Dance Central 3 for xbox kinect Released

Reaping on the success of Dance Central game franchise, Harmonix has released Dance Central 3 exclusive for xbox 360 kinect game console. This is the game which teaches you dancing in effortless manner that you enjoy playing addictively on your xbox machine. This game truly utilizes the good performing points of kinect to harness its

Top 10 android games on Hollywood Movies

Movies and its characters are something with which we connect, we feel as if the lead character is somehow another form of us. We  urge to play the character, feel what he feels, see what he sees, fight the way he fights, win as he wins. In fact, we want to play games based on

Cloud Gaming – All you need to know

There is no denying the fact that we encounter Internet and its application in almost everything we do. For us, Internet has become as vital as oxygen we breathe. Internet serves us in variety of ways but its limits are never approaching a halt. It is ever-expanding and always broadening its scope, giving birth to