How To block emails from a particular sender on Outlook

Sometimes, we don’t want junk emails from a particular email address either due to harassment issues or due to other issues like unsubscribing from particular email list when there is no other way to unsubscribe. Whatever be the reason, we just want to block the annoying sender from bothering us anymore so that we could

Outlook Email Keyboard Shortcuts

If your work involves a lot of communication via emails, remembering these keyboard shortcuts will on all impression make your work faster. By default, keyboard shortcuts are enabled in your outlook account online. These are also called shortcut keys. By using them, you can perform common email related tasks by just pressing a few keys

How to recover deleted emails messages in Outlook and Gmail

When you delete emails in outlook/hotmail webmail, those go to Deleted folder (Deleted folder is like recycle bin of your computer) but messages in Deleted folder keeps getting cleaned from time to time. Further, to permanently remove a particular message, you can clean the Deleted folder manually. But suppose, you’ve permanently removed a particular email

How to enable Reading Pane in email inbox’s neat email interface is handy, useful and very productive, no doubt. But you can customize the sleek look to make it more useful by enabling the reading pane. After enabling the reading pane, your inbox gets divided into two pane – horizontal or vertical section (as you choose). Top or left section would contain

5 less-known but useful email tips free email service is new and exciting and also it is as powerful as you want it to. There are many features of outlook which you might be already familiar with. Here in this article, lets take a look at some of the less-known but useful tips about outlook free email. How to Change

10 Reasons why you should use free email

Microsoft’s recently launched free email service on the web is on . The saga of email from Hotmail to Outlook is really interesting as the two email service from the same company are following different norms and patterns of usage. Where Hotmail has been seen as ads embossed and cluttered in design, Outlook is