Free up space after Windows 8 Upgrade

Have you already upgraded your older windows machines to the latest version i.e. Windows 8? If yes, does everything, your apps and windows os work as expected? If you’re satisfied with the upgrade, you may want to delete old version of windows completely from system. Whenever we upgrade windows, previous version of windows go into

5 ways to Shut down Windows 8

Windows 8 is really very good os. Everything seems swift but things have changed. Emphasis is done more on touch-based gesture rather than conventional mouse and keyboard input. For many new users, getting through various new stuff of windows 8 is fairly easy, still some users find it confusing and difficult to access shut down

Get Windows 8 Pro for just $12.99 USD or Rs.699 INR

Windows 8 is officially released for the general public and you can purchase it either online from Microsoft website or from retail stores. Existing windows users can opt to upgrade their pc with windows 8 for a low fee of $39.99 USD or Rs.1,999 INR instead of paying the full price. But with the trick

Windows 8 USB Creator

Windows 8 is officially launching on October 26, 2012. You might have already pre-ordered windows 8 or decided for upgrade license. If you’ve download windows 8 iso from Microsoft website, you might want to install windows 8 from usb drive instead of going through the trouble of burning iso file to dvd and then using

Quick Shutdown & Restart tricks on Windows 8

Since, Windows 8 is nearing its official release date, its time we get to know more and more new tips and tricks about windows 8 so that we could use it like a pro from the beginning. Win 8 is changing the whole way we do computing by trading traditional keyboard mouse job with touch

Netflix app for Windows 8 Download

If you’re a netflix user and you probably are, that’s why you’re reading this post, we’ve good news for you. Netflix has launched its official application for windows 8 metro users. The new metro app for Netflix can be downloaded by visiting windows store from your windows 8 tablet or laptop or desktop. A preview