Tech News: iPhone 5 Camera Problem, Mozilla Firefox Windows 8 metro Download

Mozilla Firefox nightly build is windows 8 metro ready. Impending windows 8 release, Mozilla team has been working hard to build a version of firefox which could be launched in desktop mode as well as in Metro mode like other metro apps. Windows 8 optimized version of firefox supports touch and swipe gesture, apps bar, and has shared data contract to allow access to other windows store metro apps. Note that all features of the powerful firefox browser are not available in metro app mode but the development is in full run to support most of the features and functions. Also note that no other browsers would be available for Windows RT version because Microsoft hasn’t given access to API, Mozilla needs to be able to run on windows RT (ARM based tablets). –> Microsoft has to offer browsers’ choice to Windows RT tablet users else people will feel alienated and unhappy. It can be downloaded from here and it works for RTM or other latest version, not on preview releases of windows 8. Note that this version is nightly build, hence regularly updated and may not be very stable.

Also in the Mozilla basket have we other news. Mozilla is planning to launch chrome like online installer which will automatically detect your operating system version and download and install the latest version suitable for you system with negligible interaction required. –> This feature is introduced in the nightly build and will soon make its way to aurora, beta and finally into release channel. This is good but many users prefer standalone full size installer so there must be easily accessible download link to offline setup file also for Firefox browser.

It’s not just the numbers count for Facebook as it has crossed 1 billion active users mark, Instagram (owned by Facebook) has crossed 100 million users mark with uploading of 5 billion photos. –> Just comment on the ratio between users and the uploaded photos :) (Other facts- On average, 10 million users per month are signing up on Instagram).

GitHub, the collaborative social network for programmers and developers, has launched its own training site for people willing to learn how to use GitHub and code more effectively. –> is the where you can opt for training and it features web-based online classes.

Have you watched Pirates of the Silicon Valley movie? If you’ve, you might be tempted to know more about Steve Jobs of that time of his life. His girlfriend, Chrisann Brenan, has decided to write about her relationship with Jobs as well as jobs motive, energy, thoughts and lifestyle in a new book. Brennan currently works as a painter in the San Francisco Bay Area, met Jobs at Homestead High School in Cupertino, California–> Dear readers, Chrisann Brennan is mother of Lisa, whom Steve Jobs admitted as his daughter in later years. Here is the pic of Lisa.

In attempt to provide Apple iOS6 users with full-fledged Google Maps service, Google is launching Street View feature into the web based Google maps in US, Canada and Europe. Street view offers panaromic as well as 3D view of locations and places. –> Learn how to download Google Maps web app on iPhone 5 or iOS 6.

If you’re getting purple haze like flare when shooting images with iPhone 5, follow the released advisory from Apple, change your shooting angle as such happens because of internal light reflection within the camera module with out-of-scene light sources. –> Note, such a defect is present in iPhone only :( and it is due to the placement, design of camera module.(we hope Apple will take care of this in future iPhone).

Researches and people, alike, has always been fascinated with the possibility of bringing real touch to the virtual scope and things. In this effort, genius minds at MIT have developed a new kind of jacket called as Like-a-Hug jacket that automatically monitors your Facebook account and whenever your status updates or posts receive likes from your friends, the Jacket gives you a hugging sensation. — Cool, ins’t it but what if Mark juckerberg wears such a jacket (his posts receive thousands of likes and shares within hours of posting. For him, such a hugging sensation will be rather a turn-off ;) {unlike} ).

On October 8, some announcement and revelation will come from the chip manufacturer, AMD. –> Stay tuned with our website to know more.

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