Samsung Galaxy S4 Colors – Red, Blue, Purple, Brown – To be released

As we’ve said earlier on our full coverage of Galaxy S4 that Samsung will introduce SGS4 variants in other colors as well aside from the usual white and black. People care a lot about colors aspect when they purchase cars, but the current generation also care about the color aspect when they purchase new phones. Colors matter! Colors reflect your personality type and mood. Sony and Nokia understands this very well and so they try to launch their smartphones in as many colors as possible. Even Samsung understands this, but they like to wait a while till their sales score good marks and then they push new colors in the market, although the availability of colored variants has always been depended upon the market. After announcing 10 miliion SGS4 sales report and How GS4 is the fastest selling android phone, Samsung has announced about its plan to roll out Galaxy S4 in more colors – Blue Arctic and Red Aurora, followed by Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn this summer. These 4 new color variants will be made available in various markets soon. So, this makes GS4 available in 6 colors by the summer.

I think that Samsung should really consider providing color back-plates of the phone as optional accessory. This will give users choice of adjusting phone outlook according to their mood and choice of colors in peculiar with their fashion sense and appeal.

I mean what’s the advantage of removable back-panels if such an option for changing to a different color backplate is not there?

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