Sony Xperia Z, ZL Release Date, Price – Coming soon in India

Sony wowed us at the recent show where it unveiled its flagship Xperia Z, along with Xperia ZL smartphones. The launch of these phones revived our interest in Sony and as we now see Sony as a competitive player in phone market. If you like to get your hands on new phones, you are already craving for Xperia Z, aren’t you? Well, we looked it up online on official Sony Mobile’s India website and we found the two phones with a cute ‘Coming Soon’ label. This means that Sony Xperia Z and ZL will be soon released in India and that Indians won’t have to wait longer to buy Xperia Z, ZL. Sony Xperia Z will be available in three colors i.e. black, white, purple whereas Xperia ZL will be available in two colors i.e. black, white. So look at the colors below and tell us, which color of Xperia z do you find more appealing and attractive?sony-xperia-z-colors-black-white-purple

The release schedule appears to be in tandem with releases in other parts of the globe and we’re glad that we, Indians, are not behind on Sony’s calendar. So, expect the stores to be selling Sony Xperia Z and ZL smartphones as early as March, this year. Taking notes of all other currently available smartphones in Indian market, Sony Xperia Z is clearly the best phone that one could go for.

Yesterday, we published news of price slashing of some of the samsung handset’s including that of Galaxy S3. Even, Galaxy Note II price in India has been slashed to Rs. 34,900.Taking hint from that price reduction story, we think that Samsung did this in time, and it makes sense anticipating the launch of Xperia Z and how Xperia Z beats galaxy s3 in every respect, and so Xperia Z deserves to be on the higher price zone for the start. If you are among those early birds, start saving bucks, because the price of Sony Xperia Z in India will be close to Rs.42,000-Rs47,000. Xperia ZL will be priced relatively lower than Xperia Z. Sony Xperia Z and ZL are high-end android phones with 5-inch display, 1080p Full HD screen resolution, quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 13 megapixel camera, 2mp front camera, etc. The main differences between the two handsets are not in the internal hardware specification, rather in the build quality. Xperia Z is waterproof whereas ZL is not. Xperia Z’s back cover couldn’t be removed whereas ZL’s back cover could be easily removed. Read here for full specification and comparison of Sony Xperia Z VS Xperia ZL.

In India, the desh of mitti, where dust on streets is common; it’d be really exciting to just wash your phone with water if dust accumulates on your phone! I really mean, litterally, you can pour water on your Xperia Z phone. Watch the official video given below for a beautiful explanation of features of Sony Xperia Z.

So, unless Samsung Galaxy SIV is released, Xperia Z is going to rule the market in the best High-end android phone category. Are you going to buy Xperia Z?

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