Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Hybrid Convertible Ultrabook

Every company is prospective to bank profits trying to maximize exposure to their windows 8 devices lineup which consists of windows 8 tablet convertible or ultrabook or All in One PC with touchscreen support. Customers, alike, who are eager to purchase their next touchscreen computing device running the latest windows 8, are trying to find more and more about exciting products with reasonable prices. No wonder, Samsung is prepared to square off with competition with its own products lineup which starts selling in store from October 26 and are also available for preorder on Samsung official website. In this post, we want to provide you a brief account on Samsung Windows 8 tablet hybrid convertibles.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T

This is intel atom processor based windows 8 tablet hybrid convertible device measuring 11.6 inch x 7.2 inch and is 9.65 mm thick only weighing 748 gram. So, this makes this tablet ultrathin, sleek, light and very portable. It runs full windows 8 on promising intel atom processor z2760 with clock speed of 1.5 GHz. The screen size is 11.6 inch so you’re getting a slightly bigger screen than 10 inch tablet form factor but the slightly larger screen size is answerable to the hybrid lineup this tablet belongs to, so that you could use this tablet by attaching a physical keyboard as a ultrabook. Screen resolution is 1366*768 and the brightness counts upto 400 nits. It has RAM of 2GB (DDR2L). It comes in 64 GB SSD storage capacity. There is 2 megapixel HD front camera with 1.6W stereo speaker and internal mic as well. For connectivity, we’ve wifi, gigabit LAN, bluetooth 4.0, 1 USB 2.0, Micro HDMI, Headphone/mic jack, Multi card slot, docking connector. It also allows you to use S Pen to take notes, make drawings, etc. S Manager and AllShare to make sharing and maintenance easy.  It runs on 2 cell rechargeable battery and comes with 40W AC adapter. You can pre-order Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T at cost of $749.99 from Samsung online store or get it from retail stores when it becomes available i.e. from October 26, 2012.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC 700T

This is truly a high end windows 8 tablet convertible hybrid because it is powered by the powerful intel core i5 processor 3317U clocked at 1.70 GHz measuring the same in height and width as ATIV Smart PC 500 T i.e. 11.6″ x 7.2″ but is about 3 mm thicker as it is 12.7 mm tick and weighs 125 gram more (857 gram). The increase in thickness and weight is due to the high-end configuration that this tablet hybrid possess. To add to its performance capabilities, it has 4 GB of RAM, intel HD Graphics 4000. The display is of the same size as 500T counterpart but the screen resolution is 1920*1080 Full HD which means great display quality and really vivid and rich colors, image and video quality. It comes in storage capacity of 128 GB SSD. This is advanced not only in terms of horsepower but also in terms of camera as it has 8 megapixel HD rear camera and 2 mp HD front camera along with internal mic and 1.6 W stereo speaker.  To keep its juice flowing, it is powered by 49Wh 4 cell Li-Pro battery.  It also has micro-sd slot, wifi, lan, bluetooth 4.0, micro HDMI port. One notable port is presence of USB 3.0 in this case. All these technical configuration make this tablet powerful like ultrabooks and can be recommended to those who are really look forward for ultrabook tablet hybrid without compromising with either performance or portability. You can buy Samsung ATIV Smart PC 700T online from Samsung Store for price of $1199.99 or wait for few days to buy it from retail store as it will be available from October 26, 2012.

Difference CriteriaSamsung ATIV Smart PC 500T (XE500T1C)Samsung ATIV Smart PC 700T  (XE700T1C)
Price$749.99 USD$1199.99 USD
ProcessorIntel Atom processor Z2760 – 1.5 GHzIntel Core i5 Processor – 1.7 GHz
Storage64 GB SSD128 GB SSD
GraphicsIntegratedIntegrated intel HD 4000
Camera2.0 mp front HD8mp HD rear camera, 2mp HD front camera
Connectivity1 USB 2.01 USB 3.0
OSWindows 8Windows 8 (64 bit)
Battery2 Cell Li-Pro 30Wh4 Cell Li-Pro 49Wh
Rest of the specs are similar. In the table above, we’ve listed the major differences between the two windows 8 tablets hybrid convertible pc.

The comparison table given above should clear your confusion and doubts and should make your purchase decision easy. If you’re still confused, I’d advise you to go for 700T if you’re ok with little less battery life and want a very powerful tablet, otherwise go for 500T. Both these tablet hybrids come with keyboard dock accessory for use like a ultrabook/laptop. Also, compare the above specs and features with Microsoft Surface Tablet. If you’ve any question, put it in comments below.

Update: Both the variants have been released in India also. The price of Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T in India is Rs.53,990 and cost of Samsung ATIV smart PC 700T in India is Rs. 75,490. Do you think the price is right? Don’t forget to compare it with Dell XPS 12 convertible and Asus Taichi 21.

22 Replies to “Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Hybrid Convertible Ultrabook”

  1. Good article. I think I have understood the difference beetween those two utlra book.
    First of all, please forgive me if I don’t use exact words for what I want to say, I am french.
    I have noticed you advice to take the 700, because it is a more powerful tablet.
    I intend to buy one of those two tablets. Here comes my question : is the 500 enough to work ? For example, may I go on internet, work on 10 powepoints opened at the same time, and listen to music, at the same time too.
    It is very important for me to know these kind of details.

    Moreover, is the processor of the 500 able to make old games work (suIs that kind of example possible with the 500 ? Or is it too limited ? such as age of empire, Praetorian, or adventure games). If it is possible, it’s fantastic, if it isn’t, I don’t care.

    Thank you for your answer.

    1. Hello Bruno,
      Thank you for your comment. To your queries – yes, you can use 500T to do powerpoint, internet, background music playback – all at the same time (but don’t be too hopeful- running too many applications will slow down everything – Further it also depends whether you’re using traditional microsoft office or the new office 2013 as the latter is optimized for windows 8).. On your 2nd question about support for playing old games – It may be able to play few of the old games which are not at all graphics-intensive.. Expect netbook-level gaming on these tablets (Remember old atom processor based netbooks).. Still confused, check this- to know features and power of intel atom processor z2760 which is contained in 500T.

      1. Thank you for answering so quickly.
        I will have a last question (and I should have begun with this one).

        I have a notebook (a toshiba satellite, with windows 7, 64 bits). Its caracteristics :
        Intel (R) core (TM). i3, 2330m CPU, 2,20ghz, 2,20 ghz, 4g of ram.

        Is it more or less powerful than the samsung 500 ? And if it is less powerful than the 500 model, is the 700 model as good as my toshiba.

        I hope I’ve been clear.

        Thank you.

        1. Certainly, Samsung 500T windows 8 tablet is less powerful that your Toshiba Notebook.. Samsung 700T tablet convertible is more powerful than your Toshiba laptop..
          So the lineup goes like this in ascending order : Samsung 500T Tablet< Your Toshiba laptop < 700T smart pc tablet hybrid.. I hope this clears your doubt!

    1. About which one are you talking? there are two models listed in the article above.. 4G LTE version is not confirmed as far as we’ve info..

  2. That’s it, I had my Ativ Smart pc 3 days ago.
    I took the atom version, for three reasons :

    1)-Noiseless (indeed, no, I mean absolutly NO noise when I’m using it, even when It’s been 5 or 6 hours I’ve been working on it.

    2)-Not warm at all. You can put it on your knees, keep it in a bag, it’s like if you don’t have anything.

    3)-After reading many, many articles about atom clover trail, it was obvious for me that I didn’t need a I core 5 just to make powerpoint all day long.

    So, I am very happy, I won’t hide it longer.

    First, let’s talk about the processor. I had red that it was almost the same as old netbook. Slow, slow, and slow (lol).
    In fact, it’s not the true. It almost depend on what you want to do.
    I absolutly don’t agree with articles which say that “the ativ smart pc PRO” is for the professionnals, and that the ativ smart pc is for the other ones.
    I work on this tablet. I work fine. I use it for powerpoint and it does the job. Very well.

    No, I don’t think you’ll be able to play “Call of Duty” or WoW, but why would you want to ?

    Last point (there are so any good things I could say about this tablet), I have the 3G version. In France. It’s hard to find, but it’s worth finding it.

    If any one has questions, comment me and I will try to answer as quick as possible.

    1. Thank you for your kind reviews.. This will be immensely helpful for other readers/shoppers looking to buy a tab..

    2. Hello!
      I was wondering on buying this, after what you said im pretty sure i will buy it but id really like to know if you can play other games which wont require that much of playing league of legends which shouldnt be as heavy as call of duty or wow

    1. Ranjith,,
      Read this article on the differences between SSD and HDD :
      Once you get feel of ssd, you’ll never come back to HDD (except for backup/other storage requirements)..

  3. I’m looking for a very portable laptop/tablet (touch pad) that will easily run the latest Microsoft Office (Word, Excel Powerpoint). Would you recommend the 700T or the XPS 12, or do you have a better suggestion than either. Also, I don’t need this immediately, so would you advise waiting to see what comes out the first quarter of 2013.

    1. Hello jpotts,
      Both these tablet convertible models that you mentioned differ mainly in their form-factor.. So decide which form-factor you like the most.. We’d also like you to see the details of Asus Taichi 21: http:// … Also check this article on several windows 8 tablets :

  4. Thanks the ASUS looks like an interesting format. I guess all three sound like they will meet my needs. I want 1080P display, full Windows 8 (not RT), I-core processor (5 or 7), 256 gig SSD. Looking mostly for a extremely portable and powerful laptop that I can occansionally put on my lap to watch videos, play games, surf the web.

    The biggest problem now is finding any of them to go put my hands on. Would perfer to actually examine these before I pick one, but none of the electronic stores have any in stock.

    Have you heard when these are going to be more readily available?

    1. Well, the availability is subject to the country where you live.. But most probably, all these models will be readily available from January, 2013

  5. The 700T sounds perfect for my requirement. I’m from India & Samsung announced the availability & pricing around end of November but unfortunately this is not available at any of the big electronic stores or with any of Samsung dealers. In fact the product is not even listed on Samsung India website or on their India estore. I have also tried calling them to ask but even the Samsing India customer service people are unaware about the product. Anyone else looking for this in India (Mumbai to be specific) been able to buy one?? Thanks

  6. Hello every body.
    Just a request. I’m looking for a adaptater mini hdmi / vga. I cannot find one. Any one could help me ?
    Anyway, i’ve had the 500t model for a few weeks now, and i am still very happy of it. If i find the vga adaptater, it would be heaven.

    By the way, “Bon bout d’an” as we say in south France.

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