Top 5 Reasons not to buy Windows 8 tablet on Intel atom z2760

[sch t=”m” i=”duration” c=”PT3M31S”][sch t=”m” i=”thumbnail” c=””] [sch i=”description” c=”In the Post-PC era, everyone wants a powerful portable tablet and this is the shopping time of the year. So in this episode of Top 5, I’m gonna put top 5 reasons why you should not buy windows 8 tablet running  on atom clover trail processor

How to Manage Startup programs and apps on Windows 8 – Video

In this video, we’ll see how to manage startup programs on windows 8. Startup items or programs are those applications that launch themselves automatically at windows startup. We can easily disable a particular program from launching itself at startup. Whenever it comes to troubleshooting, the first thing that most users do is to check startup

5 quick ways to open control panel on Windows 8

As part of UI simplification process, Windows 8 has changed its interface by a great deal introducing start screen which serves as the starting point of computing on Windows 8 computers replacing the traditional desktop view. We can switch to the desktop view by clicking on desktop tile from the start screen. On Windows 8,

YouTube Most Watched Video – PSY’s Gangnam Style

I’m always wondering how come a song, dance, music video (not in international English) is so popular. After a thing has become popular, people and the so-called experts can start reasoning to account for its popularity, but did someone predict it in such a degree before the launch? Even, PSY, himself, has not had thought