Smasung Smart S Watch – A work in Progress

And you thought Apple is the only one busy making iWatch. It has now been officially acknowledged by Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, that the company is working diligently on smart watch product of its own and that product is earmarked for release in future. With ‘future’, he didn’t mention of ‘near’ or ‘distant’, but given the rumors and reports of Apple’s iWatch release by the end of this year, we can expect competitive Samsung S-Watch in near future for sure as the company has really been working on this for years and several patents attest to that. Apart from confirmation of such a work in progress, he didn’t divulge any other details related to Samsung’s smart watch. Here, we’ve an image that testifies Samsung’s

In the past, we’ve heard rumors of such a product by Samsung and we do have few leaked screenshots of smartwatch OS. As the per the given screenshots below, you can see ‘Samsung Galaxy Altius‘ text embedded on the middle snap, which means that this might either be the final name of Samsung smart-watch. The images hint to display resolution of 500*500 pixels. The UI seems to be following ‘Tile-like’ interface, and the stuffs on screen are primarily displayed in black and white colors. Do not take these leaked images for granted as these may be of some other

As we’ve reported in our post on Apple’s iWatch (Read the linked article for more info and features on the same), Apple is really designing a great and exciting product keeping design aesthetics, ergonomics, usability at core attention. Samsung should come up with equally or more powerful smart watch of its own offering unique, innovative features. Samsung is one of those companies who’ve changed the smartphone market and people’s mindset about phones with larger display. We hope it doesn’t come up with its smart watch with larger square display as it appears from the screenshot. Also, when it comes to build quality and premium feel, Samsung never get serious. Since, watch is such a wearable thing that must feel premium and must have higher build quality as well as design aesthetics, we hope Samsung doesn’t mess this up. We’re excited as we wonder whether the S-Watch will be standalone phone cum watch, or an accessory to our existing smartphones, what will be the price of it. When will Samsung Smart watch be released and what features, specifications will it sport – are yet to be seen or

We already have Sony SmartWatch, I’m Watch, Pebble, etc available in market that can work as perfect wearable companion for your phones. let’s see if Apple comes up first with its iWatch and then Samsung and other android counterparts start jacking that wing, or Samsung comes with truly innovative smartwatch of its own exhibiting the fruit of its so-called years of R&D for such a product. Whatever is upcoming, we’re excited about that! So, keep your patience with us and subscribe to our feeds, connect with us on FB, Twitter, Google Plus to stay updated with all the latest leaks, info and tech news. And don’t forget to tell us your expectation in comments!

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