How to increase internal storage memory on Galaxy S2 for Apps

Samsung Galaxy S2 has 16gb of internal storage out of which 14gb space is available, but not the entire available capacity is usable for apps installation. Unlike modern smartphones like Galaxy S4, our galaxy s2 has two internal partition, known as Device Memory(about 2gb) and USB Storage(the rest i.e. about 12gb). Device memory is the location where apps are usually installed. USB Storage is the location where data (apps data like those of games), user files are stored. So, even though you might have lots of internal storage space available, you might face storage issues during apps installation because you’ve just about 2gb available for apps. In this tutorial, we’ll see how we can increase device memory partition and decrease usb storage partition to accommodate as many apps as we want on our beloved Galaxy s2 smartphone.

  • This tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) model only.
  • GO to phone > Settings > Storage. Check your available internal storage space.
  • Download ODIN 1..85 program from here.
  • Download Philz CWM Recovery for Galaxy S2 from here
  • Download Partition files from here.
  • Backup all contents of your android phone including pictures, music, videos as this process will completely format your mobile.
  • Extract the downloaded zip files.
  • Launch ODIN program.
  • Put your phone into download mode by turning mobile off, then press volume down+home+power buttons together for few seconds. Press volume up key when prompted on the phone screen to continue in download mode. Connect your phone to computer. You’ll see one of the rectangular boxes in ODIN turned yellow indicating that the program has detected your phone.
  • Hit on PDA button and select Philz CWM Recovery file.
  • Click on PIT button and select one pit file. (I prefer 6gb pit file as it gives me a perfect balance between device memory and usb storage capacity. 6gb is more than enough for lots of apps installation, 8gb remaining for usb storage is also good for user files, data, etc. And by the way, music and video files are stored on micro-sd card instead of internal storage)
  • Hit on Start button. Once you see the message “PASS”. The process is completed, you can unplug your phone from computer.
  • Now, go to phone storage settings and check if the device memory has increased and usb storage space adjusted accordingly. You may be required to format usb storage before it is shown in storage setting.galaxy-s2-low-storage-space-warning-solved
  • If the new storage setting is still not visible on your phone, then do factory reset either from recovery (volume up+home+power keys together in phone off state) or from phone settings (Setting > Backup and Reset > Factory reset). If storage is still not increased, flash stock Samsung firmware or custom ROM for your phone.
  • If nothing works, feel free to ask us in comments. However, for whatever reason, you want to go back to stock storage setting. Download and Flash this stock pit file via ODIN from here using the same steps as mentioned above


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  1. fathalla

    hay, i did what you said and put my phone into download mood and followed the instruction and then i found only one partition wiz 4 giga.b and thats it there is no other partition and i dont know how to restore the rest of the space
    please help

    1. Saurabh

      Go to phone setting > Storage and then select format usb storage option. If this doesn’t help, reply with screenshot of storage setting.

      1. Usman

        Hi, I just try to Format with 6GB using Odin Software, it is PASSED, But the Device memory still displaying 1.97GB and my USB Storage changed to 7.15 GB only.

        Please let me know what should I Do?

        Thank you.

        1. Akhil

          I am also facing the same issue

      2. Galaxy s2

        Hello Saurabh,

        Thanks for the above steps on how to increase memory on the S2. Please note i have a problem here because i can’t download the file ” Philz CWM6 Recovery” for Galaxy S2.

        Could tyou please assist either send me the file or what should i do please?
        Appreciate your respond.

      3. vinayak

        hi saurabh
        I have samsung galaxy note 1. Even my device memory is 2gb which i m finding is very less. Can suggest me option on how to increase space like the 1 which u have shown for s2

      4. Rafal

        Welcome. Please help I can not upload a file PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSD-OJC-5.15.9.tar.md5, “the MD5 hash value is invalid”. Ive loaded the file itself I9100_4GB.pit and now the phone sees 4GB of memory for applications but can not see the remaining memory approx. 10 GB please help

      5. Anmol

        hey saurabh
        thanks for the guide
        Please help me, i got a problem
        I did exactly as mentioned above. I chose 6gb pit file and the apps storage increased perfectly to 5.91gb. But my other partition (usb storage) is shown as corrupted and i cant format it (it shows some kind of error). I did a factory reset too.
        [I also cant even take a screenshot as a screenshot is saved in usb storage]

        Please help me PLEASE PLEASE

        1. Himanshu batra

          same problrm with my phone 2 did u find any solution for it then please let me know..

      6. modou thiam

        Mon telephone ne s affiche pas sur Odin solution

      7. Jarstis Kobby Appiah

        please after partitioning my sgh t989 the storage shows 0 mb at twrp recovery mode and it tells me storage cant be found… me please cause my phone is stuck on samsung boot screen even after i flashed a stock rom with odin

        you can reach me at [email protected]

  2. Elita


    I try to increase internal memory of my Galaxy SII by following your instructions. I get one problem while doing that. When I press start Button I get following message in Odin:

    I have
    – accepted installation of apps from source other than the Play,
    – Formatted USB storage,
    – replied with storage settings.

    Can you please advice me on how to Setup this Connection as I do not understand what exactly should be done.
    I use USB cable connection with my PC and I have Win7 running on my laptop.

    1. Saurabh

      Did ODIN detect your phone? (One of the empty boxes turn blue or yellow in color with com port number in it)

      1. Elita


        Thanks for the fast reply.
        Yes, I saw my phone connected and a yellow color in ODIN on Thursday. Something strange, because I do not see any color today, but my laptop and the phone pop-up a notification on successful connection.

        1. Saurabh

          I forgot to mention in the article that you should put your phone into download mode before connecting to computer.. Check the article again with the update

      2. afaq

        dear its not detecting my phone GT-I9100 i-e no box is getting yellow

  3. sandhu preet

    sir i have prob to downlode cwm file caan u tell m wt i do

  4. sandhu preet

    i wait for long time but no get pass
    i don’t know y

  5. Nimo

    This is what you need to do to get Odin to recognise the phone:

    Turn Off your Phone first
    Then goto Download mode by holding
    Continue step of the Phone Screen.
    Plug in the USB cable > You will notice ODIN recognize it by Yellow filled square .
    Click “Start” of ODIN.

  6. Sushil

    I tried everything as you mentioned but my process stopped at SetupConnection..

    Please guide me how to proceed further. There is nothing happening in the phone as well.

    Please advice

    1. Saurabh

      Updated the article.. (One step was missing that user should go to download mode on their phone.. This step is so obvious with ODIN program that I forgot to mention this. I assumed that users know.)

      1. Nag

        Hi can you advise on changing my mobile to download mode?

  7. red

    hello my friend…i did this but my device storage doesnt change and my USB storage is more small

    1. Raj Sahani

      Hi RED….
      Same happened to me….
      Saurabh could u please reply….

      1. Saurabh

        How much is your system memory now?

        1. mousa

          the same happened here with me the device memory is still the same 1.97 GB and the USB storage reduced to be 7.51GB !! i dont know what to do ??!!

          1. Saurabh

            As instructed in the last two steps, you need to factory reset your device..

        2. mousa

          this worked very nice thanks , but i want to ask u if i can increase the Ram ?! , i heard that i can with an external SD card , is that possible ?

    2. Adrian Egera

      Is this working for samsung j2?pls reply

  8. Adam

    Didnt work, tried it with new version of odin got the pass but still not increase in internal partition. tried usb format, still no increase. cant understand what im doing wrong. followed this to the letter at least 3 times

  9. saif

    didnt work i did everything right it just stays on setup connection

    1. Saurabh

      Follow the guide again.. I’ve updated.

      1. vijay Gautam

        sourav ji first send a right kink where i can downlode right software , u r videos r really very useful if they work i m from indirapuram delhi u r from

        1. vijay Gautam

          sir link mil gaya i m trying to do thanks

      2. vijay Gautam

        bro i receive a error my name is 103.exc wnen i open file,
        Download Philz CWM Recovery for Galaxy S2 from here,
        pls gave solution both links software are ok

  10. trina_lanna

    Same issue as Red and Raj. Opted for 6GB internal storage. My USB storage was then reduced by 4GB (I assume to add to the 2GB already in internal storage and make it 6) but no increase to internal storage, still at 1.97. How do I get that 4GB added to internal storage?

    1. Saurabh

      Flash your firmware or ROM again.. For some users, after completing the given steps and flashing android firmware again (stock Samsung or custom ROM) solves the issue..

      1. Swamper

        Same issue here. How am I suppose to flash my firmware or ROM again?

  11. Yasir Omer

    Can i please know whether i can follow the same procedure for my at&t galaxy s2 ??????
    Using the pit files above ????

    1. Saurabh

      I’ve not tried and I can’t say.. It’s risky..
      Do you have exactly the same total storage capacity, system memory storage as the international version of galaxy s2?

  12. Aldrin

    Hi Saurabh.. I did all the steps as mentioned in your video. My phone was detected and I saw the yellow color box. But when I clicked on PDA I could not find the Philz file in the downloads.

    1. Saurabh

      Did you download the philz file? You should look into the directory where you downloaded the concerned file.

  13. Patrick

    thanks for posting this information. I just used ODIN 3.09 and the newest CWM and while flashing ODIN it stated it failed…
    At first I got a shock, but after rebooting in recovery mode, CWM was updated from to and after booting in CM11 the partitions were changed.
    After a new installation of CM its all working with the new parameters.

    1. Pradeep Kumar

      Patrick can u please send me the latest version of odin and cmw

  14. Patrick

    Oh, I just see that you forgot to mention in your article that when connecting the phone to flash with odin, you must be in Download-mode (Volume DOWN, PWR + HOME-Screen), not recovery-mode nor normal boot.

    1. Saurabh

      Thanks for pointing.. Updated the article accordingly..

  15. yogi

    hi guys
    firstly thanks it works for samasung s2.
    answers for some issues:-
    que:-related setup connection?

    if u have facing this error just turn of your and press volume down + on/off+ home button same time. than you screen will pop up with warning message mention something about external OS system download. don’t get panic just hit OK.

    than it will go to downloading mode and display message don’t turn of the device or similar like this. it take little time like 15-20min.

    note:- leave your phone connected to Odin software all the time.

    than u will end up with pass message. and after that screen will popup with memory format option. just hit OK ,you will get your result.

    if you don’t find result and it shows yellow sign after reboot than follow second ans.

    que2:- related memory decreased but not increased in device memory?

    ans:- just simply do factory reset of your phone. a complete format.
    settings-backup and reset-factory data reset.

    than check your device memory.

    1. Saurabh

      Very much appreciated comment! Helpful for other readers!

      1. yogi

        after this i still got yellow sign. i just turn off my phone till from it is hanged on start up screen. even i take battery out several time but still same problem.

        actually i have Samsung s2 GT-I9100T now it is showing me GT-I9100 on boot screen. but not going further.

        can you help me in this.

        1. erbet

          me too. can you tell me why sir ?

        2. erbet

          yes me too. how to fix this?

    2. Madhur

      If you are getting setup connection error, just ensure that your Kies is not running. Kies casues a connection error when connected alongwith Odin

  16. erbet

    hi, i just follow your instruction, my device memory its still the same 1.97gb but usb storage decrease into 7.51gb. can you help me ?

  17. Daniel

    Well, I followed your instructions, chose the 4 GB pit and now my total storage has dropped by 4 GB and the App Storage has remained the same, i.e. of 2 GB.

  18. Leandro

    Since last year, I wanted to know how to do this!
    Thank you so much Saurabh! =D

  19. Malcolm

    Thank you very much. I followed your instructions and it works perfectly, just as you have shown. This is a simple and effective way to increase space for internal apps storage. The advice and feedback from other users was also very useful.
    However, a note of advice to all attempting this – it is critical that you take a BACKUP of your system to your micro-SD card using existing Recovery (CWM) module on your S2 prior to commencing this process. My S2 was operating on a custom ROM (Resurrection Remix) and I was unable to start/boot after I had disconnected from Odin after this procedure. So I went into Recovery Mode (the PhilZ touch Recovery flashed using Odin) and did a Restore followed by a Reboot. Then the system re-booted normally and I found I was at the stage where I was not able to see the reduced internal storage. After another re-boot, the phone indicated that it had found ‘Blank’ storage (exactly as per the Video) and suggested a format. After this I was able to see my S2 storage clearly.
    The above may only be relevant to custom ROM users.

  20. frank

    i did same thing as you said it said failed and my phone is not turn on back is it dead now?

  21. Hijas khan

    I did every thing as you mention and odin message become pass. after rebooting my s2 dont restart and black screen only . then i try to go recovery mode i dont find my recovery menu on my s2. can you guide me solution for this. i can go still in download mode.

  22. erbet

    now my phone its wont turn on. its only show yellow sign. please man, what i am must supposed to do now

  23. andrea

    I did every thing as you mention and odin message become pass. after rebooting my s2 dont restart and black screen only . then i try to go recovery mode i dont find my recovery menu on my s2. can you guide me solution for this. i can go still in download mode.

    1. Saurabh

      If something is messed up, flash official stock firmware

      1. Angela

        The same thing happen to my phone … i can only go into download do you flash the official stock firmware …cause some people are telling me i need a new board cause my phone cannot recover

  24. pankaj kala

    what do u mean by flash official stock firmware…. i did all the needed steps the usb has gone down but the system storage is yet to go up is still at 1.97.

  25. Adam L

    Hi Saurabh
    I have tried to increase my internal size of my S2 to 6GB and followed all the steps listed in the notes several times but it gets stuck at setup connection and then fails on “can’t open serial com port”. I have been in download mode on my phone and it still fails. What am I to do now?

  26. Soki Briggs

    Saurabh, I want to thank you for this useful guide, search a lot of sites but none showed these method.
    It worked perfectly for me (after i did a hard Reset), then saw the new space.
    The Client was soooo happy that memory problem has been resolved.

    Hope you don’t mind if i document the process on my blog – credits to you.
    Just as a precaution, you should warn users that the process can potentionally cause phone not to boot.

    1. suki

      Hi soki,
      could you please show me the steps to take to do the hard reset since i’ve re partitioned but am now stuck with the yellow triangle and can’t get into the recovery mode(volume up+home button+power button).

      PS: my S2 is on the Ginger bread Version

  27. Eman

    Thank you Mr Saurabh ,
    I followed all the steps … but after I clicked on start the green color didn’t appear nor the message ( Pass ) …. I wonder what the problem is ? only these messages appeared …can you help me please ?

    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSZ-OJC-5.15.9.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

  28. Rinso

    app memory increased to 6gb but internal memory is not showing..

  29. Mary

    I need help on my Galaxy S2 Booting. I tried to increase internal storage space ..and now i am unable to go into recovery mode and my phone is not booting up …
    its stuck on initial screen of Galaxy S2 and stays there … I Can go into the download screen (Volume Down + Power + Main button) but not going into the recovery mode…can any one help? What is the best solution now and what can i do … Please include steps thanks

    1. zahir

      i have same problem too..can anyone help and give the solution

  30. Adam L

    Hi Saurabh
    I have tried to change my galaxy to 6gb storage but only goes as far as the setup connection and then came up failed. Now I have followed the steps to the letter and put my phone into download mode and still does not work. Can you help.

    1. Saurabh

      Make sure ODIN program detects your phone.. WHen you connect your phone to computer, ODIN program should show “Added” message in its log window.

      1. Adam L

        I have been able to change my galaxy S2 to 6gb. I needed to turn on USB debugging to do it. But now I have to Flash my firmware or ROM. But how do now do that.

      2. Shan

        Hi Saurabh,

        I’ve followed your instruction but the ODIN is not detecting my S2. Please provide me the solution for this


        1. Saurabh

          Ensure that Samsung usb drivers are installed on your systyem.

  31. Dref

    Hi Saurabh,
    Thanks for the share. I’m using CM10.1 and did the steps above. My phone did not boot after the partition don’t know why so i just recover my saved data and it did the trick. I need to reboot twice to see the other internal storage.
    Btw, please indicate in Odin for user to checked this option “re-partition” then un-check “f. reset time”. By default they have a different settings. Some reader may not look into it and just start partition.

  32. vint

    Hi Saurabh,
    Is it working on unroot GT9100G?

  33. Alam

    Will this method work for galaxy note n7000?

  34. Daniel

    I have a problem changing the partition. I made it on 6gb, but now I want to change it to 4 GB but it’s not possible. Every time I made it the phone want a security memory password. Please help.

  35. Disapointed

    Do not do this it will brick your phone if you have a T-Mobile t-989 Galaxy s2

  36. Brian

    hello, can you help me please. I’ve done but now i want to change from use file PIT 6GB to file 8GB and how can i do that ?

  37. murali

    Pl. anybody confirm by doing this process if repartition does my efs ie. My imei no. Will be affected or not

  38. Francesco

    Hi, at the end of the procedure ODIN shows me “FAIL!” in the first empty big rectangle and gives me the message “Can’t open the serial (COM) port.” In the yellow little rectangle there’s written “0:[COM5]. How can a manage this? Thank you.

  39. Normadz22

    is this will work for my s2 Kitkat Rom 4.4.2
    i see your video but i think it is not 4.4.2 yet, thank you i am waiting for your reply…

  40. Parvez


  41. Vinayak Srivastava

    Thanks Saurabh,
    This really helped. I am a proud owner of SII but I was contemplating buying a new phone because of limited internal storage, now i can happily use it for some more time :)

  42. eLCruz

    Hey, great tutorial! Will this work on a Samsung Galaxy2 SGH-T989?

    1. Saurabh


      1. RIJESH

        helped a lot,thank you very much sourabh…

  43. Steve

    Your walk through has been fantastic Saurabh, many thanks for sharing this with the community!

  44. pankaj

    my phone is not restating after compeletion of process successfully..

  45. Ram

    I had rooted my Samsung S2 by Cyanogenmod Installer , a couple of weeks back and now tried increasing the partition to 6 gb with your guide but after everything went smooth and Pass step, my s2 does not boot up but can go on to the download screen only. I reset and tried with 4 gb but the same result. Please help me

    1. Saurabh

      Did you try factory reset from recovery?
      You can flash official stock samsung firmware from download mode via odin program.

    2. syat

      Did you fix it? I have the same problem.

    3. syat

      Hi, I was wondering if you have fixed your problem? I am stuck in the same situation and am in desperate need of a solution! Cheers.

  46. Longy AUS

    All worked a lot simpler and quicker than I was expecting. I did have to do a factory rest to get it to recognize all the right sizes, but all good.

  47. neuer

    hi saurabh, is this working with gt-I1900G (G version)
    I already did it. The result my phone wont start. If there any solution? Thanks.

    1. Saurabh

      This tut is for I9100 only.. If you can get to recovery or download mode, flash stock firmware on your mobile.

  48. Fotios

    Hi Saurabh
    I have followed all the instructions it did work
    if i flash to the stock firmware or rom will the internal memory still stay or will it be restored to default memory settings?

  49. Tim

    Thank you, my phone just got an extended lifetime! I needed to restore to factory default for the new size to show up, but now everything works fine.

  50. Aleve Sicofante

    Is it possible to just use ALL internal memory for apps and put any other data on the external micro-SD?

    Or at least have a 12 GB PIT file (not just the current biggest 8 GB one)?

    Is there any guide to “cook” those PIT files?

    Thanks for your replies.

  51. Sam

    Saurabh, quality instructions! Worked a charm!

  52. thushara

    it works after do factory data reset. thanks good work

  53. Alex b

    by the way, thanks, I have now 4 GB instead of 2;) 10x

    but , hey it is normal after I do this job to appear a yellow triangle logo when i start the phone?

  54. archanaa

    Hey I did everything as told but don’t see the pass coming thru after clicking start.. what do I do now?

  55. archanaa

    Worked like a charm… you are a magician……

  56. Ajay

    Thank you my friend it swork for me…thanks a lot god bless you dear,…..

  57. Amit

    Hi Saurabh,

    Is this PIT file works for Galaxy S2 GT I9100 G also… If not can you please upload for 9100G as well.


  58. Shafeeque Ap

    Can i need my phone to Root before doing this?

  59. Shafeeque Ap

    i put my phone into download mode.. but umfortunately my Odin 1.85 doesnt detect my phone even i waited over a half and hour patiently.. i turned on debugging mode, bt odin doesnt detect.. and also tried to turn off debugging mode, bt result is same.. Saurabh , pls help me.. what will i do??

  60. Ivan

    Hey at first i got everything done except that my device memory remained the same, the rest of my SD card was unusable and i wasn’t asked to and couldn’t get my SD card to format.

    Now the solution i found was once everything is passed an extra final step is required.
    *Settings>Backup and reset>Factory reset
    Once the factory reset takes place you will get the partition you wanted. =)

    1. Imran

      I followed every step of Surabh kumar but it decreased my memory from 11.50 to 9.50 Gb and system storage was 1.97Gb after that i followed your step Ivan i thinks this is the last step ur ryt,

      *Settings>Backup and reset>Factory reset.

      and it worked now memory is 9.50 and system storage is 3.97GB.

      Thanks both of u guys Saurabh Kumar and Ivan. .

  61. Andrew

    Thanks for this process. It took a while to work it out but I was successful in the end. Great work!

  62. Ivan

    Thanks! worked great… finally a solution I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing.

  63. Rahma

    I did all the steps, the usb storage has gone down but the system storage is not yet to go up. It is still at 1.97.

    Please help.

    1. Russell

      You need to do a factory reste of the device for it to work.

      Go to back up and reset and choose factory data reset.

      1. Russell

        This should work as it did for me.

    2. Imran

      same problem occurred with me memory decreased system storage is same. .

    3. Imran

      After that do this step.

      Settings>Backup and reset>Factory reset.

  64. Zahid Husein

    Hi…. Thanx fella ! did everything step by step and its worked. I have changed my Internal storage, but that yellow caution icon is always high lighted when ever i restart my Phone….. Overall perfect process worked Thank You sharing

  65. nim nim

    cant download the recovery file from philz. shows that the download is down.. please advise or send it to me if possible


  66. Russell

    I did this approach and it worked just fine. Thanks man for the direction.

    Just one question

    I choose the 8GB partition which is now 7.87 GNB and now I have 6.12 GB remaining available space.

    How much is left for the rest of my videos, pics, and assorted stuff?

    1. Russell

      Will the remaining amount be enough for my videos and pics?

  67. Andrew

    Hi, thanks for posting this information. Work fine with:
    – pit: 6GByte file:
    – rom: I9100XWLSW_I9100XXMS3_I9100ITVLS2_HOME.tar.md5;
    – cwm: PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSW-XEU-5.08.5.tar.md5.
    Great work!

  68. Ahmad

    Thank you

  69. Bharath

    I have made my mobile in Download mode and connected to laptop after launching the app but there is no yellow or any other kind of colours diplaying in any of the boxes…………………..
    please suggest as early as possible

  70. emaj

    hi, i did/follow all the instruction but on the odin it shows pass. but how come it didnt appear/ didnt add on my storage? :(

  71. Matt

    (Apologies if this got posted multiple times. Had a browser crash when sending.)

    Thanks for your hard work. I’m excited to try this, but I had some questions first:

    If I do this procedure, what happens when I wipe/flash a new custom or stock ROM? Does this new partitioning scheme survive or not?

    Also, is the new partitioning scheme saved within a nandroid (CWM) backup or not? Or is it something that exists “outside” this?

    Sorry if these are stupid questions.

  72. Mohammed Mahjoub

    Hi Mr.Kumar

    thank you very much.
    I am using Galaxy SII with Arabic edition. Does this procedure change my android to the English version only or It does not affect the language of my device?
    Thank you.

    1. Saurabh

      the handset model should be gt-i9100… your rom will remain the same… don’t forget to do factory reset from settings after completing the process

  73. Andrea Caldarone

    I’ve done all the steps now my S2 have 6GB for App and 6Gb for Data.
    I’ve a major problem now: All Apps can’t access storage on external SD card, for example gallery does not opens, or camera, same behaviour.
    The strange thing is that from settings -> memory I can see the SD card in place, and from ES file explorere I can browse the contentes…

  74. Kyle *****

    I did it with my Samsung t mobile version and it didn’t work and it was stuck in download mode thing and i got scared and too out the battery and now my phone won’t even turn on! :( I’m so scared and its like my first actual good phone. when i connect it to the computer its is there but when it won’t turn on. i have all files backed up by Samsung kies but my phone won’t work so back up won’t work.It was rooted and had titanium back up if any help. PLZZ MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT IT!

  75. unknown

    my phone and computer does not show the yellow button what can be the problem?????

    1. Robin b

      install the USB drivers

  76. Imran

    Brother i followed same steps but it decrease my internal memory from 11.50 to 9.51 as i selected 4GB partition and also when i restart my phone it shows yellow traingle. . help what should i do now. .

  77. Ismail

    Hi..I already change the phone to download mode, but after I connect to the PC with cable, the yellow indicator did not, I cannot proceed to the next step. how to solve it?

  78. Harsimran Singh

    Thank you Saurabh

    I have taken all the steps and everything went as you have explained, however in my phone’s storage the device memory is still 1.97 gb and usb storage has got reduced by 6 gb and is now 7.51 gb.

    I am just concerned where that 6gb has gone? I wanted to add that 6gb to the device memory. However if I have messed up something kindly let me know what shall I do to get things recovered to normal?

    Also when I turn on the phone now, I see ! mark in yellow triangle while booting.

    Please reply.


    1. Saurabh

      You need to format your phone i.e. factory reset for the changes to be visible..

      yellow triangle during boot is normal for rooted device or device with custom mods/recovery, etc.

  79. Icejohnny

    Is there any possibility to make it full 16 gb of internal storage?

  80. atulgoel

    A simple way to free up storage space is by deleting all the log files in the device memory. Just dial *#9900# on your phone and select option 2 “Delete dumpstate/logcat” in the prompted menu. It’s not necessary to root your phone either. That’s it!

  81. CG

    Can I use this on my Galaxy 2 I727R?

  82. Akash

    Thank u so much …
    its a mazing trick for increasing system storage…

  83. Rajesh

    Hey saurabh,

    it worked gr8…thx a ton. that yellow triangle is also fine..i can live with it.

    but i need to know whether i can update my android version as it shows 4.1.2 and when try to update. it says: the system updates have already been installed..

    plzz help…thanks in advance

  84. Anand

    It worked for me. Many thanks.

  85. ivan


    for me it works with 6Gb
    on S2 I9000 Installed CM 4.4.4 unfortunately there is issue with the SDcard recognition/I tried with 2 different cards and same error..

    When I hit gallery, I get a box with an exclamation point in a white triangle that says NO STORAGE and underneath that it says “No external storage available”

    Can you advice please.
    thank you.

  86. Bruno Finger

    Will this increase my /system partition? I need to flash the new GApps from 20140606 but it doesn’t fit in the current 503.4MB /system partition of the GT-I9100.

    I would like to increase it as much as possible, to be honest I don’t care much about the internal memory as I have a 32GB SD card. I can put everything there.

    Can someone who did this show me the output of the command “df” run as root in a terminal, please? (not sure if you need root actually)

    Please please someone reply.

  87. dani

    hi sir, i have a problem, after folow your instruction, now my usb storage is blank. please help me, how to reset my device

  88. dani

    for have a problem same with me, reset factory your device, the way sucesful.. congratulation. thank u sir. now my devices have a intrnal storage 6 gb.

  89. nick

    stuck at zImage on odin boots to start firmware update then says zImage any help would be greatly appreciated

  90. addin

    can u make it for s2 I9100g version please

  91. DON

    hi sir, is this going to work eventhough i already have siyah on my s2 and running 4.2?

    1. Saurabh


  92. DON

    oh, sorry, *4.1 rather… thanks

  93. Wahyudi

    Hi Saurabh,
    I already pass all the process.
    I’ve choose 4gb.
    But after reboot, my handset not booting.
    It just flash Samsung with caution mark, and the handset turning off..

    Need your information further..

  94. Pqtu

    8GB successfully applied :). Thanks a million!

  95. Robin b


    i did it all , have the 6GB one aplly but now my intrnal SD is missing ? no USB storage ? nothing ?

    did a factory reset , and installed a custom rom new but still no luck .

    pls sir help !

  96. abhishek

    hi sir

    i face a problem i pass all the process i have choose 6gb. but my s2 is not booting
    and there fount logo is continue show help me out

  97. Hardwired

    Thanks very much it worked for me. But you need to re-flash your ROM afterward and this should be added to the instructions to ensure that people transfer their to the SD card and them flash it.

    Galaxy S2, running Android 4.2.2.

  98. billy

    i followed all the steps and it said failed, i have an s2x t989d and now my phone won’t turn on, wont go into download or wont go into recovery. There was no mention about model type until i read thru the comments after it didn’t work. is my phone completely dead now?

  99. Kigwa

    Hi,can this method be used with other phones apart from the S2?

    1. Saurabh


  100. Kilany

    Hi Saurab

    i followed each step you have mentioned but odin showed a failed msg , i tried to repeat the steps but it said in the msg box : SetupConnection..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    how can i overcome this ? please help

  101. fadil

    PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSZ-OJC-5.15.9.tar.md5 ( Philz CWM Recovery )……….this is not download pls give me the site to downloading this files

    1. Suhas

      I experienced same problem. Google chrome blocks it. Please disable your computer’s antivirus and firewall and download in another browser like Mozilla firefox. Hope that helps!

  102. Suhas

    Works like a charm. Very simple and clear steps, explained in a neat manner. No hiccups at all. The memory increased after a factory reset as mentioned in the last step. Thanks a ton and keep up the good work!

  103. marcos

    hello, i have a problem with the conection during the preocess.As a result it appear the message “failed” .Now i have only 6 gb of internal memory ,the other memory doesnt appear its like if doesnt exits
    any help is welcome

    1. Saurabh

      Did you follow the last two steps?

      1. Sushil Kumar

        Can you plese send me this file which I am not able to download.


  104. Kevin Chadwick

    This appears to have worked for me, but only after the factory reset (i.e. my phone settings – storage informs me that I now have the same device memory total space 5.91 GB and USB storage total space 7.51 GB as shown in the instructions. Thank you

  105. FAROOQ

    kindly reply me
    sorry i miss to add pda file and now my s2 deed totally blank

    now he did not go download mod by keys and by jig when i connect with pc he detect and show on odin but when i start procedure stop on setup connection

  106. Jazib

    I saw your tutorial of increasing memory of galaxy s2
    application memory is now 1.97 gb
    and other memory is now 9,59gb
    please help me bro

    1. Hassan Kataya

      I’ve had this problem just a few minutes ago , I’ve done a factory reset and it works perfect now :)

  107. Marius

    Hi, Odin does not even recognise my phone. Im running Cyanogen mod. Did the instruction, but odin does not see my phone at all ;(

  108. Luis

    i tried but the rom not boot and try to reflashing and appear a message enable to mount emmc, please help me

  109. Sami Adel

    I followed the instructions and it all got well , but when i unplug the phone and open it , it didnt open , always stuck on “Samsung Galaxy sII Gt-i91100G” screen!! Help ?

    1. Varinder

      same thing happening with me too…. i don’t know how to get it working back…
      if u have found the solution plz let me know plz.


    Hello sir, I have same problem on my GT-N7000 (Samsung Galaxy Note 1). The step you recommended was very good. I would like to find out can my Note 1 be able to do so and where can i download the odin, cwm?
    Thank you sir.

  111. Steve

    Thanks Saurabh, it worked beautifully but 2 important points: (i) when clicking on the Philz CWM recovery file above users have to be careful not to download iLivid, the link to Philz is below! and (ii) I had to perform a factory reset, when the phone restarted though I had 0kb for USB storage, however if you drop down the notification from the top of the phone there is a message to format the USB storage, format it and everything is there. BEAUTIFUL!

  112. Martin


    I tried this method to increase my system storage to 6GB and according to ODIN everything worked. However, when i try to turn my phone on, I only get the Samsung logo and then black screen. The phone won’t start.

    When I connect it to the PC I cannot see the phone under “My Computer” but ODIN can detect my phone.

    When I try to go to download mode, I get only to something called “ODIN mode” and I’m not able to do anything in that menu.

    Also, it seems like my phone can be charged only through a USB cable connected to a PC but not through the charger.

    I tried to reset (soft and hard) but nothing works for me. Could you please help me with this situation? I welcome any suggestions and replies to my comment!

    Thank you :)

  113. Hassan Kataya

    thanx man that’s really impressive it worked only when i did factory reset
    I’ve do it with 4 GB file, can I do it again with 6 GB file ?

    1. Saurabh

      yes, without issues..

  114. Ashish

    Hello Saurabh,

    This is GREAT and my long pending issue is now solved !
    However, my office email no more works on this (GT-I9100) as it detects a custom OS on the phone. Is it possible to have increased partition with Samsung official OS?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Saurabh

      Yes, you can install Samsung official os as well.

      1. Ashish

        Please help me with the link to download Samsung official OS release and also the procedure to be followed.

        Thanks again.

  115. Perminder Singh

    Dear saurabh,

    I have seen your video on how to increase the internal storage for samsung galaxy s2 and I have downloaded all the required files and i have connected my phone to computer and started following the steps but in ODin my phone is not getting connected. Kindly suggest what needs to be done.

  116. Mark

    hello, I have a Galaxy Note and made formatting with Partition Files, but I can not operate the telephone network. Any suggestions?

  117. Varinder

    Hi Saurabh bro, i hv got Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G
    i followed all the steps, even it was successful, but my fone doesn’t turn on,, it just shows galaxy logo and triangular yellow sign. please help if u have any solution for this ? tnx in advance.

    1. Saurabh

      This tutorial is not for GT-I9100G

      1. Varinder

        tnx for rply… if u can anything ? like how can i fix my fone ?

  118. Varinder

    I meant If u can Suggest anything*

  119. sanjay

    Can i do the same with my galaxy note 1 as its also have the same problem

  120. Arvid Herfjord

    Hi Saurabh,

    Thx a lot for this great tutorial! I thought the days were gone for my GT-I9100, but now I have no more nagging about low memory!

    Great work!

  121. danger

    Great! Big disadvantage of great phone is with this removed. Only 2Gb out of 16 and the phone was useless before. You have explained everything very good, and process was fast, easy and successful. Now I can use this nice phone further.

  122. DvD

    Hi everybody!
    With this tutorial I have a new phone! Tnx

    Now my phone suffer of random reboot.
    Any other have experienced this symptom?
    Any idea how to solve this?

    Tnx in advance.

    1. Saurabh

      You can try changing to another kernel/recovery/ROM because the problem might be in your ROM or any of these…

  123. Jez Ponciano

    Sorry sir. Nevermind my comment! I was able to successfully update my phone. Thanks for the directions. Really helpful!

  124. Lee

    brilliant, thamk you.
    you are the only people who could help me with this.
    anybody reading this THIS WORKS GREAT

  125. Peter

    Worked fine thanks, just persevere follow all the steps and read through carefully.
    worked on the third try,

  126. Tk

    Thanks :) SAURABH.
    It worked .
    Nice tool and good explanations

  127. diven

    i have a samsung s2 and i did what was mentioned on your video and now it is coming up with a triangle sign on start up and than goes blank how do i go back to my old settings

  128. Ghayyurious

    WOW! Amazing! Worked like a charm… Thanxxx a lott bro for the effort you put into.. Really Appreciate it!!

  129. kasico


    i did all steps as per instructions, and once PASS showed on ODIN and i unplugged the device, it rebooted itself and… no boot screen.. nothing boot. i am on black screen now. I did factory reset/clear cache .. and still the same

    it was running CM11 – 4.4.4

    any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  130. J S S Priyadarshi

    Hello Saurabh,

    That’s some really nice work you have done. I checked on your youtube page for any video to achieve the same result for Galaxy Note (i.e. to increase the internal memory of Galaxy Note N7000 beyond 2 gb just like you have shown here for S2). However I could not find any content for my case. Could you please help me to increase my internal memory for my Note N7000?

    Thanks and regards,

  131. Sriram

    I tried to format the internal memory with 6GB and it passed. But my phone is not booting up. Its stuck on initial screen of Galaxy S2 and stays there …Please let me know how to resolve this issue..

    1. faizal

      i also have the same problem

  132. Marius

    Hey SAURABH, thank you, it is working. All you have to do is to follow the instructions.

    i Have one question: now when I’m starting the phone, a yellow triangle with an exclamation point is showing. What is this? How can I remove this exclamation point?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Saurabh

      use triangle away app..

  133. Franjo

    hello I have a galaxy s2 it worked ;) yeah… my brother has a xcover2 same problem
    can u help please, that would be great. so samsung gt-s7710

    thanks for the reply, Franjo

  134. Andy

    I have galaxy S2 T989 (T-mobile). Can I use the same software and procedure as your video shown?




  136. ali ozdemir

    I succesfully increased memory upto 6GB following your instructions. When I check the memory, everything seems OK. However, S2 still is not able to use more than 2GB for applications. What could be the problem?


  137. dingting

    thx dude. first try didnt work. my internal sd card cannot mount. storage setting nothing show anything. just showing device memory 6gb. so i flash manual sdcard from cwm. Now its work :) I have 6gb for device memory and internal sdcard 7gb sorry for my bad english

  138. mpro

    Works perfect, must wipe cache/dalvik. Thanks !!!! Now i have 8 GB for aplication , super ! Im happy.

  139. hell fire

    how much time does it take..mine is stuck at “Get PIT for mapping”

  140. Melmac

    WIll this work on a S2Plus (GT-i9105) aswell?

    1. Saurabh


  141. Brent

    Great guide! Followed all the steps – I needed to do a factory reset before the data re-allocation showed properly. Thank you!

  142. garima bagga

    Hi, under PDA-when I browse for PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSZ-OJC-5.15.9.tar.md5, in the location folder, this file is not visible.. only 4gb and odin file is visible.
    Pls suggest.. I ve downloaded the CMM recovery file, but the same is not reflecting under PDA

  143. jonathan

    hey its a great post
    but i wanna ask if im available to hv 8gb internal storage through installing dat zip(4gb_6gb_8gb…) u asked to download in the CWM recovery mode?

  144. Oscar

    I have the exact same problem as Garima Bagga above, and when I search in directory and finally find the file I get following message in Odin: PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSZ-OJC-5.15.9.tar.md5 is invalid.

    How can it be invalid?

  145. M D A M A D

    Why the would anyone go thru the trouble to get a few more gb. Samsung should do it for us why do we have partition in the first place if we cant use but 2gb. So does anyone know if S3 allows you to use full device internal memory? ????

  146. sudheer

    hi, internal storage has increased, but, usb storage is not shown …also, unable to open gallery, it says not enough memory…please suggest

    1. Kai

      i also have the same problem. did you solve this already?

  147. Adam beidoun

    first of all thanks for the great tutorial.
    but there is a little prob ..
    my usb storage was 25 giga.. now it’s 7 giga only!. is there a way to get the rest of the memory back ?

  148. abunilgi

    Will this work on my Samsung S2 i777 AT&T mobile? It’s rooted and am running Cyanogenmod 10.2

  149. Mehroz Ali

    I successfully increase my internal storage. Thanks for your help…

  150. hemal

    Samsung galaxy s2 i9100t
    jb stock 4.1.2
    dvls3 radio (csc)

    I tried this method, almost bricked my phone with philz recovery method. Then used my already backed up nandroid backup to restore phone.
    Tried again with siyah kernal and speedmod kernel.. phone asked to format the internal usb. formatted successfully, rebooted.. whooola… works 100% spent 6-7 hours though.. but victory came in the end.. no complaints… thank you….

  151. Sundhar

    Hi , I am not able to download

    The links say that page not found, can you please help with the zips.

    1. Saurabh

      The links are working fine… try again..

  152. vid

    hi Saurabh. how long does it takes to do that? i have did everything it was mentioned in the begining, but now odin just shows Setupconnection and that’s it, nothing else is going on, it’s allready 10 minutes and nothing happened
    , please help.

  153. vid

    Nice. finaly i did it :D all you need to do is in the beggining make factory reset, and then fallow instroctions.

  154. paulo david

    sir,,if the samsung galaxy s2 model:gt i9100t is it works??

    1. Saurabh

      No.. only fir GT-I9100

  155. david

    hi. followed instructions. odin could not find the p.d.a. file even though it is on my desktop. I have a 64 bit computer, will the file work on a 64 bit computer? thanks

    1. Saurabh

      It will work..

  156. david

    file that was downloaded will not run, is there a 64 bit version? thanks

  157. Sridhar

    Hi Bro,

    I did as you suggested. after performing the PIT 4GB and PAD, it got stuck at Samsung Logo and even if I flash using the ROM from Sammobiles, it is stuck at Initializing setup and no progress. Please let me know what needs to be done

    Thanks, Sridhar

    1. Saurabh

      Your phone model no?

  158. Ron

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

    This is what i’m getting. Not saying PASS

  159. Ankit

    can i overclock my phone after re-partitioning…..without loosing out on re-partitioned space…??

  160. Kai

    Hi! I did everything from the instructions you have provided. After i did the hard reset i got the 6gb of device memory but the supposedly remaining 6gb of usb storage is gone. Please help me. I also flashed my rom and even changed it but nothing happens.

  161. Kai

    Just dont mind my previous comment. i found a way to fix my problem. what i did is just enter recovery mode then select mounts and storage if im not mistaken then i selected mound sd card then plugged it to my pc. a non formatted partition will show alongside the sdcard0. format it and reboot. your usb storage will now be available.

  162. Karl

    Sort of worked.

    I rooted my phone, applied the partition and then formatted the USB Storage. That didn’t work so I followed the advice and performed a factory reset, which bricked my phone. I then flashed a stock Samsung kernel and after yet another factory reset, my phone started working. It’s now un-rooted with stock firmware, completely wiped but the partition stuck.

    1. Kai

      Where did you get the samsung kernel and how exactly did you do it… i want to go back to stock but still have the partition…

  163. Sooraj Kumar

    I have repartitioned the internal storage and got the space. when my internal memory usage reaches 2GB then frequently my phone is getting restarted. In storage it does show 6GB but when the usage reaches 2GB the phone behaves abnormally. Has anyone faced this issue?

  164. YU

    Dear sir :
    I have followed your suggestion and I did it two months earlier. But my bro ‘s phone, it’s the same I9100 didn’t worked. I followed all the steps, and odin shows PASS! too,and then his phone broke down and couldn’t start again. It can just shows the opening titles. GT-I9100, and that’s it……I am messssss up now and need your helpppppp,
    hope to hear from you soon!!! Thanks!!!
    YU fish

  165. YU

    was the file downloaded broken? ?? I am afraid of the file called PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSZ-OJC-5.15.9.tar ,Is it the sourse???

  166. Mat


    I have got latest CM11 installed. What does repartition procedure look like for me?

  167. Rami

    I want to go back to stock storage setting please !

  168. Rashy

    Hi Saurabh, I am tryin to do as per ur instructions ….pls be there to help me through your replies if in case I am stuck up

    1. Rashy

      Hi , I am not able to install philz file….it gets uninstalled automatically after installation

      1. Saurabh

        In that case, install any compatible firmware alongwith the partition file.

  169. Sundesa


    I’ve did the same but the total memory is turned to 7+Gb but unfortunately the Device memory is at still capacity of 1.97 Gb.

    Would you please help me.

    Also if you have any link for Kitkat 4.4.2 please send me.


    1. Saurabh

      read the last two steps..

      1. Sundhar

        Hi Saurabh
        Thanks for this, this is what I was looking for a lot of time, S2 is good in all aspects expect for this,
        But while downloading Philz CWM Recovery for Galaxy S2 i have got only PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSZ-OJC-5.15.9.tar.md5 which is displayed as application and not as a TAR or anyother format in which i can select that for PDA file should i rename this after downloading or what must i do ??
        Please help me

  170. Cathal

    This is just what I need, but I wish more tutorials like this would use Heimdall instead of Odin: Heimdall is open source and cross-platform, and under active development (bugfixes, stability) whereas Odin is closed, leaked from Samsung, not maintained or developed, and apparently unstable. Worst of all, Odin is Windows only, whereas the sort of person who roots and mods phones is quite likely to be a Linux user!

    Anyways, than you for your help; I’ll try to figure out how to translate this to Heimdall so I can “renovate” my S2 for use in 2015.

  171. Kai

    Can i go back to the samsung stock firmware which is the JB 4.1.2 and still have the partition? If yes can you please tell me how? Please..

  172. kaskuzeer

    do you use custom or stock ROM?
    is it works for official stock ROM JB 4.1.2 I9100DXLS8?

  173. sanjay

    hiii saurabh..
    philz recovery file showing error..
    that md5 hash is invalid..
    what should i do..??
    please send me the correct file to repartition the mobile

  174. dan

    can I restore the stock partition i.e 2GB?

  175. Raghav poudel

    Thank u very much…..i have succesfully increased my internal storage to 4 gb and also rooted my phone using cw recovery…::::

  176. Denis

    Dear Saurabh,

    Thank you so much for this publication.
    I have now a brand new S2 with 4GB + 10 GB thanks to you whereas I was just about to replace it.
    I tried your solution several times and each time it looked like as if it didn’t work.

    In fact, what was missing was
    “the factory reset from phone settings (Setting > Backup and Reset > Factory reset)”. I was reluctant to do this because I feared to downgrade back to Android version 3 something, and I also thought that I had to start over the partitioning job after the factory reset operation.

    Finally, just formatting the “USB storage followed by the factory reset” resolved the whole problem without having to restart the partitioning operation.

    It’s almost magic…
    Just a question btw : Will a similar procedure (probably with other pit and image files) work for other Samsung phones with limited memory?

    Gratefully yours,

  177. Vishal

    yipeeeeeee………… works……………..Thank u very much…..i have succesfully increased my internal storage to 4 gb .

  178. Ahad Ali

    Thank you very much. It worked for me after resetting my phone to factory settings.
    Works great now

  179. Jim

    Can you make a guide on SGH-T989 to please? I really need to add more room to my device memory.

  180. Sacha

    I am giving up.
    – No yellow box in Odin when I connect the phone with usb after having put it in download mode. I still tried the rest of the procedure and…
    – Philz file is only detected after removing the exe extension! I thought I had to install the exe file so I did and got a lot of adware on my computer.
    – After pressing start I get a message that md5 hash is invalid (about philz).

  181. Elviss

    Thanks a lot man, it worked for my smart.

  182. Nicola Dowling

    Thanks very much for this, thought I was going to have to get a new phone. I formatted the USB storage after a factory reset and it worked perfectly.

  183. rajni

    Hi Saurabh
    When i press vol key down+home+pwr button, I see CUSTOM binary download as NO… When i open the ODIN tool, I dont see the square with any information but blank.
    Could you guide me through?

  184. Mo

    Hi Saurabh,
    Thank you for posting this topic. I’m about to re-partition my s2 right now but I wanted to make sure that I can get my data back after I perform a nandbackup and after I perform the re-partition if I restore my nandbackup would all my data be back including apps, pictures, sms, contacts and all or not. I have a Dorimanx v8.43 kernal with a custom ROM aokp_i9100_jb-mr1_milestone running android 4.2.2 and a CWM v6.0.4.7. Can I perform this re-partitioning method on my phone. I also can dual boot so can I do the re-partitioning on the 2nd rom and leave the first ROM unharmed.

  185. Dan

    Thanks Saurabh, everything worked fine, just following your instructions step by step!
    In my case, the factory reset was requested at the end, in order to see the actual new sizes of the “Device memory” and “USB memory”. Btw, not a big deal.

    For those using Windows7 to perform this procedure, I would like to report you that after you have put your smartphone in “Download mode” and connected it to your computer via USB cable, you may have to wait until Windows automatically detects, downloads and installs some drivers (usually through the Windows Update).
    In my case, until this step has not been completed, ODIN wasn’t detecting my phone, though it was connected and in “download mode”. As soon Windows have completed the drivers installation, I got eventually the “yellow box” in ODIN and I’ve performed the “resizing” operation successfully.

    Thanks again, bye!

  186. Hardik R

    hi Saurabh , is there a similar software for the similar problem but for a an unsimilar model.. samsung galaxy note 1?
    Thanks in advance

  187. CHetan

    Will this work in S2 SGH i777 (AT&T)

  188. sivaguru

    Thanks a lot , it really helped me out.. Thanks u soooo much:):

  189. david

    will it wok for s2 i9100 32gb model in built memory,afraid it will lost the rest of memory

  190. bios

    Thank you very much mate!

    Now i can use my phone like new, very good tutorial without problems
    Needs only to reset to factory settings and chup! done

  191. Martin

    1. Wld I have to reinstal the apps again after the formating?
    2. My device memory available is 215MB but USB storage availability is 3.15GB, Which pit GB should I use?


  192. William

    Can I know if the storage released same with original ROM ? or still storage under USB ( maybe with slow speed ? ) thanks.

  193. Ali Ahmed

    I have this same problem with my galaxy s2 HD LTE (SHV-E120K) please help me for this damn partition problem !!!!

    1. Saurabh

      This guide is not for you.. As mentioned, it is strictly for GT-I9100 model.

  194. Lalan kumar

    thanks a lot bro …..success in this process…..once again ,
    and i also got that unallocated problem but through factor setting it came ,,,,,,sooo thanks for your help

  195. Martin

    Understand it is strictly for GT-I9100 model but does it work for GT-I9100G. Tried it but unsuccessful. Thought it would be good to check with you again. Thanks.

    1. Saurabh

      No, it doesn’t

  196. mohammad

    hi (:
    thank you so much I done it
    best regard (: