Sony Playstation 4 to support 4k UD resolution

In one of our previous posts, we talked about the launch of LG TV with 4k resolution , well, LG is not alone in the race to push 4k i.e. ultra definition resolution to consumer space. Sony is also aimed at propelling additional support to 4k screen resolution by launching similar TV (Sony XBR 80 inch LED TV with 4k resolution ) as well as providing inbuilt support of such high res in the upcoming generation of gaming console i.e. Playstation 4. Microsoft is also working on next generation xbox about which not much is revealed at this stage. But as of now, we know that Sony PS 4 will change the gaming screen and dimension with introduction of such high-resolution 4k content support. This news is positive to fuel the move to the next level of screen resolution. Sony has earlier fueled the growth of Blu-ray by making it in their PlayStation 3. Those who love PlayStation consoles, this is one more reason to stay loyal with your console league. The future of media content consumption has started taking shape where we are moving forward from HD to UD resolution. Even our small smartphones are now sporting HD resolution, so why our big TV and other screen not sport UD resolution ?

The next generation PlayStation i.e. PS 4 is codenamed orbis and is expected to be released in the holiday season of 2013 ahead of the next gen xbox release. It was also rumored that optical drive will be removed from Sony PS 4 but Sony decided otherwise keeping in view the inconsistency associated with internet connectivity around the world if download only mode is provided. Further reports also say that PS 4 will not include support for PS 3 games i.e. not offering backward compatibility support. Also, orbis console will feature anti-used game which will prevent PS 4 from playing used games; hence you won’t be able to borrow ps 4 titles from your friend to play it on your ps 4. When it comes to Hardware power, PS 4 will have AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU as reported.

This information and rumors presented in this post are collected from various authoritative sources but may be subject to changes in the final release of PS 4.

We expect something revolutionary in PS-4 which will revolutionize and mesmerize the way we do gaming(xbox has really been success and has taken good chunks of market share in the gaming space, hence Sony has to come up with something really new, intuitive and hardcore). Are you waiting for Sony playstation 4 release? What are your expectations from the next-gen console from Sony ?

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  1. The fall of Sony Playstation… “orbis console will feature anti-used game…..” to prevent second-hand games from being played = Crap….

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