Samsung Galaxy S4 to be protected by Gorilla Glass 3

You can call this a derived news from news. In our previous post, we published about how strong Gorilla Glass 3 is and its unveling at CES, 2013. This give us a fair hint that Samsung Galaxy S4 will have Gorilla Glass 3 protection for its display (which is rumored to be 1080p). While GG3 won’t make the display unbreakable, it will certainly add to its strength by 50% and make it 3 times more resistant to scratches. Right from the start, Samsung has adopted Gorilla glass in its flagship lineup of android phones. In Galaxy S3, we’ve corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 protection. In galaxy S2, we’ve Gorilla Glass. So, in galaxy s4, we’re certain that the display will feature the robustness, durability offered by GG 3.

We’ve already covered all major rumors, reports, leaks and news about the upcoming flagship phone from Samsung in this post about galaxy s4. We’re also sure that s4 won’t be revealed at CES this year (it may be released in May, June), but things have really heated up on web, with new rumors and buzz about s4 rising every other day. Based on the rising search trend for this handset and consumer interest, our statistics say that Galaxy S4 is already superhit and will be the record beating android phone ever produced. On our blog, we generally avoid posting such rumors when we’re certain that the rumor is largely false. So, stay tuned with us for authentic news and reports about your favorite phones.

What do you think? Can we count you on our guess? Post your view in comments. Meanwhile enjoy the image of concept phone with flexible display.

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