also coming in few weeks.
          Read our Yu yureka tips for ringtone selection..
          Clear data of gallery app to solve gallery issues. You could also use apps like snapseed or pixlr express.

        2. Proximity sensor can be solved. There a solution first update the android version to lolipop then from the phn dial *#*#7769#*#* a proximity sensor application will start then just press start and stop the issue will vanish…

      2. Hey I updated my phone as it came and as soon I updated the problems started like battery bust in just 2-3 hours after full charge , calls are not being done , no sim detected , no network , camera not working etc etc please help me what should I do and please tell me when is the next update gonna come I purchased it last year in the month of may
        Thank you

      3. I use YU yureka plus Mobile, I continuously used my mobile it will give only 3 hours battery backup & how to increase my battery life time.
        Please solve my issue quickly…..

      4. It is rebooting again and again automatically…if i open the camera,it reboots…or even if i use any other app…today i was so much irritated as without even switching on completely , it was m using it while charging nd its soon as i remove the charger it reboots

    1. It is a software problem. You just change your music player and install aimp3. instead of Google play music. It really works.

      1. Please bro someone help me.
        Bro my prblm is meregoogle play music main ek bhi song show nahin kar raha h what i do brother someon help me please…

    2. bro its a hardware issue go to jagdish top complex i dont know the name but on top floor the technicals are professional in hardware and software yesterday i went to micromax service center they said you hv we hv to do flashing but same issue

    3. The phone is getting hung at the “CYANOGEN” screen upon switching it on. And apps optimising showing, after that the same and repeating same issue. Even pressing the power button along with volume up button is not helping. kindly suggest.

    4. Ji

      I have some problem right now on my yuyureka…
      Some applications like hotstar, Share it, Xender are automatically close when its open.. I clear the cache, data, stop and also re install the app.. Biy still the problem can’t solved. I think software issue. But I have the latest software. ( stopped – hotstar, share it, Facebook, xender)

  2. my yu has problem with 99% battery….
    And it also has problem of 3g connectivity….h+ is there watsapp is working bt google os not opening….????

    1. All Yureka has 99% battery bug. Even though it reads 99%, in reality it is 100% charged, so don’t bother..
      Which browser are you using to open google website? If whatsapp is working, it means internet is working. H+ is indication of high-speed proper 3G connectivity.. Also make sure you are subscribed to data pack, not whatsapp/fb only pack..

      1. Saurabh

        Same problem is with me. I am using proper 3g network reliance. I was using in Samsung from last 2years but problem in this set. No browsing. No what’s app video download. No face book. Only whtsapp msgs are working.
        If u have resolution then tell me.

        1. my yureka takes too much time to get full charge nearly 8 to 9 hours y soo much time it takes is there any solution for this and im using cyanogen os version 11.0-xnph05q is this latest version.or i have to update.Please saurabh help me

          1. With full charge, do you mean 99% or 100%? As sometimes, it goes upto 99% and then you can safely unplug it.

        1. No i have not tried with any other charger. im charging my phone with only my charger which i got frm yureka box. Any solution for this. usually how much times take yureka to charge full 99% or 100%.

      2. Whenever I pull my battery out and put it back in, my phone’s battery is drained to 1-2% and weirdly start to rise till 7-8%, even it was fully charged before. Why?

      3. Dear Saurabhji
        M facing net issues… I m able to access internet when connecting to internet (using the same sim in another set… N in my yureka aftr connecting via hotspot)

        But not directly from my yureka…

        What’s app msgs are coming normally… No issues.. Net showing as connected.. Still can’t connect to internet by any direct means…

        Plz mail me the solution …it would be kind of u doing so…

        I tried ur clear proxy/ port… But doing so disconnects me from the net itself

      4. My phone gets restart if I put OTG connector to it….What’s problem?
        You can say pendrive has virus but its happens as I put otg without pendrive also….

    2. 10. Unable to access internet/mobile data on Yureka:
      – Try solution given by you but still issue is not resolved. 3g connection H+ is showing. whatsup/imo is working but play store, google, facebook etc are not working.
      please help.

  3. Hi,i bought this on 10th february and there is Call display problem in my cell:. During call, the display turns off, goes black and never lights even if i used to press power button for forcefully work.It backs after the call ends.

    1. Read other comments and reply with Yureka build software version. Make sure your phone system update is the latest one.

      1. Hey, message like this app has crashed sometimes pop up my screen, but apps do work fine. I think I triggered the bad behavior thing in dev tools? Comments?

  4. sometimes my wi-fi and bluetooth doesnt work when i reboot my fone den its work again
    and proxumity issue still happens when i call someone and hand on proximity sensor it happens
    my mob is ok or defective peice

      1. i update my fone but update not working properly
        and sometimes my fone rebooted without my command my bulid no. MPSS.DPM.1.0.2.c1-00096
        reply fast coz i apply for returm mobile

        1. Tell me Cyanogen OS version. Also Go to system updates menu in about phone and check for updates.. As far as I have gotten reports from affected users, the black display during call issue has been solved after update..

    1. I was facing the same issue, one easy juggad to fix this to activate the aeroplane mode and deactivate it. The phone automatically connects to the saved wifi network and you dont have to switch off your mobile

    1. Did you update your phone? I’ve heard that the recent ota update has fixed the issue for some users.. Go to setting> about phone> system update> check for update> download and install the same.. If the problem persists, return the device or request for service repair..

  5. my yureka phone get heated during charging.and during calling also.and during call screen is not locked and phone opens any app.i don’t understand whats going on.
    help me on this…please

    1. During charging, most of the phones get heated. During long hours calling also, heating could be experienced (depends on signal strength as well). During call, other apps can be accessed on android smartphone, though not automatically. None of the things you described seems troubling. Be more specific about your issues so that I could try to help you..

    2. Try doing this: (This worked for me)
      1.Go to setting –> click battery– it will tell about the app draining most of ur battery power. You will find “media server” as the biggest drainer.

      2. Go to setting –> apps –> all –> media storage –> force stope –> clear data –> disable

      3. Reboot

      4. Again setting–> apps–> disabled –> media storage –> enable

      NOTE: This will remove all the ringtones. As it did in my case.

      Now battery is lasting for more than 15 hours for me along with high end game play of around more than an hour.

    1. Did you alter performance setting of your Yureka (In setting> performance menu)? Did you change to performance mode instead of using balanced? – Changing performance setting might cause frequent reboots in some cases. So, use balanced mode. Also, make sure you’re on the latest updated version of Cyanogen (An ota update was recently released).
      About earpiece volume, is it low on both the sim cards? Sometimes, earpiece volume varies as per network or the person on the other side of call.
      Have you rooted Yureka?

      1. even i am facing the same issue, and surprisingly i dont have performance option in settings at all, tried all possible way to search it. but failed. please tel how to get rid of this issue

      2. Plz tell me where is the performance menu? I just search it on search menu and found nothing. My phone getting restarted even in several seconds, specially during use of WIFi

    2. Facing Earpiece volume issue..during calls voice is too low… i bought mobile last week it having os up to date. Pl. help me…

  6. Sir my yureka phone screen is not locked during calling. what can I do. tell me setting. for this please.

    1. Does your screen light remain when you take your phone to your ear? If the screen doesn’t turn off, there might be issue with proximity sensor.. Ensure there is no plastic covering near proximity sensor on the front.

  7. I had purchased my YU on 6th of feb. i have installed new update also. now I am facing earphone related issue. if i play music, it plays on phone loudspeaker instead of routing the sound to headset. On the other hand, if playing in earphone, it doesn’t play on loudspeaker even after removing earphone. In a nutshell, it sometimes fails to detect plugging or unplugging of headphone jack. so i need to reboot my phone every time. so tell me what should i do. should i replace it or there is any solution for this.

    1. No need to reboot, just plug and unplug your earphone jack swiftly and it should detect unplugging.. If it doesn’t try the same with another earphone/headphone (tight 3.5mm jack).. Make sure your phone is updated to the latest Cyanogen version.

      1. And if you didn’t resolve that problem with restart your phone that go to Audio fx then from left top corner select headphone n now for right top corner slide off botton just click on it
        Now you able connect earplugs to jack

  8. I updated my phone but still experiencing the proximity sensor issue. this problem occurs sometimes(2 out of 5) not always. What I’m supposed to be doing now, wait for another update or if there’s anything else i can do suggest please.

    1. If you’re still facing the issue, factory reset the device by going to setting>backup and reset> factory reset.. If the problem continues, return the device if your device falls in 10-days amazon return policy.

  9. hi i face 6 no problem my headphone are not working properley they could not attach with my mobile so give me a good solution. many time i reboot my yu but last resulat are zero please solve bug problem and give me a proper update for it.

    1. Try unplugging and plugging few times. Also when plugged, try rotating the headphone jack inside. An update is possibly on the way, I hope..

  10. Hi.. I am not able to adjust incall volume.. It is too high and also there is problem in notifications like when I get notifications for call or messages.. It only shows in ribbon not on the icons.. Can u please suggest any settings… I have installed latest os

    1. About incall volume, it should be fixed in upcoming update.
      If I understood your 2nd concern, you’re saying that the notifications number doesn’t show in app icon shortcuts on your homescreen? If that’s your concern, the default cyanogen launcher doesn’t have such setting. SO, you can use third-party launcher.

  11. On my yureka Android OS process is keeping my phone awake for 1-3 hours especially at night. plus I am not getting decent battery life. average screen on time for me is 3-4 hours. in slight 3g and 2g/WiFi coc gaming for 1 hour. any fix or tips?

    1. I think that’s the average battery backup duration, users have been reporting..
      You can change performance setting to powersave to conserve more battery.

  12. While I am facing many problems that are already enlisted I would like to let know I am facing another problem related to call issue.Whenever I try to call using SIM 1 my network automatically goes off. I have to manually switch off and on the network everytime to make a call.

    1. dial *#*#4636#*#* and under phone information, tap on turn off radio option. Wait a few seconds and turn on radio again. Your network would be back without the need to restart phone. In network setting, manually select your network. Reply if this solves your issue.. If it doesn’t try factory reset.

      1. I don’t restart phone. I just go to settings>sim cards>configure sim card. Then I deactivate sim 1 and reactivate. My network comes back. But after calling two or three times it again goes off. So I have to repeat the process.

        1. If you’re within the return window policy of amazon, return the device.. Or wait for the next ota update.. Do you just face the issue on sim1? You might exchange the sim cards from the 1st and 2nd slot and then test..

      2. Jab bhi Mein apne yureka mobile se kisi no pe call karta hu to screen lock ho jata hai. Aur jab tak agla jisko call kiya gaya hai wo apna mobile we call disconet na kar De screen unlock nahi hota hai. Pls koi upayie bataie.

      3. 3g network not working…. In first 2, 3 days it was working very well. But now after doing *#*#4636#*#* and turns off the radio when try to select wcdma it doesn’t change only GSM is active.
        Now how to fix it?

  13. my yureka is heating very fast .I play video in just 15 minit after my fone is very hot near camera.this issue was solved in next update ?

  14. Hi saurabh,

    Hope u r doing good.
    I got yureka on 13th feb.
    I am facing issue with proximity sensors… While in a call display doesnt automatically shuts off.
    I av checked there is nothing covering on sensors in front.

    Please advice as what to do ASAP. As i can return this product if there is still time.


    1. Did you update your phone to the latest OTA Cyanogen update? If yes and the problem is still there, return the device asap.

      1. Thanks saurav WO problem to thik ho gaya. Par camera clear nahi hai pura dhundla dhikta hai aur kuch apps data pack se nahi chalta fir wi fi pe chalta hai.

        1. Camera k upar small sa plastic covering hoga, usko remove karo..
          Setting>mobile networks> access point me ja kar dekho ki koi apn profile hai ya nhi..

      2. Thanks Saurabh for your reply. I changed my SIM from SIM 1 to SIM2 and my calls are functional now.But I can’t access Internet in SIM1 while I am in call in SIM2.May be this is a hardware problem.

      3. Sir I have issues with my Yureka 1st is thatwhen I play any audio file it said ur request cudnt cmpltd n 2nd prblm with camera that I when I open it says can’t connect to camera I also tried ur method for camera that is cleared cache or data BT it didnt solve pls help me….

    1. Be more specific about the steps you tried to resolve this issue? Read other comments and suggestions on this page as well. Also, tell us whether you’ve updated your phone to latest OTA update.. Earphone issues are being worked out and shall be hopefully fixed in the upcoming update. Whenever you plug/unplug earphone jack, make sure the screen is turned on prior to that, and do it few times(plugging/unplugging) to ensure phone detects the process, you could also rotate the earphone jack when plugged inside..

      1. Mera yu mobile ek din shutdown ho gya or phir wo charge lena MA bhout problem ho rha tha matlab ki wo charge bhout der se le rha tha phir ek din mera WhatsApp PA chatting kr rha tha tabhi wo screen black ho gya phir main bhout try Kiya tho kuch time baad mera mobile on hua phir Maine Google on Kiya tho mera mobile phone phir se off ho gaya or phir maina bhout try Kiya lekin mera phone on nhi hua please please please please help me…

  15. I updated my YU mobile with lates OTA but it restart automatically 5-7 times in a day. Also problem to connect with wi-fi and even it connect with wi-fi again it restart automatically when connect with wi-fi. Somethimes bettery go down very fast and some time as usual Please give me advice for these issues.

    1. For battery issues, follow this topic –
      For restart issues, have you changed phone performance setting?
      If you’re within return window of amazon, you may consider returning the phone..

      1. my mob is getting restarting after connecting wifi network……. plzzz solve my problem as soon as possible

  16. Hi,
    The music in the music player sometimes stops suddenly and doesn’t play even after pressing the PLAY button. It automatically pauses it again. It works fine after a reboot.
    Also, can’t we change our ringtone to other than the default ringtones?

    1. We can change ringtone easily.. In settings> sound, you can choose desired ringtone, when the ringtone chooser appears, select explorer app. Install file explorer like es file explorer app and then it will be shown during ringtone selection process.
      About music player concern, What are you listening on- Loudspeaker or earphone? Have you tried with any other music player app from Play Store and experienced similar issues?

  17. Thanks saurav wo problem to thik ho gaya. Par ab bhi kuch problem hai . Mein tata sky ka dealer hu Maine apne mobile pe tata sky ka dealer mobile app msale download kar rakha hai yeah app mobile data se nahi chalta hai lekin wi fi se chalta hai yah problem surf mere phone pe hi hai aur mere alawa aur bhi Jo hai wo msale app mobile data se use karta hai mere mobile pe msale app mobile data se chalane ke liye kya karna hoga . pls koi solution bataee.

  18. Hey bro after clicking pictures on my yureka using flash the picture becomes pink type rather than original color , how to get rid of that probldm

    1. Did you try clicking pics using other camera app like Google camera, etc? Is the problem present with other camera apps as well.

  19. In addition with headphone issue i am also facing that during call sound of caller is not audible through its micro speaker??

  20. Saurabh, I cannot switch off mobile data. It turns on automatically when wi fi is switched off leading to charges. How to fix this.

  21. In my yureka they have come red dots on some area like notification bar, while using pattern,camara and photos.some times they come vertical lines with red dots in photos while browsing.pls give solution for this problem

    1. I am also having the same problem yesterday onwards, i tried factory reset as customer support team suggested, even the problem is not yet resolved.

  22. Many times when I receive a “missed call”, I “tap it” to call back the person, The phone tries to call but them tells me the “number is wrong”
    If i go to the keyboard and key in the number it connects. whats wrong??

  23. Hii.. I got yureka yesterday.. I put in SD card but in mobile SD card not detecting..SD card data not showing in any file or galary… How to solve this issue.. ???

    1. Same problem with my yureka….in Storage phone shows SD card…but in File Manager SD not appeared…. How can v access SD card data..Please Suggest

      1. i also this problem
        ..file manager me mera sd card dikhta nahi hai lekin galery me dikhta hai…

  24. While switching from camera mode to video mode it is getting hanged for around 10 seconds. Same thing happens while stopping video.

  25. i am gating problem in Yureka.My Yureka reboot automatically.If i am not connecting wi fi then there is no any issue,but when i connect wi fi then my yureka reboot automatically.even if i am not doing any thing in my Yureka then also my Yureka reboot automatically.
    what should i do? suggest me

        1. If your performance mode is balanced and still getting this problem, use the phone without installing many apps and see if the problem persists..
          In such case, you may consider returning the device.

  26. i got my yureka successfully. Everything was looking and working fine. After some days, i dont know what happened but earpiece is not working. pls tell me what to do.

  27. hey , today i got replaced my yureka. Now, after replacing too, i am facing problem with my yureka. it is auto restarting again and again. I flashed my device too but still i am this facing problem. Hoping that you will reply this as soon as possible.

    1. auto-reboot issues are not common.
      Did you root or install any custom kernel/roms, etc?
      Have you changed performance mode setting?
      Have you tried factory reset?
      Did you check your battery usage?
      Which cyanogen version is currently on your phone?
      Use the phone without installing many apps for few days to see if the problem is still there.
      Memory card capacity if using external sd card in Yureka?
      Do you also get any other errors, like, android.core stopped working, etc?

    2. I did nothing with it. I just opened my replaced yureka and I was just starting to download but suddenly my yureka restarted. I didn’t added an ext. Mem. Card at that time. But today I entered my mem card of 16 GB. And now my yureka’s auto restart time has reduced and if I scroll down my notification bar, then the name of network operator is partially appearing..

  28. hello sir i recently buy yureka and work fine but have problem when i open google maps or enable loction it continusly drain bettry and i also off loction and clear app but it only reslove when i reboot

    1. Did you check battery usage? Are you certain that location is draining your battery?
      Launch Google Setting app and under location reporting, disable it.

  29. I am unable to install the update. I have successfully downloaded the update but it is not installing. My Yu is rooted. So how to update it. And if i download manually then i have read somewhere that it should not be rooted.

    1. As far as I know, Yureka can be updated even after root, though root access is lost in such case..
      You may download factory image and update it using your pc.

  30. I have received my Yureka today. When I make calls, the in call volume is terribly low. I increased the volume to maximum level in the volume panel. Yet, I have to struggle to listen to what opposite person is saying but it looks like opposite person can hear me. I am really worried since the basic feature of the phone is not working. When I used other brand phones, the in call volume was significantly high…. Plzzzz help. Should I return this piece to amazon?

    1. In-call volume is good in Yureka as well. Update your phone and try factory reset option. When increasing call volume, make sure screen is turned on during that. If that doesn’t help, you may return the piece or wait for the next OTA update

  31. one question:
    1) I tried to connect to airtel wifi and it got connected successfully and it worked fine.
    2) Then I disconnected with airtel and went somewhere where I tried to connect to BSNL wifi. But I am not able to connect to it. It always say like authenticating…..then Obtaining IP address and repeating this cycle of message again and again.

    I have to use this BSNL network. Any solution to this problem?

    1. BSNL Wifi network to which you are trying to connect might not have dhcp server enabled. SO go to advanced setting of that wifi network and manually assign ip address of that network subset in your phone..

  32. i just found out problem that main menu icon not seeing in phone , so where to click go to inside apps screens , how to find menu button in software setting please help …

  33. I have checked your solution given for proximity sensor issue. I have yureka, I got some problem of proximity only when someone calls me not when i call someone, until he/she doesn’t disconnect the call, the call don’t get disconnected as my screen doesn’t get active, but it happens very few like 3or4/10 times.. I have check the updates that you mention OTA updates but my phone shows that ‘your device is up-to-date’. There is no update showing in my phone.
    and from 2 days or so, my phone get automatically reboots itself as am in the middle of something example surfing or on whatsapp, it gets rebooted itself.

    1. Did you alter performance mode/setting?
      Another update will soon be released for those users who are still facing problem related to proximity sensor.. However, you may consider returning it if it is frustrating. Make sure you’ve read other comments and followed all these advices.

      1. i havenot altered any performance settings and am not able to update the phone, because its not showing any update.. I have tried many times to update but was not able..

        I have problem with wifi direct.. I sucessfully added another phone through wifi direct.. but when I want to transfer the file, there is no option to send the file through wifi direct.. there are options like whatsapp, messaging, bluetooth but not wifi direct

  34. Hi Saurabh,
    I have received my yureka today and im facing over heat issue in my phone while charging and making calls. Even if i speak for a minute the phone near to the earpiece part is getting heated. While charging I have seen temperature of the sensors touching 69 degrees around. I have used cpu-z app to check the temperature. Could u plz let me know whether this much heating is common in this device? If not is it recommendable to go fir a replacement?

    1. If you have not altered performance setting and tried factory reset, checked battery usage details, updated phone over ota, and the problem is still there, you may opt to return it.

      1. HI Saurabh

        My YU phone rebooting while in connecting with wifi, phone rebootng 8 to 10 times in a day

        Please solve it..

  35. When i was trying to make a call some times i am unable to hear the voice and some times who i was calling they are unable to hear my voice… there any settings to change.
    I am facing this problem regularly..
    I have updated by phone with the latest OTA update but still i am facing this problem..

  36. Hii brother,
    Got my phone on Sunday..and on the first day I was facing heating issue, I read many forumsand they claimed it is coz of media server problem but my phone battery usage sent show media server on top 3 usage..even I didn’t install major apps except whatsapp..I am yet to receive OTA update
    Along with it I am facing frequent reboot option I guess its after changing my setting under performance tab pls provide good setting for it
    Another issue is..sim2 internet sent work

    Pls reply

    Thank in advance

    1. 1. use balanced mode for now.. CYanogen os is being developed and worked upon to make it stable.. Update your phone whenever possible..
      2. SIM 2 internet does work. Check apn setting, make sure proxy/port option under apn is empty.

  37. There is a temporary fix for the 99% bug..
    Just connect your fon to laptop/PC using its USB cable when the charge is 99. Leave it for sometime & after a few minutes we can see that the battery reaches at 100%

  38. Hello sir I recently buyer yureka but after 3 days it showing problems like auto rebooting and front speaker not working some time. I reset my device but this problem again start what to do I have not installed many apps and I also not rooted my device.

  39. The Ear Piece volume of the fon is too loud 4 me even though it’s set to the lowest volume. Is there anyway dat I can reduce it even further???

  40. Also I find the wifi adapter of this fon to be grabbing less signal when used beyond a certain distance . My Samsung Galaxy Ace & Xperia L performed even better.. Is there a solution for this??

      1. i have already tried other operators. Even though same problem exist on other yureka mobile purchased by me.

        and Its heating is another big problem faced by me on both the set.

  41. My phone is in headset mode and now when i get an incoming call\, i have to use earphones or speaker to communicate, plz help me

  42. I faced a new issue not mentioned in the above ten. My Yu Yureka rebooted thrice by itself. Not sure why. Anybody faced this ever?

      1. I am also facing the same problem rebooting itself 3,4 times and also at the time of browsing sometimes suddenly screen lights are getting off and getting on itself. Iam facing this problem after installation of new system updates 5.1.1 lolypop.

  43. I’m facing pblmz wid the hedset provided..The person who receives my call is not able to hear me clearly..I’ve tried calling on both the sims but still the pblm persists.. the pblm must be wid d headset I think

  44. one more problem is that

    1. my yureka is not having ring+vibrate option in sound profile. I either can use it in ring mode or in vibrate mode only.
    2. Headphone detection and speaker problem is there in my yureka.
    3. Photo editing i not available in photo galary.

    1. 1. Go to setting> notification drawer>Quick Settings panel > Sound modes.. Now select the desired sound modes and those will be switched via the toggle button in notification/pulldown drawer.
      2. It’s a known and acknowledged issue. Wait for the next ota update. Restart or replugging or turning off audio fx app effect – are the interim solution suggested.
      3. It is available, though it might crash a few times. I’d recommend using snapseed or pixlr express app for photo editing as these apps are far more powerful, feature-rich.

        1. one more thing is that I want to know the all function of Yureka. There are too much setting option. Sometime unable to understand. Can we have a website for knowing its all working and function.

      1. sir,
        Go to setting> notification drawer>Quick Settings panel > Sound modes me jake Silent, Vibrate, Sound, Sound & vibrate… one by one check kiya toh bhi phone vibrate + ring mode me nahi ho raha hai….
        plz help me…..

        1. You need to press sound toggle button again and again from toggle window to get to sound&vibrate mode. This mode is equivalent to vibrate and ring mode.

  45. my yureka has proximity problem along with memory card detection problem. it is not detecting my memory card till now (more than 12 hours after purchase). one more thing, for starting it up, i need to press start button more than 4-5 times to start the phone. i am waiting some time if the problem persists i will replace it, though i loved the phone, its build and display. hope it gets normal till tomorrow :D

  46. Hey Saurabh I want to know you about some problems I faced in my this handset.

    The battery backup up of this handset
    is very poor.The mobile gets heated too much.Take much time
    (@ 8-10 hours to charge fully in ideal condition) to charge
    and also battery is going down rapidly in stand by condition
    too.The battery is stuck at 99%.Music player does not starts rapidly.Manytimes app is not responding.It takes long time to open n finally it shows app is not responding.
    I am very disappointed about this problems.
    Please tell me if you have any suggestion.
    Waiting for your reply.

  47. Hi bro in my mob when I plug the headset its not working but I restart my mob means its working and continuously working means its working but when I removed means after 15 minutes insert means its not working I also factory reset my phone but the problem is not solved

  48. When i connect another 3g phone with yu wi fi, it works good but when I open google, play store, facebook on yu these are not connecting to the device. What i have to do?

    1. hey bro give me some suggestion

      How set the ringtone from sd card

      & how to set ring & vibration mode at a time

      is there any option…

      1. To get ringtone from sd card, install any file explorer app from play store like es file explorer. After intalling it, now whenever you’ll change ringtone, you’ll be shown option to select es file explorer.

  49. Thanks a lot. I was very confused, but fortunately this article save me and my data problem was solved by this.

  50. Sir, my device has a very low speaker output. And by low i really mean low it is not at all audible, but when connected to earpiece it sounds fabulous. It’s just the problem of the speaker output. What should i do ?
    Thanks in advance :)

    1. Yureka has low speaker output, but in no way inaudible. There might be some issue with your handset. Make sure speaker grill on the back is not blocked.

  51. I bought yureka 26 Feb but I having problem in using ring or vibration both at a time to alert…and i don’t have any idea to make video calls via sim card so plz help me out….

    1. Be more specific as to what problem are you facing concerning ring/vibrate? If you’re not able to set ring with vibrate, read other comments here..
      3G based video call via sim card/operator option is usually not present on many android smartphones except Samsung.

    2. Go to setting> notification drawer>Quick Settings panel > Sound modes.. Now tick mark the sound modes and those will be available for switching via the toggle button in notification/ toggle pulldown window.

  52. I am facing problem in yureka . in yureks automatic call recorder app didn’t records the call . in the app it shows the list of my calls but whenever i access them to listen what axactly recorded , it flashes a massege “couldn’t play the track you requested ” even i try it to play with inbuilt google play and i download vlc both cant play.

  53. One more issue with yureka i am using reliance 3g but with my device i only use whatsaap i cant browse websites nor download with it. So please could you tell me is it a network issue or device issue other service provider like idea airtel , vodafone their plans working properly both 2g & 3g .
    But in reliance with 2g/ 3g packs i can only access whatsapp for chat only even i cant download ob the whatsapp conversation also.

    1. You should read about the last mobile data defect and try the suggested solution – Go to apn setting and remove proxy/port fields from the configured apn profile..

  54. The ring volume is to low and often i miss the incoming calls, especially when outdoors or when the phone is in another room.

  55. There is a weird issue with my handset. Whenever I’m on a call the phone just opens up a lot of apps like Google calendar, alarm automatically.. It’s like the fon doesn’t know actually what all applications it is opening.

  56. Hi saurab, I am facing in call voice issue. Its volume is too low. Customers support executive suggested me to hard reset. He told some procedure like goto media enable loud etc… No such options available .Kindly guide me….

  57. I have a really weird problem with my yureka. It just opens up any app, mostly Google calendar & Alarm automatically when I’m on a call. Is there a possible solution for this problem ??

    1. During call, your notification drawer somehow drops down, and the data and time at the top is activated by touch resulting in opening of the said apps. Does your proximity sensor work properly?

      1. It functions well,but sometimes I have to press the power button to light up the screen inorder to cut the call.My phone is already uptodate with Cyanogen OS version 11.0-XNPH05Q & Build number KTU84Q.

      2. I have even ended up in an app while searching the internet,called “Sensorbox for android” & in that program the proximity sensor works perfectly.

    2. Even I have been facing the same problem.. whenever I am on call, the phone opens calendar, alarm apps automatically. This is so weird… Please suggest…

  58. i have brought two yureka mobiles.when we switch on the bluetooth both the devices are not detecting each other but these mobiles are detected by other mobiles,yureka mobiles not detecting any other bluetooth devices.we also keep the both mobiles in visible mode

      1. Ya …I also able download from play store…but can I download themes n system update using mobile data…which I m not able to do currently

  59. 6. Yureka Earphone/Headphone bug – happens with me.
    Please fix it soon. i have to reboot my yureka everytime

  60. Hi Saurabh,

    My yureka mobile having few issues… Cal voice is too low… i did factory reset and hard reset. Still problem remains the same. if i select sim1 in 2g mode my call volume is very good. issue with 3g mode.

    While in call, sensors are not working.. unnecessarily opening notification bar and automatically selecting calender, flash etc.

  61. Problems occurred on my yureka are
    1) mobile is always awake(24*7)…i tried in performance setting power save option then also same prob
    2) proximity sensor problem
    3)screen turns off in call

  62. When i m doing the *#*#4636#*#* method for first its fine..but for the second sim i select 3g it automatically gies for gsm only option every time i select any other options.

        1. Well, the configuration is confusing. In reality, 3g/4g is available on one sim card while on the other only 2g will work.

      1. Hi Saurabh…yureka has 4g connectivity on first sim..however it has 3g connectivity on both sims..but somehow i m unable to use 3g speed on second only shows H or H+ sign on second sim..but internet works like 2g only

        1. No, Opposite to its advertised specification which created confusion, Yureka allows 3G/4G on one sim card while only 2G can be used on the other sim card.

  63. I can’t access the internet connection. Through ucbrouser and ucmini and google.webpage cannot open.only from google the home page is opend.but through the Google crome the all type of page is opend. But why I cannot connect internet other browser. Is it hardware problem. Please tell me solution as soon as possible

    1. It is definitely not a hardware problem.. Rather some sort of misconfiguration, probably in apn setting. Did you follow the 10th point mentioned in the article above?

  64. My yureka phone restarts continuously when I am in a call phone switches off and restarts again ….is this a software problem or hardware problem???

      1. Yeah I have tried it but the same continues it switches off if battery drains below 30% and when I am in a call

  65. I’m have been using the circle mode with battery percentage shown inside it for almost a month. The problem started 2 days back when I switched to ART mode.. The battery percentage is shown in some language more like Arabic… So I switched back to Dalvik under Developer options. But today the same problem happened again even on Delvik mode. The battery percentage inside the circle is shown in some Arabic like language..All other options and everything is in English. Then why only this percentage displayed in some other language ????

        1. Go to setting>status bar > battery status style and select one of the given options.
          If that doesn’t help, factory reset might help.

  66. Received my phone yesterday, prob faced – auto restart specially while running u torrent. after uninstalling also it restarted 2-3 times in lat 2 hour.
    I am connected with office wifi, that too one of the best in india, which works fine on my laptop and other mobile, but in this phone every now & then i am not able to surf internet or browse through playstore. always asks for retry.

  67. Also help in how to check the heating issue, as last night while playing games continously. it got heated up,but dont know weather it was under normal range or more, whats the limit max and min and how to check.

  68. Yureka Earphone/Headphone bug – happens with me.
    Please fix it soon. i have to reboot my yureka everytime

  69. Experienced an issue where the battery when fully charged if removed and put back in the slot shows 1% when switched on. Seems to be a software issue only as rebooting again shows the correct battery status. Experienced this a couple of times. Not sure if this is an issue in slots for battery, memory card or SIM card as whenever i faced this issue i played with all three of them.

  70. i also have the 3g problem i tried as it is said about changing to wcdma then turning on radio again now i cannot connect to network even though i can search available networks so i had to change it to GSM ……
    while listning music from earphone pressing its button stop music is there any way it change song…..

    1. When you search for available networks in wcdma mode, do you get any result? If yes, have you tried selecting your network from there? If selecting network fails, your sim might not be 3g-activated. In such case, you’ll have to activate 3G on your sim first.

  71. Saurabh…thanks bro for ur replies…i was under influence of those advertisement…one more query…m jab bhi call krke ya receive krta hun to screen ka proximity sensor jyada hi sensitive ho jata h means thoda sa bhi handset idhar udhar hota h to display pe light aa jati h…and also kuch na kuch app open ho jati h like calender etc…

      1. dear friend,
        i faced pink color problem with my yureka. when i used flash in camera, that pictures content some pink patches. how do i fix it? awaiting your reply

  72. i purchased yureka before 1 day but there are some problem facing
    1. i am trying to start pattern lock but its cant work. cant lock screen..
    2. when data connection is on but cant browse any other browsers.
    3. cant refresh my gmails.
    4.whatsapp msgs only working but cant download any photos and videos and audios.
    pls help me

  73. hi i am not able to attend the calls through headphones if i press call button in headphones it is going to mute the call and again if i press that button in headphones it will unmute is there any solution for this …… and also my battery is draining very fast like anything i checked performance there i selected power save option then also the same is there any solution for this?

    and when will be the lollipop os upgradation available for yureka?

    1. Lollipop update will be available in few weeks, most probably in early April.
      Did you check battery usage is setting?

  74. hey my yureka heats up rite near the processor even when turned off or even when the phone is idle…… Pls help….

  75. i am suffering many issues in yu yureka than any android mob i used before
    1) In the file manager we can use “skip from media” instead of hide option . i used it to hide and now un hide it but its not showing in gallery and photos app. tried another file manager but no use same issue.:(
    2) in ringtone option, i cant access any songs i like, only pre installed ringtones are on list. cant add anysong to ringtone list. same on notification tone. :(
    3) crop facility of gallery is not functioning, ruler used to crop is not accessing. photos app crop is only working properly but its not much good as gallery crop. But selection bar in gallery crop is not showing :(
    4) Unmount memeory card option not here , unmount usb exists. I am using a memory card but i cant remove it now with out unmount option :(

    PLEASE HELP , how can i solve all these issues?
    the number provided on site yu helpdesk is also not functioning . I tried to call many times call is not getting connected .

    1. For ringtone issue, install any file manager like es file explorer and then while changing ringtone, you’ll be presented with option to use file explorer or media storage to select the desired ringtone.
      For gallery issue, just clear data of gallery app.
      Don’t worry, Lollipop update is coming in few weeks for Yureka.

      1. i did as you told clearing the data of gallery but no use… unhided files are not seen. can lolipop update solve these issues?
        customer care of yu is not attndng the call or not getting connected to the number. yu forum is also not responding , any idea to solve ? :(

        1. make sure there is no “.nomedia” file in the concerned folder.. You can use app like es file explorer to view hidden files and ensure with certainty that .nomedia file is not present in the folder where your unhidden file is located.

  76. In yu yureka Today i shut down my phone and insert a new sim card and i reconnect the battery and power on the phone and i am shocked because when i shut down the phone the battery percentage was 87% and after inserting sim card when i restart my phone the battery is 0% and my phone get switched off. So please tell me what happened and provide me your guidance .

  77. I purchased my yureka on 6 march but still I don’t get any update from yureka and I have ringtone issue and some time its get stuck when I try to turn on Bluetooth or WiFi and automatically reboot……

  78. My New Yurekha phone has the auto restart issue. In the first week it restarted once or twice but now it is restarting very frequently almost unusable. The return window has expired. Now after spending a few hours trying to get to talk to the service persons on phone, still haven’t found any satisfactory answer. So for now I am using it as music player. The service is pathetic.

    1. Do the following :

      * Settings->Search for “Performance”->Profile->Balanced

      * Make sure that there is a check mark in”Enable per-app profiles”

      *Go to Processor section (under Settings->Performance) & set the CPU Governor to INTERACTIVE & check mark “Set on Boot” option

      *Go to Memory Management (under Settings->Performance) & make sure that both the options are checked

  79. Hi Saurabh,

    I am using yureka mobile since 20 days i facing so many issue as followed.
    1- Earphone was not detecting- restarted mobile prob solve.
    2- unable to connect my phone to computer.
    3- while talking on call it gets ended.
    4- some time while talking on call when i touch my phone ear unwanted apps opens.
    5- i dont play games or dont talk much on call still battery is getting discharged. full battery is not going more than 2 hrs.
    6- mobile heats as i said i dont use much still it heats too much.
    Please advice me what should i do should i wait for update or just return the mobile. main issue is battery and heating problem..

    I will heartly appreciate your help.

    1. 1. Earphone issue is acknowledged and is being worked upon, so will be solved in the next update.
      2. Setting>storage and then option and select mtp connection, while connected to computer.
      3. Network issue.
      4. Proximity issues, shall be further improved in upcoming update.
      5. something is definitely not right. see battery usage in setting. Screen should be at the top ideally. If mediaserver is at the top, format your memory card, fully charge your battery and then observe battery usage till discharged.
      6. should be addressed in next update.

  80. Hii saurabh,
    Thanks for help by your 10 tips. Mine problem was mobile network data other than what’s app and Google widget but its working now after removing proxy . thanks again

  81. my phone battery get low and when i get to charge it takes too much time to charge any solution . for fast charging

    1. Try 2A charger.. See what is eating your battery in battery usage.. During charging, make sure the screen is not in use i.e. turned off.

      1. Doesn’t charging with another charger destroy the phone like it gets heated too much or anything like that????

        1. No, modern smartphones have built-in, say, charging intelligence and therefore they only take as much as they can.. Read detailed article on the same here:

  82. My yureka has mic issue.Many i have to repeat what i am saying to another caller .This all happen after update .I checked cynogen there is a already ticket open for it.I culd not understand is it software issue or hardware.Please help on this. as i am hesitating in returning item to micromax .I do not know when they will provide replacement and how it would be.

    1. Have you tried factory reset? Are you certain that the problem is not from the network side? Have you tried recording your voice using voice recorder apps to check whether there is hardware fault or the issue occurs just during calls?

  83. Hi Saurabh,

    I purchased Yureka on Feb 23, initially EDIT function was working in Gallery, since yesterday it is not. Kindly give me a solution to it.

    To keep the battery life better, under Performance I changed some Settings, however, Settings now showing as Original only. Is that caused the problem.

    Provide me a solution.

  84. Hi …
    I got yureka on 5 th march …..I’m facing problem with network…. Its automatically gose off after every 4-5 hours…. In slot 1 ….how I can fix it…..

    1. Ensure the problem is not from the network side. If you’ve enabled 3G only mode, toggle to auto mode or 2G only.

  85. yestereday i got my yureka.. im unable to use 3g network in this mobile. if i changed the network prefernce from 2g to 3g nothing is happening… its showing only 2g network… as you told i dialled that no. and done that process i got 3g network. but once i switch off the device again it shows only 2g network… please help me out

    1. 2G network is shown due to low 3g network strength. Unfortunately, due to software bug, Yureka doesn’t remain in 3G/wcdma only mode. So, you need to dial that code and follow the procedure to force Yureka to remain in 3g only mode. Hopefully, this should be resolved in upcoming Lollipop update.

  86. WIFI MAC address changing: This is the most important issue in my point of view. MAC address changing on every reboot of my phone. Since in my office all computer, mobile devices are registered via MAC address, I need to register everyday in my portal for this phone.

    Another issue is regarding headphone: During a call if I removed the headphone the speakerphone will switched on automatically, but in status bar the speakerphone status will be in off. So if I press the speakerphone button twice the call will be in normal mode (ear piece).

    Another issue: while I am in a call, the alarm option will automatically comes in the display. This is not regular.

  87. Much issues such as automatically switch off .switch on ,too much heating problems,ear jack problems,and the call
    ing problem screen gets off and wont wake up …..after doing switch off.

  88. purchased this phone few days back , sometimes it automatically reboots itslef can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue

  89. I HAD BOUGHT MY NEW YU YUREKA MOBILE I HAVE TWO MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH THAT (1)Proximity Sensor when i call to someone the screen goes dark (2)My second problem is that when i call to someone from my mobile my phone call ends automatically

  90. The radio does not work. Though the headphones get detected I hear no sound. The radio is stuck at single frequency and does not scan other frequencies. Flash or factory reset was of no use. Yureka support is clueless and can say ignorant and say wait for update

  91. My mobile YU ordered on march12 does not havtion to turn off mobile internet connection. We are to chose any of the two sims. I want to turn off data while travelling especially when signal or tower is not there to save battery. What to do

  92. I bought new yu yureka phn i am facing problem with internet…. 2G can accessable in this or not…
    do reply please

  93. How to set sd card as default storage option for whatsapp, facebook like downloads in yureka…pls help…

  94. Sir my earphone and battery prblm please help me
    Earphone not work, battery 2000mah back up 18601122122 not work

    1. Read other comments about earphone issues..
      How do you say 2000mAh battery? because of cpu-z app stats? It is reporting wrong.

  95. Sir….how to set sd card as default storage in Eureka for web downloads like whatsapp images and video…..kindly reply

    1. There is no such inbuilt option for this on any phone. You can of course try foldermount like app from playstore.

  96. I’m having problem with Bluetooth , hotspot and video play in my yureka…I have to reebot again and again ..wat will be the possible solution to these problems…

    1. What player are you using for video playback?
      Have you tried using mx player?
      Could you be more specific about your problems? When you turn on bluetooth, your phone reboots?

  97. My yureka is not having any option to temporarily turn off data connection. One has to choose either of the sim card. This drains battery faster during travelling or when network is not available because it keep searching for network. Is it possible to have option to turn off data when not required

    1. Did you try tapping on network icon on the toggle window?
      Also in sim card in settings, you can disable data for the desired network.

      1. Tapping on toggle network switch worked. There is no option under sim cards. There it asks for default data connection and in that it has two radio button for two sims. Either of one gets selected. If I tap the selected sims radio button. It says data connection set successfully. It does turn off data from there

  98. yes sir my phone is rebooting whenever I try to turn on Bluetooth and hotspot…and sometimes it reboots frequently in a day…wat can be the possible solution to these problems sir ?? can lollipop updates can remove this bug??.. eagerly waiting for ur reply sir…and thank you for your time…

  99. Hi,

    I had saved music and video files on SD card thro card reader for my yureka . I do not know how to access on phone, I see the video files on gallery. Pl help

  100. Hello sir, I’m having a strange problem on my yureka. As soon as I open Gallery to view files,after 5-6 seconds,it automatically hangs for 2 seconds followed by reboot. But there is no reboot when view files by Es file explorer.

    I’ve read various comments and nobody has this type of problem. Is there something wrong with the hardware??

  101. Hi,

    My problem is outgoing voice problem. People complains like my sound is too low to listen..Is it existing bus or do I need to do somthing else..


  102. I am also having problem no. 1 (display goes black, but only during incoming calls, during outgoing calls it functions normal) and no. 10 (only whatsapp messages working, nothing else). Though I have never used dual sim so don’t know if that problem will prevail. My phone is updated to the latest update. I have tried all the steps you have mentioned but nothing worked. How do I escalate this problem to micromax ?

  103. same problems with my new YU yureka device… not working .. play downloading what’s up images… video….
    I m also using(how stupid I’m) reliance 3g

  104. Hi, evryone i talk wid complaints about that my voice is not clear on their side, please help me with this issue,
    I tried few forum and tried to switch off the noise reduction setting but couldn’t figure it out where was it located.

    Please help.

  105. When will be the CM12 update for yureka??? Like the image that appeared on the blog, is it March 26,i.e., tomorrow??

  106. Hi , I got my Yureka yesterday . I can see a white dot on the screen and it every time . I am worried about the screen.

  107. i faced the headest bug ,proxmty bug nd mmx reg closed…and above all these phone restart is the main problem … when i am using it …. or even when i am not using and screen is locked … its restarting….. do you think the update will fix this or i a custom rom can fix it …. !?

  108. Cannot find the radio on this phone.. I tried everything.. But couldn’t find it.. Help mee out plZ

  109. Screen goes blank when i hold my phone near my ear during call but never comes back untill the call gets disconnected.

    Unable to set ring+vibrate for the incoming calls

  110. My yureka is restarting whenever I try to turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi …I have tried factory reset also ..but it is not working..wat shall I do to resolve this issue?

  111. hey saurabh i am not able to download anything in my yureka also in wts app i cant download anything but can send it reply asap how can i solve this broda.

  112. Hello Sir, yesterday i got it Yu Yureka in my hands and up-to now 20 times its switch off automatically after charging 99% also it seems switched off and by power on button it’s not switching on,please tell me what to do thank you Sir

  113. and another thing i should have to remove the battery and insert it then it turn on,when it is turn on it shows me 1% battery what the hell it is this much ruining unhappiness mobile for me, for this mobile i was waited long time really i’m upset : ( please clarify my issues Sir

  114. yestarday i bought this phone. everything works fine but the mobile data doesnt work. i also tried your 10th step of article. i also got H mark in network. bbut same problem. when i m using same card in diff phone and works fine when uses through hotspot to wifi.

    previously i think it was network problem then why it works fine in other phone. i use reliance 3g. pl give solution.
    thank you

  115. thank u so much , my YU was connected on reliance 3g but I could not access the Google apps . now the problem is solved …..

  116. From past 2 days my phone gets heated up and battery drains a lot. Today automatically its restart in few seconds. continuously and battery drains complete. I’m not able reset factory setting as well.

    Pls help me out….

  117. In tiles and layout if we add a widget regarding 2 g or 3g ,the network automatically goes into 2g.Is this hardware fault or software fault.. pls mail me regarding this issue.

  118. Hello. I am facing problem regarding WiFi connection for last 1 month. Previously it used to connect to my WiFi connection but after setting up Mac filtering in my connection it is not connecting anymore. Please help. Thank you

  119. Sir mere mobile bich bich mein automatically switch off ho raha ha…abhi take 3 times hua..different different day mein…aur dusra problem ye hai ki ek bugs araha hai..unfortunately MMXREG has what can I do??

  120. Since it take long hours, I charge my phone to 99% every night. I plug it in at night and takes out from charge only in the morning(which is nearly 5-6 hours). Is it good for the battery or should I just charge it to 80% & unplug it????

  121. While using Yureka I have discovered a new problem with the apps like flipkart ,ola which use location services. My mobile data is always off and is prepaid. While using these apps on my home wifi small amount of data is consumed. I have switched my location services to off position. Then also using flipkart consumed mobile data leading to balance deduction. I have stopped using these location based apps.

    1. Since Yureka has cyanogen os which comes with great customization options. I suggest you to revoke location access to such apps and you’ll be able to use those apps without any issues. Go to setting>privacy>privacy guard> tap on option button and select advanced> Now under location, select the desired app and then chose denied option.

  122. Whenever i received the call after the call disconnected the phone brightness is automatically increased to its maximum value .

  123. i went to developer options then changed My performance from dalvik to art .. then my music player spots working when screen is in sleep mode (screen off) after 5 minutes it lags n stops for few second and after 10 minutes my music player completely stops and when I turn my screen on it again starts working please help me otherwise art is running very fast n smoothly on. my yureka
    I tried using 3 rd party apps and that also faced same problems…..

  124. I bought Yu yureka last Thursday. Sometimes it reboots during game play. I think it is the problem of heating. All of its cores are always working even if its on standby. In my other phone this never happened. Is there any solution for it??

    1. I hope you didn’t change performance setting.
      Go to performance setting, switch profile from balanced to performance mode and after few minutes back to balanced mode.

  125. Hi Saurabh

    When I set an alarm, even though i have ticked the option “Show an icon in the status bar when an alarm is set” the icon doesnt show up. It shows for sometime then goes away that too not always. Otherwise it flashes 2-3 times in the status bar and again doesnt stay there, so i dont know if the alam is set or not.
    Kindly assist.

    1. you can use third-party app from alarm function. Search for alarm in play store..
      I have not tested the issue you’re reporting but if it’s a bug, it would be solved in the Lollipop update upcoming.

  126. I’m unable to copy certain video files(mostly mkv format files) to my Yureka using USB data connection.When I put an mkv video file for copying,the Windows Explorer showing the corresponding window of the phone closes automatically. But when I use the USB OTG cable, I’m able to copy the files to the phone memory and even play it. The free phone memory I have is about 7GB.
    Please suggest a solution for this.

  127. Dear Saurabh

    The alarm icon doesnt show up in the status bar even though i have ticked in “show icon in the status bar when an alarm is set”

    At times it just apprlears, blinks 2-3 tines and disappears again.

    Please advice.


    1. Dear Saurabh

      This has been answered, you may ignore this comment. Thanks for reverting to my questions.

      Glad to know that YUreka phones can be upgraded to lollipop.


  128. bhai mere phone she pehle to PC she connect karke pics or data transfer kiya that par ab jab main data cable we PC we connect karta hun to btry to charge hota hai par PC pe device show nahi kar raha. kya setting main much change karna hai ? plz help me. air iska ring tone bhi change karne main problem horaha hai. plz help

    1. setting>storage> option button > mtp connection while connected to pc.
      ringtone change karne se pehle es file explorer install karo or fir setting me ja kar jaise ringtone change karte ho waise karo. ho jayega..

  129. my yureka is restarting continuously is there any solution to fix this issue

    i am very much disappointed with yureka other reboot issue i have not faced any other issues above mentioned

    can anyone suggest me how to resolve this issue

    1. Check your battery usage and see what’s on the top..
      Also, which capacity memory card are you using in Yureka?
      Have you altered Performance setting or some setting in developer tools option?
      Does the issue occur during specific activity or event or randomly ?

      1. I have Jio Sim in Slot 1 and Airtel 4g Sim in slot 2. If I install jio voice app, whenever call comes my mobile restarts. Please help me.

        1. if you know how to tinker with rom(s), you can flash volte modem on old yureka and get rid of jio4g voice app.

  130. I have just purchase Yureka, during the call phone’s earpiece speaker not working, loudspeaker also in not working condition, mic is not working condition.
    After attach earphone phone working properly. What may be problem.
    if i play any song no sound coming from loudspeaker.

  131. My yureka doesn’t support otg
    And one more problem that data deletes automatically from memory card . please help?

  132. hello when i connect internet using TCP/UDP it connected but after 10 – 15 sec. it got disconnected.only my TCP/UDP connection disconnected after every 10-15 seconds otherwise when I connect internet without using TCP/UDP it works fine..I have tried every possible solution but the problem is same.

  133. I am unable to download apps from play store…as I click on install it shows the downloading bar but never downloads….what to Di…plz hlp meeeee

  134. bhai mera yureka fon me TCP/UDP connection connect hoke har 10 ya 15 sec. me disconnect ho ja RHA h.pahle Maine socha weak proxy ya port hoga lekin WO har sim me ho RHA h jab v UDP ya TCP connect krta hu to 10 15 sec me internet ka symbol H apne aap ht ja RHA or dobara data connection cut krke on krna pad RHA.jab UDP ya TCP connect nhi h tb bilkul shi chal RHA h.koi solution do yar

  135. Battery drains very fastly from last two days.
    Battery usage shows media server at the top.
    I removed my SD card but still problem persist.
    Please help me regarding this issue.

      1. But it has mine important stuffs :(
        Can I move mine imp files to PC and then recopy it to my internal storage after formatting it.

      2. How enable 3g or 4g the method is not working which you have tell there is always no service please help I am waiting for update when it will com

  136. Hello Saurabh..DMRC(Delhi Metro) app is not working on yureka..however i have used it in all my other mobiles perfectly..also i updated the sane app and also tried installing fresh from play store but nothing came good..however it is working fine in my other mobile i e. Xolo Q1010i..the problem is when i m trying to get the route by selecting source and destination stations it refreshes the page and comes up with the same page of stations list…is there any solution or i have to wait for lollipop update???

  137. My YU yureka battery drains very fast and it takes very much time to charge………also its has a problem of auto reboot….it sometimes automatically reboots……..also sometimes I am not able to turn on/off my WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot……..plzzzz helpehelpe with this

    1. If it reboots then contact customer care and if u r facing battary problem then install du battary saver and du booster it will solve the problem

  138. I bought YU YUREKA on 26 feb, but I recently came to know my phone does never vibrates. Will my device be replaced and new phone will be provided ?

  139. Hi,
    Saurabh,i am get my yu on fab 29 but after some days i’ll face many types of problem like-my camera shows “can’t connect to the camera”,and my big issue is related with battery it’s drains very fast, really this phone is very bad.
    i am not happy after buy yu.i do every single think what u say to do.

  140. i am unable to connecte USB when i connected USB and copy file computer into Mobile. its show mp4 media file not supported … to copy my file computer to mobile

  141. bhai maine yoreka phone liya but music app me music nahi show kar raha aur sd card me show kar raha hai kya karu 2 bar phone reset kar diya

  142. I purchased my you’re a 10days back n I m facing lots of problems with the volume during calls… Either it’s too low n I can’t hear or its so loud the both me as well as the caller at the other end may become deaf due to extremely high volume.. . Which doesn’t reduce at all(if it is high) nor increase (if it is low). I was contemplating returning it but I wasn’t aware of return policy n missed it by a day… Can u please solve the problem

  143. My phone keeps rebooting randomly 5-6 times a day and sometimes continuously even when I’m not running heavy apps. It is getting very difficult to use for everyday tasks. Can you help?

  144. When I play music in my yureka . when the screen locks after 5 or 7 minutes music is off for 20 sec then again started playing . It happens continuously. Where is the problem?

  145. Hello Sir as described 1st problem I am facing proximity sensor problem this is very disappointing please tell me the yureka care centre addresses in U.P. DELHI and uttrakhand. Please sir

    1. Is your phone updated?
      Are you using any sort of tempered glass? Due to certain cheap tempered glass and improper cutting in it, proximity sensor is blocked causing issues.

  146. Hi i am not able to decrease in caller sound please help me and let me know that will this bug be removed in next update or not

    Pleasr help………

  147. Let me know about the bug of in caller as soon as possible as i can return the phone with amazon till 15th if april ……..

  148. Hi! I am not able to decrease in caller voice of my phone……..people alround me can hear all the voice …. please help me reply me as soon as possible as i can return my phone to amazon till 15th of april so do write me back with the solution……. is it can surely be fixed with the update or not

  149. I have turned off Mobile Data. Still the phone frequently connects to mobile data for couple of seconds, and 2 paise deducted each time from my prepaid account. This happens several times during day (even when I am connected to wifi. I even changed APN name, but still this happens. Mine is Cellone. Everyday I am losing around 50 paise from my account during multiple times.

  150. Mera phone bahut heat ho raha hai bhai aur battery bhi drain ho rahi 2-3 hours me full down ho ja rahi hai kya karu sir rpky me

  151. I tried to factory reset on my yureka and also on my frnd’s yureka I also selected erase sd card (phone memory). But nothing was deleted not even settings were reset. Thats another bug i thinks which will be solved on next update

    1. Sim 2 slot works. Align your sim card properly. You may need to further cut sim card from sides to ensure that chip contacts with slot circuit properly.

  152. Is Reboot issue fix in Lollipop version ???
    my yureka had reboot issue it is getting restarted continuously , it will fix in lollipop ?

      1. My mobile got upgraded to lollypop, once after upgradation i face the following major issues.

        1) Battery life is less comparing to kitkat
        2) The proximity sensor is not at all functional,hence because of that am not able to see the display to disconnect the calls.and mobile is blank when in call.
        3) I am not able to see the display when there is incoming/outgoing cAlls in the mobile,really horrible.

        pls help me how to solve a above mentioned problems

  153. Hope reply from u…. No response 4m u for previous msgs…

    I updated my YU to L 5.0.2 from YU official site. Most of bugs resolved. But voice in call is very low in 3g mode. Good in 2g mode. Stopped unnecessary apps oening during calls.

    Pl. Help me how to increase sound in my ear piece. Is it hardware issue?

  154. After updating to Lollipop update 5.0.2, I found that the restart problem still prevails as usual although many bugs related to wifi has been solved. However, 64Bit OS update is more heavy and lag problem is there although it uses very less ram but still there are still many bugs in this. Main problem is restart problem. Hope this restart problem will be solved in next update.

  155. Whenever i play any song or play any game the sound comes through the front calling speakers…..which makes the sound very low…almost unable to be heard

  156. Today while charging the phone I observed that my Yureka was loosing charge as I was using “Mobile Data”. The phone was already plugged in charging and when it came to 98%, it started loosing charge like from 98 to 97%..96%…the apps I used during this time were “Whatsapp..wechat..and Yuniverse browser”.I was accessing it with the help of “Mobile Data”. Why does this happen??

  157. I updated my mobile to 5.0.2 but after updating power button is not working properly. On pressing power button it restarts . Menu is not coming.

  158. on 18th April, i updated my yureka mobile OS to cyanogen 12. i am facing following issues
    1) screen goes blank in out-going calls, cant do any thing like speaker, mute,end the call, have to request the other party to end the call. did not face this issue with cyanogen 11.

    2) screen goes blank in in-coming calls, cant answer the call, have to wait till the call is ended(missed call). did not face this issue in cyanogen 11.

    3) unable to detect 3.5 mm jack properly. some time it detects, some times it does not detect both in cyanogen 11 and 12.

    4) very low speaker volume both in cyanogen 11 and 12.

    5) have to charge the battery more than 10 hrs for full charge. facing this issue in cyanogen 12 only, earlier version of OS 11 does not have this issue.

    6) not sure how many such issues are there…

    any fixes please?

  159. Hey Saurabh m facing 2 major problems 1st obviously battery draining i did all processes including the method given for media server now i can’t see anything in my gallery and i did this last night in the morning i charged my phone and obviously it was in 99% later on within 3 hours my battery dropped to 8% even without unlocking it and it was also getting i switched it off took off battery for sometimes then again started it battery showed 22% and again within 15 min i saw it was in 6% do u have any solution i have changed my clock speed also to 1.2 ghz still facing it and performance was in balanced and power saver still…
    2. M not able to connect to pc the transfer option is ticked my me still can’t see my phone/sd storage in pc i rebooted many times phone + pc still not able to find the solution one post in xda was to update drivers i did that too still no working i wanted to root it to do many customisation but can’t do because of this issue i hope so u can have a better solution thank :)

  160. Hi Saurabh…I recently updated to CM12 through OTA..there is an option for “Video call” under call settings…how can I make video call while its turned on?? Can u plz explain how???

  161. i hav bought yureka about 2 weeks ago …. and i have updated it to lollipop …. now i am not receiving any calls …. the ringtone rings but the screen goes blank and i donno wat to do ….. after the call disconnects …the screen comes back and just shows the miss call

  162. Hi,

    i bought yureka just 3 days ago. initially all seemed to be well then suddenly my mobile data seems to be very slow. not even wats app is working while facebook and other browser too not connecting. someimes my network gets lost in slot1.

  163. Saurav ji yureka mobile me maine lollipop version update kiya phir Se screen lock hone wala problem start ho gaya . kisika call aane Se screen lock ho jata hai.

  164. Unnecessary opening of apps is still there sometimes while making call even though I did the calibration by dialling that code. How can I solve it permanently???

  165. Hi Team,

    Thanks you for your updates, we wish to get upgraded in newer versions

    Problems which I’m facing from yesterday (after update 22nd & 23rd April 2015):

    1. Network/ Wi-fi not detecting times, unable to connect it
    2. Call history – we can’t find which was missed/dialed number & dialing pad also not visible only 1, 4, 7 numbers is displaying other number not visible.
    3. Proximity is more bad than before
    4. Making call takes time
    5. Screen lock animation not available in new cynogen
    6. Sometimes incoming call won’t show up
    7. Phone is heating so much when charging, calling, etc.
    8. all the themes are gone
    9. charging too slow than earlier
    10. Battery discharging fast
    11. Mobile data unable to connect it, there is no option to get enabling it.
    12. So many minor & major issue after upgraded to Lollipop OS version 5.0.2

    Please do the needful to get installable updates on the internet sites also, which helps who have not connecting internet in mobile data, we can download & transfer the data to mobile & install the same

    So many options/shortcuts are missing….list goes on….!

    Kindly help us to get all its resolved by earliest.


      1. Hi Saurabh,

        Thanks for your reply, yes Google play services are up to date & other all supporting & not supporting softwares also up to date. When I was access the play store it come at the earliest but now keep on get running & in between the screen get locks many time. So many issues am facing here…

        1. slowness
        2. RAM taking 60% before it was only 28%
        3. Heating when I call, game, charging
        4. Battery Discharging 5 PM to 15% before it was till 10: 30 PM will get reach 15 %, totally 5: 30 Hrs dropping
        5. When I am in game, struggling lot to get next move, before it was non stop running game.

        Am just pushing you the main issues only, kindly check & do the needful….

        Thanks & Regards,

  166. Lollipop version update kiye call karne se ya call aane se screen lock hone wala problem phir Se start ho gaya koi upaye batae.

    1. Dial this *#*#7769#*#* and then star calibration. WHile it is being run, place your hand over proximity sensor i.e. top part of your phone and then stop after sometime. Report if this solves your issue.

      1. Thanks sourav wo problem thik ho gaya. But camera wala problem Abhi bhi thik nahi hua camera se VGA Se bhi bekar photo ata hai par front camera thik hai.aap bole the camera ke upar koi plastic chipka hoga par koi plastic nahi hai.

  167. Hi Saurab,
    I bought these yureka two days back and my mobile doesn’t detect the headphones when it is plugged in…. It works fine when i reboot it… What could be the permanent solution for this ? Can u please help me with this because i don’t know what to do now….

  168. hii i bought yureka on 9th april, i have facing problem in gallery.when i click any photo it shows clear while in zooming also, but when i opened that photo in gallery it gets distracted while zooming.
    how can this bug solved

  169. Hai
    I have recently buyed my yu mobile every thing was fine in my mobile but recently I faced a problem that my voice calls was disconnecting automatically can u please help me

  170. Hello my phone screen is gone blank totally
    i can see its getting charging while switched off and hear the sounds of receiving mssgs and ringers etc
    only the display is not there
    any suggestion

  171. In-call display issue: My Yureka units have been plagued by this problem . During call, the display turns off, goes black/blank and never wakes, even if you press power button, until call disconnects.Please help me.

  172. Earphones volume used to be outstanding. It was perfectly loud.

    After the recent lollipop update, the earphone volume has decreased a lot. I don’t know if it is a common bug or something that only I’m facing. Any fix?

  173. I have bought a Micromax Yu last month and was working fine without any issues. However, post the latest updates (22nd / 23rd April 2015), there are following issues encountered.

    1. Screen lock animation not available.
    2. Incoming & Outgoing call won’t show up.
    3. Making call takes time.
    4. All the themes are gone.
    5. Many of the options / shortcuts are missing.
    6. Post Reboot with proper backup of data & applications, all the apps did not installed.
    7. Battery discharging fast.
    So many minor & major issue after upgraded to Lollipop OS version 5.0.2. Kindly help us to get all its resolved by earliest.

  174. Got the phone today. SD card slot is not working.. It was working but after 2 hours it stopped responding..

  175. When the earphone is plugged in, the phone does not detect the ear phone plugged in.
    The radio App Still shows “Please plugin a headset to use FM Radio”.

    Even the music player does not play from head set, still routes audio to speaker.

    After phone rebooting only the headset is detected.

  176. Phone is heating so much even when idle and battery drains fast. I was about to install updates but a i read above some comments, that they are facing even more problems with updates. Is this correct? If yes, what should we do.

    Their after sales service is pathetic. Even their customer support number is also not working.

    Please guide.

  177. Hi Saurabh

    I have enabled ” play sound while adjisting the volumebwith volume buttons” under the sounds settings, despite that i dont hear the sound while adjusting the volume. This has just happened today, till yesterday I was able to do so. I was even able to mute and put the phone on vibrate mode using the volume buttons, but unable to do it today.

    Please suggest what to do. This is absurd that the phone is behaving like this out of the blue.


  178. I ws facing first issue in my YU yureka. I was not able to respond to any incoming calls when my phone used to be locked. The screen turned black and i was not able to see any button on screen to respond.
    The resolution for proximity sersor calibration worked for me. this post is quite helpful. Thank you guys.

  179. Hi Saurabh
    After updating to cm12, I’m facing the problem with OTG cable. My phone doesn’t detect an OTG connected. What should I do? Please help…

  180. hi sourabh

    yureka vibrate suudenly not working.I have tried out all types of settings control like notifications, add,quick settings.but still same prob plz help
    tks in advance

  181. Hi,

    I am facing issue with volume. While calling, recipient person cannot listen clearly as volume is to low and disrupting. All volume levels are high. Kindly suggest solution.

  182. heating issue in lolopop and USB not connected its connected but after 5 minute its already disconnected.

  183. HI Saurabh,
    whenever i call everybody says my voice is no clear and they hear lot of noise.. and it happened with my friends yureka as well. is there any fix for this issue, i already updated to cyanogen12.0. but no change

  184. I have by mistake chosen the option of ‘ignore messages like this’ in google play music notification. Pls tell me how to bring the notification back..

  185. after updating my photo editor is not working error is “can’t connect some editing tools are missing” so tell how fix the problem..

  186. List of major defects or bugs:

    If you are facing blank screen on calling a number on Cyanogen Mod 12 or 11 os then dial the code *#*#7769#*#* ; you will see a proximity calibration screen, press start and wait until the values are populated, press exit. Try calling a number again, your problem should be resolved by now.

  187. I have a really weird problem with my yureka. It just opens up app, also call log and minimize app when I m using very oftenly
    Is there a possible solution for this problem ??

  188. after updating my photo editor is not working error is “some editing tools are unavailable ” please how to fix the problem

  189. In my YU phone blue tooth is not getting switched on , if I try to on it says blue tooth is turning on and in a few seconds it shows the blue tooth button in which on is not enabled

    1. I hv a problm in my yureka……in my intrnl memory all items are not show in my galary play music nd nor othr players … plz any one hlp me…

      You do restar ur cell……then ur blu toth willdo wrk….

  190. hi..
    1.In my yu yureka phone problem is that images ,videos, profile pictures downloaded from whatsapp is not seen in gallery,even if i click on save to gallery.
    2. In gallery edit option is not working.

  191. I bought yureka and from the very starting an eror comes mmxreg and afterwards earphone stops working but again gets corrected on restarting but same problem again starts

  192. I have purchased my yureka on April 20th. Speaker volume is low when compared to other phones. But if I used earphone, the sound was good. But now without earphone I am not able to hear anything. If I called somebody I didnt hear anything without headset. Please tell me some immediate solution.

  193. i have problem with speakers during call…. during call i cant heae voice and also the other side person dsnt hear my voice

  194. I had the proximity issue after upgrading to Cynaogen 12 OTA update. This happened only for SIM1 and the display was off and never coming back on till the call disconnected.

    I blew air into the headphone jack and then tried the *#*#7769#*#* stuff mentioned in this page and succesfully resolved the issue.

    Thanks a lot.

  195. I have upgraded my Yu Yureka Phone OS to Android lollipop 5.0.2, after upgraded my phone it got more heating and main problem is that it is not working on WiFi while working on hotshot. If u have any solution for this then please advice me.

  196. my new micromax yu yureka with lollipop version restarts during conversation just after a call of 4-5 minutes. it happens many times in a day and such calls do not exist in recent calls also. pl fix this restart issue. it is of no use if the basic purpose of calling is not served.

  197. I hv a problm in my yureka……in my intrnl memory all items are not show in my galary play music nd nor othr players … plz any one hlp me…

  198. i bought a new yureknd when i searched for the MAC address it was displayed ‘not available’
    do i need to insert the sim card for obtaining the mac address or is my phone having some defect?
    please help

  199. in-call display issue/proximity sensor bug – resolve in my phone after dial given number

    1. Open file manager slide from left side there is a option to open sdcard or internal storage…

      Otherwise download “fx file manager” its too good i’m using that after using this file manager you will never use any other file manager

      Use “fx key” with “fx file manager” to use all function of fx file manager

      Tell me if it works…

  200. Hey i have once inserted the sd card and hten removed but still the google play music read the songs from it and when try to play it gives error message. I tried clearing the cache and data but didnt worked. Also the media Sharing in whats app has same problem the data from sd card is visible in sharing option and then it gives an error.
    Please Can u help…..????

  201. I have a relatively new prob that has not been highlighted here.
    1. Both of my sims are working fine but the drop down menu shows just one.
    2. In my central menu, the icons does not shows any names. Only the logo is visible.
    3. Google apps become un responsive suddenly.

    If any one is facing such Issues pls do help me out as to how to rectify them.

  202. My yureka phone gets automatically switched off while calling so how to fix it please reply as soon as possible

  203. I am not able to download any images either from my email or facebook account.. it constantly says download fail.

  204. my yureka phone call voice is not audible to the receiver even updating to lalipop. Each and everytime i have to take the help of earphones or loud speaker option to make my voice audible to the receiver. How this mic problem will be resolved.

  205. sir my yureka mobile doesnt even detect wifi connections present which are accessible through my laptop and sony xperia mobile. also only whatsapp is accessible through my idea idea 3g mobile data. no play store no chrome. is there any solution for it??

  206. i am facing an issue…. there are some minute vertical lines on my phone display in right side.. what is the solution for it… if i take the snapshot of this doesnt shiws any vertical lines

      1. Hi,

        I am not able to connect to internet with my yureka device. Please provide a solution.


        1. Bhai mera fon start nhi ho rha flesh kr rha th to wo bhi nhi huaa ab start krta hu to likha aa rha h dawnlod felid imege abort kiya

  207. Hi, m unable to download photos, videos and audio from whatsapp. is anyone Else facing the same problem?

  208. 1.Issue with Lollipop upgrade on Micromax Yureka: Unable to pick calls & display not coming or not showing
    2.USB storage connection not functioning & not connecting to computer
    3.unable to stop the mobile data when its already connected, when we click the data option, it’s going the open the data usage details only
    4.Rear camera flash not properly functioning, it’s not timely flashing

  209. i have the calling problem i cant make call coz it dont show any option of sim after touching the call ikon..

  210. Should we update yureka 2 lollipop with this ROM YNG1TAS0WO of 677.0 MB

    Please help me yaar should I upgrade or not

  211. call karte time bat cut cut ke aati hai and proper voicr listen n deta any network I am also use an all network

  212. I am facing the sensor issue and even while calling the phone goes blank..I am also not able to find where can i go and setup a ringtone from the gallery coz the sound is very…please help me on this if any1 can…

  213. 1. in call when i unplug the earphones then it goes to max volume or automatically on the speaker mode..and i can’t select the ringtone from sdcard and its ringtone volume is very low.

  214. Sir,when I removed battery , which was fully charged. in order to insert sim, and I started the phone ,the battery was low 0% ,automically it began charging it self ,as I had not connected to charger.. What prblm phonebis facing..

  215. Everytime i insert the otg( even without the pendrive), it automatically restarts indefinitely…Pliz help

  216. In my yureka mobile sim card slot 1 is not working as I insert sim in it then it shows “No sim card” I have tryed changing the sim but issue is the same & also tryed factory reset… But same issue.. & I also can’t set only 3G network mode for mobile data…. Please help me solving issue

  217. Sir, my yureka frequently restart three to four times every day. My performance setting is balanced and I never changed it to other option available. Kindly sugess what should I do, either factory reset or update to lollipop.

  218. Sir my yureka restart automatically three to four times every day. I do not change my performance settings, it is balanced since I purchase the phone.
    Kindly do sugess me either I should update my yureka to lollipop or should do factory reset.

  219. I purchased yureka mobile on 9th may. after 20days it stops detection SD card & also not connecting to computer. pl guide

  220. Hi ,

    I have only one SIM in yureka. but in status BAR it is always showing networks for 2 SIMS (one is having network and other is blank).

    Ideally it should show only one sim network as there is only one sim in the phone.

    Please suggest.

  221. i am using yureka from 1 month…. it was fine till i got an update of.less battery consuming(128mb)
    after update my sim card slots doesn’t detecting the sim.. i tried to much to solve it….
    factory data reset..
    i tried different sims but still nothing happens…
    hard reset… add still it sucks…
    can u please help me

  222. Sir, videos on fb, youtube and other from browser not playing or streaming in yureka. Need to fix the same. YouTube videos play only in default app. Help.

  223. Me shareit jab launch karta hu or kisiko app share karne ke baad jab back button se back hota hu to mera mobile automatic restart hone lagta hai….why..??

  224. I am using reliance sim and when I am using whatsapp on images can send but cannot download images and videos

  225. If you are having audio jack detection problem try below trick it worked for my yureka:

    Remove audio jack>go to “audio fx”>desable “audio fx”>insert audio jack>audio fx will enabled by it self

    Now try to listen music it will play on your headphones

    If not than follow method mentioned befor and then 2-3 time enable and disable audio fx when headphones are connected

    Tell me if it works for you…

  226. I am not able to increase ringer volume in my phone. Even after increasing the volume its goes to lower level automatically while call comes i.e. incoming call.

  227. I’m unable to switch calls. Suppose I’m on a call and if I get a second call, I will not be able to switch to the incoming call unless the first caller cuts the call.Any solution for this? TIA.

  228. Dear saurabh,

    This is some issue in wifi. My phone is not connecting with any wifi although all the wifi network are visible in range. When i connect with the wifi then only network saved shows on wifi list but it does not connect.

    Kindly provide some solution.

  229. After lollipop update the editing tools in my yureka are not working.
    It says “some editing tools are not available”.
    And there is a download option But after downloading, the tools still don’t work.

    1. Why don’t you use third-party apps like Snapseed or pixlr express as these are far better than inbuilt editing tools.

  230. I have recently updated my yureka to latest software but after one hour its screen is complete blank but phone is still on calls are coming ,messages are coming but screen is blank..screen shows symbols when phone is getting on/ off but after that screen is blank..suggest a solution.

    1. Go to recovery mode and do a full factory reset. (IN powered-off state, press volume down+power buttons together for few seconds.)

  231. Hlo. I have just purchased yureka from amazon and it is not showing buttons option in the settings with many other options like double tap wake up, theme change, etc. Also it is not showing add tiles option in the notification panel.
    Please help me with this.

  232. My yureka phone making random auto calls from speed dials.when i disconnect any ongoing call then other contact no dials randomly and it not happens always it happens randomly.

  233. Bhai yar yureka ke camere se photo click krte h to wo galley m jakr dark ho jate h …. Koi solution do yar .. Bhai. Plz help

    1. You have turned on high brightness setting in camera so in camera, photos appear fully bright. Turn off high-brightness setting in camera and you’ll see photos of similar illuminance in gallery. Or vice versa, just bring brightness setting of phone to full before entering gallery :)

  234. Dear,
    Can I use this phone in saudi arabia with mobily only data sim card .Do let me know

  235. Hi sir
    Been a month I’m using far manageable..but lately what’s soon annoying is that when I’m on a call it suddenly gets disconnected every few mins…have to make multiple calls every time..proximity sensor seems to be fine
    .when I take it away from ear display comes and near it not sure.pls advice
    Thank you

    1. In your case, I would probably blame your network operator.. Have you tried using the same sim card in another phone and see if the call drop issue is network based?

  236. My Yureka was working fine in India with Vodafone 3G. But once I’m relocated to US , I’m not able to connect to network(AT&T). Error message saying ‘Can’t connect to this network at the moment. Please try again later’. I’m not using 2 sim and tried putting sim in both slots.

  237. after update my yureka to lollipop i have facing a big problem that my phone got dead, means screen got black, no button work and this problem also remain after removing battery and my phone power button not work for switch on to mobile so my mobile still switch off, i mean no butyon working

    1. Have you tried going to recovery(press volume down+power keys together) or fastboot mode (press volume up+power keys)? If you see anything by trying these buttons combination, then your phone could be brought back to functioning state, otherwise it is hardbricked, in which case, you’ll have to contact Yu Support and get replacement.

  238. Through Skullcandy earphone i am not getting punching bass in Audio FX/Google Music ,in Yuphoria , (but I am getting punching bass in other mobile with same earphone) pls advise what to do? and suggest best Equalizer/Music Player from play store for Yuphoria .Pls reply ,thanks.

  239. My dial pad not showing, even I have tried all options like: reboot, factory restore, and call to customer service, called to amazon. But sorry all are not any fruitful,still I am in same problem. My dial pad not showing and in setting>app>dialer not showing.

    Please help.

  240. I am facing a big issue with my yureka as if i call to someone my voice gets fumbled after two or three minutes. The other person on the phone get my voice doubled. I have also cheked my sim but there is no issue with sim.

  241. On top of the notification bar , one star symbol is there. Don’t know wat happened. During incoming calls ringtones r not working. But while playing playing songs I can hear the songs. Pls help me in this regard. Thanks.

  242. i am unable to access my phone content on my pc through usb. before when i connected the usb to my phone ……notifications use to pop up but now nothing happens. i have tried the “developer option procedure” but it did not work…..i have tried to open “usb computer connections” from storage but it is not responding…..whenever i click the “usb computer connections” nothing happens……please help

  243. My kid taken my yu. I don’t know what she do but my mobile screen turned black. I am not able to see my screen. I think this is setting problem. Please help me.

    1. Turn off the phone (take out battery and reinsert it).. Press and hold volume down+pwer keys together to enter recovery mode. Use volume keys to select options. Choose factory reset option

      1. Hi Saurabh,

        i have sensor issue, but *#*#7769#*#* solution is not working.
        can you please help me out on this.

  244. Hi Saurabh

    Some Time my phone’s power button doesn’t work but when I battery put out of phone & again set it & then work this button

    Any solution ???

  245. i am facing issues…with the image editing tools not unavailable, 10 day before by this cell , so many time i download the tools as the message shown but, again the same on next image edit, please help me….. ASAP

  246. my yureka is not ringing at all on incoming calls..I tried all the volume settings… the volume show ing is at its highest point ..but not ringing on incoming call…what should I do???

  247. Hi
    Can we change network mode in yurekhaa its always shows 2g network mode as I have 4g here in my place solve my problem

  248. Yureka phone WiFi is not responding & the phone is getting struck, when I turn on WiFi… Give me solution

  249. Suddenly mycall volumes notification volumes doesnt work even if its on full.

    I tried rebooting so many times I removed battery too and there is this star icon I dont know how it comes and what it stands for

    Please help me and when my apps are open I am not able to receive calls i have to go to main menu and then go to call app and by the time i do that caller disconnects the call

  250. My yureka data shortcut which can be accessed from notification drawer doesn’t work, its leads me somewhere to network restrictions. Instead i need to access my data from the settings.Operating it from settings makes me irritated.Is there any solution for this??

  251. My dialer is not working I update the latest version of YU yureka.I getting so many problems what should I do..

  252. I have update my phone yureka with Cyanogen. So camera is getting dark.
    and processing speed is slow. So what the issue and how to resolve this problem

  253. Please tell me how i can How to Turn Off Noise Canceling Mic .This is the problem of all mic issue which user are facing right now please help me on this

  254. i am facing issues… I purchased yureka march 12
    1. Unable to select network mood 2 g to 3g. After select 3g network mood by manually its not access 3g mood..
    2..become s verry hot when accessing net and vidio capturing. What can I do pls and..

  255. My yureka is not ringing for incoming calls. I tried with different ringtones, but no result. Please help me.

  256. My yureka is restarting sometime when I am using . That’s my problem I am causing. How can I solve that problem

  257. My YU getting continuously rebooting when I inserting the headset… After removing headset only it’s getting work. Also I tried with different headset the same issue persist.

  258. when I upgrade the yu from kitkat to lollipop I faced many problmes because now the battery backup is reduced and sesnsor prblm now what can I do solve this prblm

  259. My YU phone rebooting while in connecting with WiFi, phone rebooting 8 to 10 times in a day

    Please solve it..

  260. I have 3 major proble. ..

    Latest OTA update done for my phone.

    1.Automatic Restart problem

    2. When I call someone, I hear them all clearly. But they don’t hear my voice clearly …I clean dust from mic. But till now I have this problem …It is not network problem I suppose.

    3. Proximity problem ..

    Plz give some proper solution ..

    1. i’m also facing these problems, if you have any solutions for these problems please let me know


  261. Hi, I followed all the steps mentioned above for 3G network, but after selecting WCDMA only the network goes off. But when I select any other network it gives E signal. Please help

  262. Front side speaker is not working when I call or attend calls.. When I activate loudspeaker then I can hear and talk.. Problem is front speaker(near front cam) is not working.. Is there any settings should I do or it is hardware problem or software problem?

  263. I have a reliance sin, cut with simcutter detecting in both slots, another vodafone sim, also cut using simcutter not detecting in any of the slots, although it is detected in my old phone (which used fulll size sim). What should i try? This sim is not on my name and Vodafone store would not help for the same reason. I cant get rid i=of this sim as its on all of my resumes and exam application forms. Any suggestions?

  264. Also I have never used it for calling, and only for internet. Yesterday I tried using facebook calling and my screen went blank, and nothing happened even if i pressed the power button. Is this defect going to stay? What can i do for this? I bought it over 1 month ago.

  265. i have a problem in my yu mobile,
    when i am unlock a yu mobile it’s not displaying my locking pattern what ever locking any on helps me

  266. screen does not show any display screen when anybody calls up …ive tried restoring factory setting but to no use…please help me out asap…im not able to attend my important calls…

  267. After upgrd to phn automatically restarts in 5 to 10min while vdoclng in IMO app.. Any soon plsss…

  268. I am a very light user, i am getting backup of 2 to 3 days with my YUREKA with Wifi on all the time. it is true if you believe it or not :P. more than a day with heavy usage.

    I have random restart issue with Holo Theme, but not with Yu Theme

    Low speaker sound

    touch is too sensitive that calls are being automatically answered/rejected when phone is in pocket. some apps are opening automatically and setting are getting changed like… enable mobile data, entering into airplane mode are few problematic things :(

    as i mostly rely on WIFI i have decided to disable the mobile data.. by creating a dummy access point to avoid accidental enable of Data when in pocket. but even with dummy access point the phone is able to connect and i am being charged (it is heavy as i am not using 3g pack)

    Any suggestions to solve the mobile data access point issue. how to bar phone to connect accidentally to internet on 3g

  269. 1.In my yu yureka phone problem is that images ,videos, profile pictures downloaded from whatsapp is not seen in gallery,even if i click on save to gallery.
    2. In gallery edit option is not working.


    1. Hi there, even i am facing the same problem of my phone restarting at regular intervals , many times a day.

  271. Hi saurabh
    I am facing some other issue, when i try to open Call logs its showing error “Unfortunately, Dial-er has stopped.”
    Any one is facing this kind of problem?? please let me know the solution if you have


  273. Dear,

    I have purchased yureka on may 5th, using it for more than 2 months.. I had proximity sensor issue earlier, by calibrating it cleared.
    now the issues are :
    1. The dialer force closes frequently, or gets restarted.
    2. The phone needs to be restarted atleast once in a week, otherwise the phone become irresponsive.
    3. The battery drains to 30% by noon even after charging to 100% in the morning. I will be in 3g network most of the time..

    please help me.

  274. My Yureka Completely screen goes blank and never started , but home buttons are blinking light, waited for Hours still the problem continues, And my second problem My Airtel network is disabling aromatically at night, even the same Airtel network working with my other phone very nice.

  275. In my YU yureka dailer always what can I do..n also I can’t move or copy or cut data from phone memory to SD card but can move or copy from SD card to phone memory.
    And my mic also not work properly but in speaker mode mic work properly..
    Please reply me ASAP.
    [email protected]

  276. When I change contact name in the contact, that is not reflecting outside or in any other application. e.g whasapp
    Also its not reflecting in the contact list as well outside save window.

  277. sir I have seen in battery usage it showing an app “dex2oat” which consumes battery so plz tell me how to stop this….

  278. In my phone I am unable to on hotspo. Earlier it was taking time to on,but now it completely not working. Is there any solution for this?

  279. I rebooted my phone one fine evening as the internet had stopped responding. It showed the message CYANOGEN on switching on, and thats all. It doesn’t turn on. I tried charging it as well. Any help, please?

  280. I have purchased New yureka plus, main problem is over heating, and I don’t realize what processer it had, it seems like 1 GHz processor, everything is slow even afert factory reset,

  281. While listening to FM on ear phone if a call is received or dialed, the FM does not come back after the call completion. Any remedy????

  282. OTG is not working on my YUREKA PLUS. I have tested with various pendrives, still the problem persist. Please let me know if it requires any software update.

  283. I have PC connectivity issue, even I have enabled android debugging and also as MTP device, earlier it connected but before half month it doesn’t detect yureka device, and not a PC issue because other devices are easily detected for file transfer.
    If u have solution plzz advise me here or u can mail me.

  284. I am buy yureka and updated lollipop version but from yesterday I did not get ringing sound or media play but didn’t get sound please help me what should I do

  285. Hi saurabh,
    What started as a problem has magnified into a large issue with my handset. Previously, only the ‘a’ key of the keyboard didn’t work when the phone was held in it’s normal position and I used to work around by rotating the phone. Now the entire left side of the screen hs turned non-responsive.
    Is it due to over heating of the device?
    Looking forward to your remedy.

  286. I have tried several times but I can’t switch on Yureka , i have done flashing procedure but still nothing happened, please reply what to do.

  287. Hi All,

    I encountered following issues with my Yureka handset:

    1. while connected to laptop/desktop for charging (setting the Charge only option), battery drains out instead of charging.

    2. likewise the “Ask First” is provided for Calls & Messages, is there setting can be done for internet connection.



  288. I have just bought the yureka plus from the amazon sale, though the phone does heat up at times in just 2 or 3 calls of 4 to 5 mins. But my major concern is when i went to load watsapp on my phone i got a message from MOD saying they do not support watsapp and that it could harm my device. I have still installed it. but my phone did hang once.

    Pls advice and also which is the official forum for Yu Yureka plus.

    Udit Golechha

  289. My Eureka YU gets disconnected frequently during the call..fade up with the problem. try by changing the slots but no improvement.

  290. hi Saurab..
    I’m totally disappointed with my Yureka..
    plzz reply for this..
    I have a problem with my data transfering from internal to SD card…it shows EACCES permission denied ….but I can transfer file from my SD card to internal memory..and i cant copy files frm internal memory to otg(pendrive)..during connecting to PC there is no any errors while data transferring… how can I overcome from this?
    plzz help me…

  291. Sir, I have yureka phone. I used lolipop version but problem is that when I use wi fi, after using 5 or7 minute it will get hang and it is not one time but it be many time with me and my frind . so please sir please short out my problem as soon as possible sir.

  292. hii guys…
    there are some problems in my YU yureka.
    my yureka is whenever automatic reboot. In one day, there are 4 to 5 times my yureka is reboot so give me solution for this problems…..

  293. jab mai apne Yureka device ko charger we connect karta hu.
    to mera phone heat hone lagta hai air 3-4% se jyada charge nahi ho pata.

  294. Ear speaker is not working, in both outgoing and incoming call. Loud speaker is working but normal ear speaker is not. Please tell me what to do?

  295. I have purchased new YUREKA PLUS, my YU phone is hanging and it restarts many times a day. It also has a poor battery life. Are there any software fixes for these reasons.

  296. m getting wifi problem on my yureka…it is unable to connect to any wiifi network…luckily sometimes it connects and then same problem persists and after restarting my device it works for a while and then again…:(


  298. I have yureka mobile and I ball bluetuth head phone. Its working properly but when I am calling from head phone my voice not listening another party. Please tell me solution.

  299. After updating to lollipop my SD card pics and songs are not showing in the gallery, OTG is not supporting, so please do something and do reply to me……..thanks

  300. Please tell me the way to get rid from this problem
    My system UI continued to stop working again again what should I do
    Answer me as soon as possible

  301. dear sir

    why my yureka mobile after switch on searching sim networks & automatic shutdown. last two days lot of times on & off …..why? pls any body ans me urgent

      1. I have been using Yu Yureka for almost 9 moths now.
        I was not having any other issue till last month.
        But since last month, I am facing issues with my WiFi.
        Few weeks ago, I was using my phone casually and everything was fine, but suddenly my WiFi got disconnected automatically. I just opened WiFi setting and seen that my router was visible.I just tried to reconnect it and it successfully got connected.
        Then for some few days, this same issue was there. It just use to get disconnected oftenly.
        But every time I open up my setting and after reconnecting it use to work fine.
        Then after a couple of days later it as usually got disconnected and hence I opened settings again. This time, my router was not visible, even though the router was connected with my laptop.
        So I rebooted my phone and got back to settings.
        This time, WiFi was switched off and it was not turning on.
        I tried to reboot my phone.
        And after couple of reboot, it was switched on and I reconnect it.
        It was annoying and I was fed up of this. And After That I hard resented my phone. Updated to 5.0 and now When In settings I click on Turn ON in WiFi nothing changes it remains OFF.

  302. Hi.. I purchased yu yureka plus on 13 aug 2015, i had the internet connection problem. The problem is when i use to on the data connection that doesn’t use to on the data connection, and also sometimes use to connect but not H+ only but also H, E. After reading your suggetion i selected wcdma only .but now also the internet varies from H+ to H . And also from the day of biggining the battery darin very very soon(i have not installed much more apps) even if i use to keep the cell idol the battery drains very fast.

    1. That’s because you’re constantly on 3G and 3G networking in your area might be very poor causing mobile to use its resources to catch the network as best as possible, thereby incurring battery drain.

      1. One more neew problem has started from 4 days that when am working sometimes in phone and if i get call at that time, normally that use to show incoming call in a small box on top by giving options cancel an receive. Now also samething is happening but if i click on that answer button it’s not responding and also if i get the notifications regarding whatsapp at that spot and if i click on it, that doesn’t open. But i can swipe it to left or right but cannot open by clicking on it( the touch screen is working well on that spot also)

  303. I have been this idiotic device since two and half month and i am facing too many problem.
    I have solved few bugs by searching on Internet but couldn’t able to find a solution for my problem (1:- whenever i am calling anybody they can’t hear my voice even when i am shouting with the speaker on and there is no mic problem because i recorded and listen it sounds will to me . this only happens when make a call
    2:- i am unable to change my profile pic for whatapp from the app i am changing my profile pic from gallery by tap and selecting to set as wallpaper for WhatsApp
    Please help me replace this dumb ass phone please reply

  304. Bhai plz.. Help year…
    Mere Yureka me kisi ko file send karo toh hotspot bahut slow starts hota hai uske baad jab back ho to mobile apne aap restartho jata hai plz… Help…
    Its..hotspot problem…

  305. mere YU yureka mein calls automatically disconnect ho jaatw hain..aur phone mein koi performance ka setting nai hai…cyanogen mod 12.0

  306. 1).. while recordings with the camera. the audio output of videos is also horrible ..muffled and very bad

    2). yureka doesn’t show contacts of sim cards as well as. doesn’t allows to save any contacts on sim card …….

  307. in my phone the network crashes down on it’s own time to time ..then I need search network manually ..I m fed up with this network crash problem

  308. i have a problem that during call i am able to hear the other party voice but the other party cannot hear my voice . then what to do.please help me very soon.

    thank you

  309. My yu yureka automatically open/closes apps/new tabs/notification drawer etc..It’s almost impossible to use the phone now.please do help me Saurabh.

  310. My yureka phone is not vibrating when i get calls and messages, i have on all vibrate options present in phone, vibrate on calls on touch on charger connected, also disabled and on’d , restarted but still d same problem.

    Initially vibration was on the day i brought phone, once i disabled for some reason, and that’s the last day it vibrated , now i have lollipop 5.02 android version , please some buddy help me….

    Volume is so low and phone wont vibrate , i always miss calls …. always i have miss calls list .please help me to solve..please

  311. Dear writer,
    I’ve had YU Yuphoria phone since a month and a half. It had numerous bugs and all went away gradually. Like the one with proximity sensor. Now a bug has arisen. My phone used to support my external memory SD card perfectly. Now it reads it but after sometime, it stops reading the SD card. All the data stored on the SD card goes away. I have to reboot the system to get the phone to detect SD card again. But again after sometime it gets undetected. What can do for that? I can’t just keep on rebooting the device every now and then. I tried reinserting the SD card into the slot, this time with more power, but the flaw persists. Suggest me something ASAP. Thank you

  312. Hi,

    Can anyone help me as I bought YU YUREKA PLUS last month. Issue I am facing is that whenever I receive any incoming calls the Caller name and the number does not get displayed on screen, its says only “UNKNOWN” number. Proxima setting is not a solution as it works only when your screen goes blnak, which is not in my case. Also, when i try to see missed call details it shows nothing when i click on cal details options.

  313. Bro, whenever i record a video, or use sound recorder, the audio plays very blurred sort of, its with cracks in it, i hve used other apps for recording, but had the same results…
    What 2 do??

  314. 1. i have a problem in yureka that when i m on call i can’t attend the another call..
    for that i have to disconnect the first call and then i does’nt have an option that when i receive 2nd call the 1st call goes on hold automatically..
    2. when i put turn off hotspot after using it then phone automatically restart.

  315. yu yureka plus !!! is it really 13 MP camera ??? camera z so so so bad ……it give pics like a 5 MP camera does !!! very disappointed !! any soln …..

  316. My YU hang and restart during I on share it app or other some wifi using apps
    Some times it hang at any time


    Tel me a solution=

  317. i have a serious issue with battery uafter using for two months phone suddenly got off and aftr switching it on the cyanogen symbol keeps on rotating and doesnt get on at al i was given a new battery but again after using it for a month i have the same problem once if the phone gets switch off it never gets on only the cyanogen symbol keeps on rotating

  318. i am using yu yureka plus (cynoge 12.0)
    i want to move my installed apps (downloaded thruough play store) from internal memory to my SD card…
    i went to— setting>apps>click on specific app>window opens, but the option “MOVE TO SD CARD” is disabled…please help me in this…i want to transfer all my intalled apps to SD card..

    please do reply

  319. Well I am facing a problem while I am using watsapp when I try to give attachment from SD card to any of my friend watsapp stop down and show unfortunately watsapp has be stopped…same in gallery as well..plz do give me a feedback…plz revert back

  320. i have not copy any content from sd card to internal storage and vice versa.
    message iswhen trying to copy “the operation is not permitted in current folder”.

  321. Sir madam issue to karnataka state bangalore city bsnl data setting are not available in castumar care serve so what i do

  322. i have problem with video recording. i have to reboot my phone every time whenever i want to record video. plz suggest me any solution if u have.

  323. Hiii saurabh,
    I have purchased yureka and facing heating problem. I updated my mobile with latest version and battery mode is also in balanced mode but heating issue is not removing. So,what can i do please suggest me. Give me a proper solution As soon as possible.

  324. I am unable to record video in my yureka plus. Photos only I can click but unable to record video I have clear the cache also but still its not working. Can u help me with that problem

  325. dear Saurabh

    I know this is a often asked question but help me anyway please……..want to buy a mobile for less than 10000 with 4g lte and 2/3 gb ram… battery possible and max memeory possible…camera 13/5 mp………..

    please let me know by taking couple of minutes out.

  326. SUDDENLY my phone has stopped charging………
    it has been discharged…………how can i rectify and sove this problem
    help me in this problem please

  327. I am facing a unique problem with the sound during call while using ear phone. The sound gets bad, as if you are running some audio in fast forward mode. The bad sound remains until you disconnect the call and reconnect.
    Let me know if anybody else also faced this problem.

  328. Dear Friend,
    I have Harman ConnectNext Infotainment system in my car. My YU Plus gets connected through bluetooth for contact and music files. I am able to play music files through Car system by this bluetooth connection. Problem is there in voice calls. I can hear voice of person on the other side but my voice is very low for other side. I had tried fresh connection after unpairing the devices. I had also tried to increase the volume of car stereo and mobile volume but problem was not rectified. The system works fine with other samsung kit-kat android phone/ other normal phones.

    Pls help me out how to rectify this problem.

    1. Me too have the same issue with Harman kardan car music system, I’m using Yureka with Lollypop. It was functional with Jelly Beans.
      The similar mic problem with other bluetooth devices like u8 watch and JBL sound bar. I’m not facing any issues with any other mobile devices.

  329. My yureka mobile 18sep service center me bheja tha rajkot me leki karib 40 din ho gaye abhi
    Tak mera mobile vapas nai aaya pls solution of my question

  330. Although Yureka Yu does not support native 3G video calling, there is an option for turning on video calling – Dialer – Settings – Call Settings – Turn on Video Calling.

    What is it supposed to do, as changing the option does not alter anything in the phone?

  331. I am not able to install apps after I uninstall any one app.. That instal button will not work for 2 to 3 days after I uninstall any app…

  332. 2 problem with yureka

    1. Contact- suppose I save number as rohit mehra Delhi then in contact its shows as Delhi,rohit mehra don’t know why if I setting as first name first. Due to this issue you can not locate number through alphabet order. Evrytime u need to search.

    2. Speaker- if I call to someone with my yureka phone then other person is not getting my voice clearly. There is some notice in background.

    Please help if anyone know the solution

  333. I am facing problem with charging jack… when i asked customer support of YU Yureka for repair they told me repair will be done on chargeable basis and cost is Rs. 5999…

    I Laughed on their face and hanged up my phone :))…

  334. I’m unable to see my SIM Contacts, or save my contacts in the SIM Memory in my Yu Yureka Phone. Nor they get displayed when calls are recd or made. Please note that the following appears – Under Contacts to Dispaly Only the following Appear: 1)WhatsApp, 2)Google, 3)Customize.

  335. I recently updated my cyanogen version and since then it is hanging way too much. Before this hanging was not at all an issue , now it hangs atleaset twoce every minute. Please help

  336. Loudspeaker has stopped working all of sudden. Its working fine when I receive calls or alarms but when I play a video or music the loudspeaker does not work.

  337. My yureka is having some problems after the android 5.1 lollipop update. The wallpaper is automatically changing into the default wallpaper. The screens goes blank frequently. At times, when there is an incoming call, there is no display on the screen. The phone has slowed down a lot. How can i get this issue fixed?

  338. hi,

    am using yureka from almost 10 months now. lately i started noticing a red spot on display when observed in darkness. the spot is going on increasing. when taken for nearest service centre, they dint even try to check the issue , instead told me it has to be sent to main office for a month. I called up service centre again for door-to-door pick up service but instead he told me to do color mgmt settings etc which was no help….is anybody else facing this issue??

  339. My yureka often gets restarted when i open the gallery.. and processing has become very low as compared to when i purchased it. Kindly Help..

  340. My sim2 slot is not working showing networks like idea reliance but can’t connecting….I have interchange sim,reboot,hard factory reset but problems continues please help me????????

  341. In every 7 to 10 days Google play music stops and phone becomes mute ie. mp3 as well as video runs only in headphone. No sounds in general.

  342. sir after update cm12.1 /lollipop 5.1.1,,then do not show Color enhancement,option on display&lights option,,show my display bece dull,,,pls tell me how to resolve this problem,,

  343. After my yureka plus got updated to 5.1.1 facing lot of network issues..
    Every 5 – 10 mins I get the msg saying ” sim card removed. System needs to reboot”. Fed up of doing this.. Battery charging takes longer time, more than 10 hrs after update. Plz help.

  344. From the day I updated my phone to android 5.1.1
    I am facing a lot of problem such as
    My phone restart automatically while making a call
    While using any app or opening any app phone automatically get locked and on top of that its wallpaper changes every time this happen
    Its very annoying
    Can you help me on this..,..

  345. my phone is rebooting several times after updating lollipop 5.1.1. and apps also getting crash. Plz give any suggestions if you have.

  346. Sir,

    I have bought Yu phone 6 moths back, now i am facing severe problem of network connectivity from this phone , specifically in indoors.I checked the same network operator in other mobile it was showing full signal.

    please if any fixes for this issue.


  347. Jab me flash light in kar k photo leta hu to photo very dark and blue ata he.flash off karke clear photo at a he….

  348. Hi ,

    I am facing an issue with Camera after updating to CM12.1 .
    Error : can’t connect to camera

    Have tried to Clear the cache and Data from the App Settings .
    Restarted the phone .
    Rest Factory Setting .

    Still the problem persist . Hard thing is that I do not see the camera Icon

  349. Been using yureka plus for last couple of months and finding it to be a value for money device. But after I updated to the ota incremental of cos12.1 there has been system ui crashes and wallpaper crashes. Bug reports have been submitted at every prompt after a crash. Tried clearing all storage cache but crash problems are still persisting. Please advice. Thank you in advance.

  350. I am using YU Yureka A05510.. Cynogen 12.1(android version 5.1.1) .. While opening camera “unfortunately camera has stopped ” ,..error message is coming .. I have installed Google camera .and other camera apps including previous version of cynogen cameraa app ….but no use .,same problem .. .
    Pls help

  351. 5.1.1 version update karne ke baad mob automatic off on ho raha h . Specially data connectivity on karne k baad jada prob create ho raha h…
    Wo bhi continue2-3 baar..

    Plz koi upai bataooo…

  352. My yu yureka automatically new page display on screen for app install page..It’s almost impossible to use the phone now.please do help me Saurabh.

  353. Hello,I m using yureka plus. After updating to cyg12.1,around after 1 week,screen goes blank when I m starting any program or app,it starts automatically but my home screen wallpaper changes into system default wallpaper. Please help me by day its becoming really a big headache for me.
    Hoping u will reply soon.

  354. My yu yureka automatically open new app installation page. It’s almost impossible to use the phone now.please do help me Saurabh. Every time when lock open or new app open this type of page open.

  355. Hi Sourabh,

    Problem with my yureka is I cannot hear the incoming call voice, I am facing this problem for the third time. First two times it is solved automatically( I don’t know how) . Now again I am facing the same problem. I can hear the voice once I switch on the speaker mode. What is the solution for this. Please reply.

  356. Hey guys

    I am using yureka
    Now from one week I am facing a problem
    That my INTERNET connection is automatically connecting and disconnecting.

    Plz give me a solution

  357. mere YU yureka mein calls automatically disconnect ho jaatw hain..aur phone mein koi performance ka setting nai hai…cyanogen mod 12.0

  358. there is a problem with my yureka after updating in 5.1.1 it restart a lot of time while connected to WiFi. I’m has consultant with YU care after there suggestion it doesn’t solved

  359. Sir I’m updated my yurekha mobile 12.1 Android 5.1.1 lollipop but I’m facing a automatic restarting mobile phone when using WiFi and touch my home button and screen was black

  360. Hello,I had bought yureka on Feb 2015,now I am facing problem.when I am using the phone it automatically pop up the blank screen for 2 times and then it goes locked…so again I has put a pattern I am start using but nowadays I am frequently facing this problem…while using frequently my phone goes to blank screen and it gets locked…please tell me how to resolve this issue ?

  361. how to make video call using YU yureka….no option available… any third party software could help?
    please suggest

  362. Yurekha plus battery is draining very fastly !
    Without using the phone for making calls & internet ,phone is consuming battery rigorously !

  363. Hello,
    Currently I can’t make call at once, 2-3 times I need to touch the no. for call. Becoz The sim options disappears before I touch. Many apps crashes including YU bug report apps. On more crashing the phone itself begins to reboot. Help me to overcome the said issues.

  364. Never ever buy a Micromax / Yu product. I bought Yureka Plus thru Could not replace it within stipulated time. Micromax/ Yu devices are not manufactured by Micromax but small vendors in China which are already running their in different brand names. These devices are just rebranded as Yu – Play God or Micromax and Indian customers are cheated.

    Following issues are known:

    1. Microphone issue – No sound will go to other side for almost 7/10 calls.
    2. Call quality will get reduced during the call itself.
    3. Heating near camera
    4. Screen blackening
    5. Battery draining too fast
    6. Inferior brand value – Whoever is carrying these devices is also branded as Cheap :)
    7. Worst customer support- They are there to cut the chutiapa out of customers. Template replies, again and again. No replies at all

  365. Main camera isn’t focusing properly.. Can’t see texts if I click some book.. Tried every option in camera settings.. Plz help.. Thanks

  366. My yu yunique phone is showing headset is plugged in notification even after the headset is removed. Because of this I am not able to hear anything without headphones. Please help

  367. My yureka plus phone getting screen lock automatically while using and again it gets on automatically it happens many times so it irritating more suggest me some opinion to stop it

  368. hey i m facing the same camera problem as u have mentioned i have even done factory reset but it is not yet resolved

  369. Hi, I happen to notice that the comments towards the month of September are not answered so I don’t know if I will get any kind of solution to my problem. My 6 month old yureka plus has issue transferring data. Especially huge file size. I try doing it through xender. But half way through it just stops abruptly. Its the same with Bluetooth. In fact the transfer speed is comparatively very slow. If possible please help. Thanks in advance

  370. I an suffering from a problem of white screen…
    I don’t know how but it is acting like display sis broken….
    But I kind of know that does not happened and I have tried a lot of things to fix that problem like restarting ,changing themes….but it is not working right at all suggest me something so I could fix the problem…

  371. I took Yureka 9 months back, battery backup was good before (giving 9-10 hours even after used internet, playing games and watching videos continuously) but now it is not giving 3-4 hours life as used before. I felt very bad about battery backup. Please suggest how to increase battery life as like before thanks.

    I followed below steps but not found anything related to Media server

    1.Go to setting –> click battery– it will tell about the app draining most of ur battery power. You will find “media server” as the biggest drainer.

    2. Go to setting –> apps –> all –> media storage –> force stope –> clear data –> disable

    3. Reboot

    4. Again setting–> apps–> disabled –> media storage –> enable

  372. Hi! after updating to 5.1.1 my micromax yu yureka begins to decrease its ringtone volume, please inform how fix it

  373. In this mobile all features are there it is great mobile I had 2nd sim slot problem and sensor problem and heating like iron box

  374. I am facing an issue of Vibrate on touch.Vibrate on touch is not working in my yureka mobile.It was working perfectly in previous OS version I.e. kitkat 4.4.4 and lollipop 5.0.2 but in current update lollipop 5.1.1 it is not working. Many times I have tried to solve it by factory reset, but still the problem is there.Kindly give me the effective solution.

  375. my phone stop working after 9 months of us now the screen appears bubbly the micromax people say that the phone came in contact with water where as it didnt now the phone does not go ahead from the bootloadar.

  376. After updating yureka in lollipop camera is unable to focus on near by objects… Please help in fixing this issue

  377. In my phone Yu yureka plus google account is not adding it is showing as failed to communicate to google servers right now is there any solution for this

  378. In my yreka I cont able update cYNG1TAS1k0 software, I did all type of steps what and all available in internet but it will shows error,,, my camera also not working front camera is good while opening a back camera it will show unfortunately camera as stopped like that,, please give a solution….

  379. Hi,
    Saurabh, My Yureka phone has been working fine since March 15. I noticed one problem of phone getting off frequently during calls, earlier. But it was not so frequent earlier but now it is going off very frequently. Earlier I had cleared the cache and updated the phone to manage it but now even that is not helping even after update.

  380. suddenly my flash light icon is missing and camera has stopped working, i tired to remove its catche etc..but i dont get how this happen..?? Please give solution to start flash light and camera….it has been nearly 2 yrs i am using this..i guess it might be due to updates or virus..????? Please suggest at the earliest…

  381. Hi I have purchased Yureka Phone on April 9th 2015 and i have faced some issues so i have given it in servicing centre and after 50 days i got the replacement mobile with Android version 5.1 and now i am facing an issue like it is automatically locks the screen while i am using that mobile. For example when i am watching movies in Youtube it will automatically locks screen if i unlock it again in 5 to 10 mins it will lock again.It is happing not only with Youtube with all the applicatoins i am facing this issue. Please help me to fix this issue

  382. Hi, I am using YU since almost a year. After last system update of 5.1.1, my phone is frequently getting on home screen locked situation while using any application. even it take 15-20 seconds to get it on screen.
    this is happening frequently now. No solution found on web.

  383. Hi,
    I got a different issue with my yureka phone, when i connect any headphone to it, there is a tickling aound in the right ear piece and the sound in that ear piece is low where as the sound in left ear piece is good and also the right one gets hot. I have tried with different headsets and earphones getting the same problem i. All.
    Any suggestions

  384. Rear camera stopped focussing. so the images come out blurry of course. tried different camera apps. plz suggest.

  385. Hey guys am unable to update my phones battery, its keep showing charging but never get charged, also am unable to update my phones software. need help.

  386. Back key is not working by touching one time, its working when i press the key two times. Please give me any solution for this problem, (if possible please mail me)

  387. Hii sir, while i was using data the phone got shut down automattically and it doesnt restarts for even a whole day. Can u plz say how to restart the phone

  388. after updating… my yureka camera goes out of focus, it capture blurred image even after the factory reset… no response from customer service :(

    1. have u got any solution on yureka back camera focus, plz let me know bcoz my yureka got the same problem dont know how to solve it, plz reply me

  389. Unfortunately dailer has stopped, already clear the chache but still its not working. Please give any solution.

  390. mere ureka plus me mic kaam ni kr raha h. humko doosre k aawaj to clear sunai deta hai per usko mera nahin.. kya keroon??

  391. when I bought yureka plus, video recording time was more than 30 minutes, but now it is limited to 10 minutes. I don’t want this limitation. please suggest.

  392. i accidentally disabled the google keyboard in my yu yureka plus. now i am unable to unlock my screen because the keyboard is not appearing to type the password. can any one help me?

  393. Recently I have updated yureka. It gets restart continuously. Restarting didnt stops. What should I do??

  394. no sign of charging , no sign of on, phone is not starting by pressing the switch, it seems completely dead , earlier it was working properly except over heating and it was hanged. i took battery out and put it again it started working , but now the problem is there i could not able to fix, no sign when i press the switch on button and plug the charging. I am totally stuckup, pl solve the problem I am out of country

  395. Back camera is not working .flash light option is disabled. Only front camera is available while opening camera..plz help

  396. Hi,
    the camera of my yu yureka ph has been stoped ….it shows an error “camera stoped unfortunatly” i report this error, n found some bug report? what was that?
    then i format my phone..n the problem is still there.and after formating I lost my camera icon n tourch too.
    kindly suggest me what to do?

  397. Hello

    I am facing camera issues…sometimes when I take photo its saving but when I view that it is blank its in black color…when I take video it shows the error msg that “Unfortunately camera is stopped” Please reply me ASAP I can’t take photos and videos

  398. I need help in urgent.

    I am unable to connect Nokia Bluetooth Headset in my Yuphoria though it is working fine with Motorola Moto G turbo, Xolo and Other Android smartphones. I have tried enabling Bluetooth, making it discoverable to all but the same problem. Can you please suggest a solution ASAP? I need it badly. Does yuphoria support pairing bluetooth devices like headset.

    Cyanogen OS version is 12.1-YOG4PAS8A8
    Android 5.1.1
    Device Model – YU5010

    1. I have bought Yureka Plus during past 1.5 years. When i tried to activate system updates, i am getting the display of all version details and all system details scrolling in the right hand side of the mobile continuously. I tried switching off the mobile, restarted and removed the battery but it is not disappearing. The problem exists for past 2 days. Please help me to solve the problem.

  399. I’m using my YU s Camera and its s flash light
    is not brightening when I was capture a PIC
    and still the video camera does not suffer this issue
    and one more issue I’m found in my device
    when I was connected my charger with my devise some times the charging process is not working and still when I was reboot my device it still get charging
    will you please send meh wht can I do foh thiz

  400. The device is most of the time is hanged, when I want to call someone the device is restarted most of the time. please help me to fix this problems.

  401. I have bettery problem in my yureka .I daily charged 100% but after 20-30 min later I can see my phn battery is 80% or may be less than 80% some time and also mobile data is off and I already replaced 2 times YU phone but my battery where not replaced

  402. I have an issue with the battery.. It took long time to get charge(almost18-20 hours to get full) and short time(Max 2 hours) to discharge. Please advice.

  403. Mere yuphoria yu5010a me mic me awaj nahi Sinai de rahi h jabki dusro kivawaj saf aa rahi h kripya jald solution dene ka kasht kare

  404. Sir I didn’t get OTA for my yureka plus. My phone is still 4.4.4. version. I want OTA for software update. Please provide it as soon as possible.

  405. Sir…my YU yureka..
    When I m charging ,some it reducing the battery and switch off ,
    After switch on the phn it optimizing the all apps.
    Sir plz help me…….

  406. Hi,
    Am using yu yureka mobile since one and half year.
    I have a whatever is start downloading after 1 minute my phone switch off.. and not to complete download so m irritating this problem.. plz help me what to do

  407. i have facing a problem in my yureka device in camera . when i opened camera it did not autofocus or focus that,swhy blurr image are obtained. i used to hardly reset my phone but the sam problem rise.

  408. I got yureka note 6000 ,I am facing a problem that while connecting to internet the pages of uber and ola are appear on the screen alternatingly .I am glad if you tell me the solution !

  409. Camera icon of my Yukera Plus has been disappeared. Even after factorty reset, it didn’t came. so I m unable to use my camera. Kindly give any suggestion..

  410. Hi,
    I’m facing a problem that it is not supporting 4g to my YU yureka A05510. I bought Jio sim but it is not showing network coverage,and in other mobiles it is working.please give me solution.

  411. Hi

    Thank you for helping your readers with their queries. I have a 2 week old Yureka, It has been working fine. However past 2 days, i am unable to open videos in ‘Watsapp’, which i could do earlier. Get error msg ‘No permission to access SD card’. This was not the case earlier. Cannot open it in File Explorer either. Have to use Gallery to access the videos. Can you suggest a solution.

  412. I updated my yureka phone to lolipop from kitkat… the battery sucks its …the drains so soon…in 2hrs only ….what should I do…



  414. मेरे पास युयुरेका 5510 हे जिसे सर्विससेन्टर से अपडेट करवाने के बाद से कुछ इश्यूज आ रहे हे
    VOLTE , VOIP में तो माइक एकदम सही काम करता है jio, व्हाट्सएप्प पे
    लेकिन नार्मल कालिंग में सामने वाले को आवाज नहीं सुनती आवाज एलियन जैसी कोडिंग और अजीब सी सुनती हे जो समझ में नहीं आती, दूसरे डायलर भी डाउनलोड करके देख लिए लेकिन कुछ नहीं हुआ
    सर्विससेन्टर वाले माइक ख़राब हे कहते हे
    फिर जियो और वाट्स ऐप्प पे माइक सही काम केसे करता है
    कृपया कोई समाधान हो तो बताये

  415. Update version download in My Yu Yureka Plus White but can’t install.
    It’s always shows that installation failed.

  416. hi
    i have yureka plus handset when i am use internet it rebot again and again …some time its restart approx 10 to 12 times….due to this battery gone to die

  417. Bro,my yu6000 has stopped working due to some fancy screen lock
    I was not able to accept call too
    Plz help me out bro
    Not able to unlock screen

  418. My yureka phone touch is not working, even I checjed it my own trouble shooting options…not working. I have reboot the system for many tims nothing well ddid happened to phone . Kindky suggest,

  419. My yureka plus phone is restarting again and again and charging also dropped from 70 to 20%.
    It started once I tried restarting..
    When i turn on mobile data its again in loop restarting again and again.
    Any solution ?

  420. hi my yu moblie was automatically on/off suddenly more then 30 timesbut charge is last two days cant switch on,it only on atleast 2 mins when i put charge but charge is there.what is the solution

  421. Dear, i have an problem with YU. my handset is not able to charge after 10 hours or more. sometimes it charge. i don’t know what’s the reason. sometimes it reboot randomly so many times. please suggest what should i do?
    should i purchase new battery?
    should i go for software format step?
    should i sell it ?

  422. Hi I am currently using ureka youphoria.
    and suddenly it is not showing any sim entered in first slot

    PLZ SUGGEST ME……………………


  424. I’m using yu yureka almost a year now. I’m facing a strange problem from past few days. That is, If i try to enable the data connection, the icon shows the 4G+ for few seconds and then goes off and then no internet after that. Note, It was working earlier smoothly. Any suggestion please.

    Device details
    Model: AO5510
    OS version: 12.1-YOG4PAS8A4
    Android: 5.1.1

  425. My yuphoria-5010 have a problem of starting , dislay is not going ahet of cynogen, this showing and hold on

  426. Micromax yu yreka 5510 mobile charge available but it can switch on & off automatically. please give solution …

  427. my phone has gone through a software problem due to which I have to make my software change in mobile store…but since then my phone is not showing any sytem updates..recently m having cyanogen 12.0-yng1tas0w0 version ..and also from that day onwards m having charging phone Is while connected to any of the charger is showing charging but it slowly decreases ..n get switched off…m enable to detect the problem if it is mobilr port issue or any other thing

  428. From past few weeks..
    my Yureka is not starting and if it does it takes a hell lot of time and again will get switch off automatically within few minutes. Literally unable to use my phone from past 2 weeks.

    Further from past 2 days phone is not at all charging, I mean it shows charging but battery remains at zero. Checked charger with other phones, charger is working fine…

    Please provide a solution..

  429. the battery life sucks had to waste my money.It wont charge up still stuck at 1%.Another issue is that whenever call comes the phone restarts automatically.

  430. I have an issue with the battery.. It took long time to get charge(almost18-20 hours to get full) and short time(Max 2 hours) to discharge. Please advice. & another problem is facing is , Once start phone it gets …automatically switch on & switch off continuously…. plz help

  431. I have YU Yereka mobile and have issue with software. the screen showing Cyanogen and anodroid collecting apps and once process over again we are getting cyanogen screen. and its continuing again and again. its not going to home screen at all.

  432. I purchased yu6000 in april 2016… Till now its ok… But today it does not turning on, i thought its not charged but after putting into charger red light is showing but not turning on. What do i do now?

  433. Hello sirr,

    मैंने अभी कूछ months पहले हि new yureka not लिया है from the beginning i am facing 1 problem ओर वो ये है कि मैं जब भी अपना pbone swich on करता हु both speakers isn’t work तो मुझे phone दोबारा restart करना पडता है then both speaker work properly,

    But now after 3 months i am facing a 2 new problem in my yureka not,

    First one is my yureka not support quick charging then my 4000mah battery fully charge in1 & half hours,
    But now its taking more then 2 days to full charge the battery,
    When i plug to charging point no heating issue i sow

    & second problem i face developer option gone from system settings

    Plz help my mobile is brand new then why i am facing this issues plz help what can i do..
    And sorry my English is to bat…

  434. Dear sir i bought yu yureka not few weeks before and i am facing to big issue with battery charging before my 4000mah battery fully charge under 1:30 hours because of quick charging2.0
    But now i am facing this battery charging issue from last 30 day’s it’s taking around more then2days to fully charge the battery i factory reset my phone Cheng data cable and charger also but problem not solve there is no heating issue while charging then why i am facing this problem plz help me out of it….
    And sorry for my bad English…😊😊

  435. I am getting bug problem , when i installed an app called basic electrical engineering , after that i am not able to access my mobile , every second it is getting refreshed and showing error message as ” Unfortunately Trebuchet is stopped “, i have reboot my phone as well but it is not yet solved , please help me in this , you look expert in this case it seems

  436. When I install what app its create two icons. many app show me two icon what I do. please give me suggestion and help me to solve this problem.

  437. when someone calls me, and the person talks it seems as if my phone has been put on loudspeaker. but it is not on loudspeaker. please tell me what to do

  438. Many apps like whatsapp,Myntra,paytm,Facebook are not opening in my yureka. They are automatically closing when I tap on their icon..

  439. The phone is getting hung at the “CYANOGEN” screen upon switching it on. And apps optimising showing, after that the same and repeating same issue. I dont have a backup of my data. Please suggest

    1. just boot into recovery and clear cache, not data.. Your data wont be affected and you may be able to boot yureka fine.

  440. i installed the new version of whatsapp version 6.18.64 i guess but when i tried to open it its not opening it all of sudden closes can any one provide me a solution for

  441. only whats app is not working however all other apps were working ..
    Cache clear option is found Disabled and tried to system update but showing as system is up to date not update found
    anyone facing such issues ? factory reset also done but not solved issue

  442. Whatsapp is not running on my phone ….I have uninstalled many times ….and also clear its cache but my problem is not solving…….plzzz give me a solution

  443. I have been using the phone since February 2015. With few issues/bugs, it worked fine till September 2017 i.e. two-and-a-half years. Then started repeated rebooting issue. After three years i.e. February 2018, the phone became erratic with repeated hanging/not booting/ failure to start certain apps/overheating etc. I think three years is the life time of the hardware. now the phone is DEAD!

  444. Sometimes when I install apps like goibibo it says no internet connection when I login or sign up. How to solve this

  445. my yureka phone got stuck up in home screen and the screen went blank, I’m not able to move any icons in home screen but I receive the notifications regularly. please help…….

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