How to create Nickname on Facebook

Facebook is great social networking site for keeping in touch with friends and families. It diminishes the distance and brings buddies together. But Facebook is very rigid about your name. It doesn’t allow you to keep fancy names or pet names at your primary profile name. It wants you to keep your real name as

How to hide Facebook status updates from few friends

On Facebook, we share much more than we ought to. Whenever a new feeling arises inside, it is posted on Facebook outside. FB is our voice. We have our friends, families, acquaintances and even strangers connected with our Facebook accounts. But sometimes, we want to share certain status updates just with our friends and not

Target Facebook Page’s posts to specific gender, age, location

If you’re a brand, you ought to have a Facebook page; because if you don’t have, you’re missing the power and influence of social networking. Since the launch of Facebook pages, brands and business have adopted happily because they got something finally to make heart to heart connection with their prospective consumers, users, fans, readers..

Facebook updated for iPhone, iPad and Android

Facebook has always mentioned that better fb experience on mobile has been core part of their strategy. Many of fb users access facebook from their smartphone. To ease mobile experience, FB has even partnered with many operators around the world to provide free internet access to Facebook website. From time to time, they have been

How to create custom fancy url for facebook profile or pages

If you’re addicted facebook user, you might have already set this up but if you haven’t, you might want to. With this tutorial, you can create your facebook public profile url easy to remember, easy to communicate, easy to spread. For example, My facebook profile url is .. So, I can easily share my