Expect Windows RT Tablet from Nokia and HTC

Rumor mills never run out of fuel. It keeps progressing. It was in news a lot earlier that Nokia had been planning to launch a tablet based on Windows RT, but Microsoft Surface came out and Nokia abandoned its plan to launch Windows tablet. Now months have passed since Surface launch, it seems that Nokia

Best Tablets under Rs.5000

Tablet market in India is primarily captured by Micromax as they produce low-cost cheap and affordable tablets. In the begining, chinese tablets flooded Indian markets and soon companies like Micromax, Karboon took hint from the growing demand of reliable and low-cost android tablets and started capturing the market. In this post, we’re listing top tablets

Apple iPad 4 Specification, Price, Release Date

At october 23rd event, iPad Mini was not just the star of the show but also the new iPad called as 4th generation iPad (Officially named as so, not as iPad 4, but for the sake of convenience, we’d refer it as ipad 4 in this article), which is iteration of the current iPad but

iPad Mini Specification, Price, Release Date

There are slew of tablets, then there is iPad. Note the underline! World is witness to the success of iPad which successfully marked a new score by selling over 100 million units. Read again, it’s 100 million. Those 100 million users of iPad are not just because they love Apple products but because iPad has