Choose Best SSD | SSD Price | How to Buy SSD

SSD is the best upgrade your can provide to your desktop or laptop. If you’ve not used ssd yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. You’re missing amazing windows startup, you’re missing super fast speed, you’re missing instantaneous get-to-work feel. In short, you’re missing hell a lot of fast performance. How fast your processor and

How to change from IDE to AHCI after windows installation

This tutorial is for those who have advanced knowledge in computer, who can alter BIOS settings (and understands what BIOS is, regedit is). If you’ve installed windows 7 in IDE mode and for some reason, you want to switch it to AHCI mode. If you just go into your system BIOS settings and alter the

SSD Optimization Tips and Tweaks on Windows 7

If you’ve added a new SSD(Solid-state drive) to your computer for the first time, you must be amazed by its speed but if you’re like me, you’d always want more speed. So you might think – Is this all I get with my SSD or is there any way so that I can get even

10 reasons why you should upgrade to SSD | HDD VS SSD

SSD or Solid-State Drive, as they say, is relatively newer technology but in fact, its origin dates back to 1950. It had emerged during the era of Vacuum tube computers. In one form or another, SSD has been part of computer evolution. Rather than digging stories about its early developments, let us see why we