HDTV Buying Guide | How to buy TV

You’ve come to the right place, you’re reading this article from the person who’ve had the experience of buying several TVs. In fact, I am being called as expert among my friends when it comes to shopping of gadgets, gizmos, computers, laptops, TV or other kind of entertainment devices. I can give you a salesman

3D TV Buying Guide : All you need to know about 3D TV

Not just a marketing gimmick or propaganda as many people confer, 3D TV is shaping the viewing experience, providing depth to the entertainment you never owned as well. Modern new 3d TV are way better than the older generations released back before 2010. Current generation 3d TV provide full HD resolution, color-correct, distortion free watching

LG reveals new 84 inch UD 3d TV

There are several HD-TVs available but when it comes to UD TV, do you know any select name? When it comes to TV niche, LG mesmerizes us with innovative development and this time, it has come up with world’s first 84 inch 4k 3d TV. TVs of this dimension is not something new as we