How to use Private Browsing in Firefox for Android mobile – Video

[sch t=”m” i=”duration” c=”PT3M55S”][sch t=”m” i=”thumbnail” c=””] [sch i=”description” c=”Watch this video demo on How to use private browsing in Firefox for Android mobile version. Mozilla Firefox browser for android also feature private browsing mode via which we can browse privately without leaving any trace of the browsing session on the device”]. To note, private

Get Galaxy S4 live Wallpaper with Ripple Effect on S2, S3, Note, Note 2 – Video

[sch t=”m” i=”duration” c=”PT7M19S”][sch t=”m” i=”thumbnail” c=””] [sch i=”description” c=”Watch this video demo on how to get cool Galaxy S4 live wallpaper with water ripple effect and light particles animation effect on your Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note, Note 2, or HTC One or Xperia Z or any other android phones“]. To download this live

Create WhatsApp Contact Chat Shortcut on Android HomeScreen – Video

[sch t=”m” i=”duration” c=”PT1M52S”][sch t=”m” i=”thumbnail” c=””] If you chat with a particular friend or girlfriend or boyfriend, most often, you might find it hectic to go to WhatsApp first and then tap on that particular contact to chat with him/her. But [sch i=”description” c=”you can save yourself some trouble by creating a direct shortcut

How to get notification for labels in Gmail app on Android – Video

[sch t=”m” i=”duration” c=”PT2M31S”][sch t=”m” i=”thumbnail” c=””] [sch i=”description” c=”Watch this video tutorial on How to enable synchronization of mails in custom labels or folders in Gmail app on your android phones. The video also describes on how to turn on notification for mails in your gmail labels on android phones.”] Follow the video and

“MyFitnessPal” – Best Health & Fitness app for Android and iOS – Review

For reviewing, we have today “[sch i=”itemReviewed” c=”MyFitnessPal Mobile application”] developed by MyFitnessPal LLC, [sch i=”description c=”one of the popular fitness & calorie counting applications available free to download for both iOS and Android devices. It is easy to use no needless jumping screens; linked to the MyFitnessPal website with community message board and other