How to root Samsung Galaxy Camera

Now that advanced android based camera from Samsung i.e. Galaxy Camera is officially available in various attractive colors in several markets worldwide, lets see how can we root Samsung galaxy camera which runs on Android 4.1 Jelly bean os. You may wonder why rooting is required on this android camera. Well, if you really don’t

Gmail App for Android – New Features [Video]

In the given video above, we’ve presented review of the new gmail app (version 4.2.1) released for Android 4 + OS. How the swiping action can be configured in gmail app. How messages are displayed if we use auo-fit messages option. How pinch to zoom works for message content in the app. How picture/image attachments

Mod your Android phone, tablet with Pimp My ROM

The advantage of being on Android os is that you’re free to power your phone the way you want with your own custom mods, tweaks and optimization techniques. With this, developers and modding community get a chance to showcase their power and customization brilliance beating the stock performance by a significant degree in some case.

Top 5 Best keyboard for Android phones and Tablets

The major issue we recognize about handheld devices like smartphones, tablets or other touch screen devices is typing difficulties. For the sake of typing convenience, majority of users just avoid typing anything long on their phones, tablets tapping on-screen keys. So, to ease typing on touch screen phones and tablets, many developers have come up