How to block email address in Gmail

If you’re gmail user and want to stop receiving annoying emails from a particular website/newsletter or from some people who’re flooding your inbox with inappropriate mails, you can easily block them. Unfortunately, there is no blacklist kind of lists in gmail. Fortunately, gmail has the power of creating useful filters which can do the same

Gmail Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Mouse and track-pads are great and offer speed and ease of navigation but if you know what keyboard shortcuts are, you certainly know its advantages over operating with mouse, and if you use them often while working on your computer, well you can use certain predefined keyboard shortcuts even when handling gmail account online. Gmail

How to recover deleted emails messages in Outlook and Gmail

When you delete emails in outlook/hotmail webmail, those go to Deleted folder (Deleted folder is like recycle bin of your computer) but messages in Deleted folder keeps getting cleaned from time to time. Further, to permanently remove a particular message, you can clean the Deleted folder manually. But suppose, you’ve permanently removed a particular email

Enable Reading Preview Pane in Gmail

Gmail doesn’t have a better email browsing view. It has two panes, the left sidebar for labels like inbox, drafts and the right pane for listing inbox messages. It doesn’t have a reading pane to make the view look like a tri-pane as we have in outlook/hotmail or yahoomail. For people with large screens and

Move Gmail chat box to right side like Facebook or Google Plus

Chatting is all but a great way to connect with friends and families online. For this, Gmail chat is there to keep us connected without loosing track of the work spirit. But not all genius people like to chat especially when they’re making some keys burn during work. So, they make their chat status invisible

How to create gmail filters to organize inbox

Usually, a power internet user receives and sends a lot of mails and for him/her, email is a priority task but unfortunately, with time inbox gets cluttered. Mails from various senders, newsletters, notification mails, business & work mails, personal messages – all clog up our inbox. Hence we need to organize our inbox in a