HTC M7 Specification, Price, Release Date

After the revelations and official launch of Sony Xperia Z which stands tall and unchallenged as the best android phone (atleast for now), everyone’s eyes are poking right into the other manufacturer’s like HTC, Samsung, LG’s vision of the upcoming phones. Let’s talk about HTC, known for building aesthetically, appealingly beautiful android handsets. So, what

ZTE Grand S Specification, Release Date, Price

At the upcoming CES, 2013, are lined a number of revelations from several companies, and we are excited about that. But for now, rumors have started converting into reliable reports and we’re getting closer pictures of to-be-unveiled gadgets as days go by. Lots is been in press about Huawei’s 6.1 inch phablet and ZTE Grand

HTC One X+ VS HTC One X – Phone Specs Comparison

HTC has launched upgrade to their flagship One X phone with HTC One X+. Both these handsets are almost similar with very minor changes in technical specification. The major visible change is in internal storage capacity as the latter comes with 64GB of internal storage which is really huge, even for power users. Apart from

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specification, Release Date, News, Rumors

[box]Note III is launched officially. Check here – Galaxy Note 3 Specification [/box] It amazes me the way the smartphone industry is changing, evolving. Fierce competition among manufacturers have led to innovation and specs bump. A phone manufacturer who fails to bring something new, exotic and advanced on table, is eliminated from limelight race. Even,