Change FB Profile picture from Facebook Mobile Application on Android – Video

[sch t=”m” i=”duration” c=”PT1M53S”][sch t=”m” i=”thumbnail” c=””] [sch i=”description” c=”Watch this video tutorial on How to change facebook profile picture using facebook android application. On earlier version of Facebook app for android, we didn’t have the option to change profile pic from within the app itself, but in the latest version, we can easily change

Facebook to launch Mobile Location Tracker App soon

With over 1 billion users engaged on Facebook, this company is really in position to market and leverage the huge user base to its liking. Facebook is said to be working on a new smartphone app that will track location info of yours and will notify you if your friend is in neighborhood. So, it’s

How to remove Tags from multiple photos on Facebook – Easiest way

[sch t=”m” i=”duration” c=”PT4M18S”][sch t=”m” i=”thumbnail” c=””] Tags on photos are the most misused feature on Facebook. Several times, I feel irritated, annoyed with irrelevant tags on pictures. It doesn’t feel right to ask your friends not to tag you, because they would take your comment otherwise. Sometimes people tag you in irrelevant, obscene and

How to turn off Photo tagging by friends on Facebook

Photos tags on Facebook were meant to be a medium to notify the audience that the tagged person is also present in the photo, but unfortunately, many users tag their friends in any sort of relevant or irrelevant pictures to get their attention and indirectly inviting them to comment. As soon as you’re tagged in