YouTube Most Watched Video – PSY’s Gangnam Style

I’m always wondering how come a song, dance, music video (not in international English) is so popular. After a thing has become popular, people and the so-called experts can start reasoning to account for its popularity, but did someone predict it in such a degree before the launch? Even, PSY, himself, has not had thought

Embed External links in YouTube Video Annotations

Video annotation is useful feature in YouTube to highlight certain portions of our videos with important points or to link it to any other YouTube video. Such video annotations are clickable. YouTube publishers and video uploaders have always wanted to annotate their videos with external link to their website or blog but unfortunately, YouTube didn’t

Download YouTube app for iPhone 5, iOS 6

iPhone 5 is about to be released on September 12 but guess what, you won’t see Youtube app icon on your iPhone 5 unless you manually install it from itunes store. iPhone 5 contains iOS 6 and from iOS 6, Youtube app is to be downloaded from iTunes store because the licensing between Apple and