Samsung Galaxy S4 Active launched – Waterproof, Dustproof variant of SGS4 with downgraded camera

Waterproof phone with removable battery and micro-sd slot? It’s here! Samsung has officially introduced Galaxy S4 Active, about which we’ve been learning a lot in the past few weeks through leaked info and images. In my one of earlier posts, I had mentioned lack of waterproof capacity as GS4’s disadvantages. It appears that my rant

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini officially launched with 3 models – 3G, 4G, Dual SIM

After weeks of speculation, leaks, we’ve Galaxy S4 Mini on the table, thanks to Samsung’s official announcement. Samsung has launched Galaxy S4 mini in three variants – 3G model (GT-I9190), 4G LTE Model with NFC (GT-I9195), Dual SIM model (GT-I9192). The availability of these three variants is subject to market. SGS4 Mini, as expected, has

Why Panasonic isn’t right about Indian Smartphone market? – P51 is not the best buy

Panasonic entered Indian market with the supposedly high-end handset – Panasonic P51 priced at Rs.26,990, a quad-core phone with 1GB RAM, 5-inch HD Display, 8mp camera, dual sim capabilities. This is the first smartphone from the company that’s been launched in India and the company aims to bring 8 more smartphones in targeting entry-level to