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    1. Can’t use grandaughters phone,completely locked up ..cant remember password so unable to get any information from google besides unable to verify account

    2. I hv 2 step on and I hv forgotten my password. I know all the answers to all questions except date it was created. Like I created it Years ago???? Please help

    3. I just opened this account and forgot the password didn’t set up any verification notice yet no phone number contact

  1. Please e-mail my password to me. My phone was damaged. Got a new one but all my info is inaccessable. Thanks

  2. Irecently got a new phone and have fogotten my password.I recieve a message saying my username and password do not match

  3. I do not know what happened. gmail message came telling me that my username does not match my password. Now, I am awaiting an urgent mail from someone.Please asist me.

  4. I went from T-Mobile to Verizon wireless. Just need to recover my email back. Don’t want to create another one. I forgot my password. Please reply

      1. My cell# is stolen on xmas, now I’m not able to reset my password, I can’t remember my password. Please help me cause I need to check my emails.

  5. .I can’t access my account. ..I have the verification phone no…Please help me. all documents are there in my account. ..Please. …

  6. Someone changed my password and all of my recovery options … I had to reset my phone and when I tried to sign back into Google I couldn’t … now I have no way of getting my information back and I have no way of getting back into that account that I can think of it seems to be a continous cycle I go through with the recovery form because they are telling me my own information is wrong

  7. I can’t into my G mail account. I am trying to get my phone to start working again. And i need all of my passwords and user names. So i can get the right one to unlock my phone. Thanks for your help. Sam Henderson Jr.

  8. I have a new phone and phone number and I cant sigh in to my gmail account because 2 step verification goes to my old number and I need help

  9. My problem is same as Bernice Valdez above !!!! 2 step verification goes to old number, and I get no response when I try to tell it I want to try another way to sign in (8-digit backup codes) !!!! Help me, please !!! I don’t know what to do !!!!!!!

  10. i was trying to set up my new phone.i had to reset it because the screen got locked all of a sudden. after restarting when i try setting up through google account i get message” try to log in using owners own account”. i have used correct email id and password .pse help

  11. not able to get in e mail -shut down says suspius activity my phone 334-538-3571 ? not able to do anything from this site?????????

  12. I am not sure. I know I forgot my password. But than yellow said I had the wrong email address. And I know that is not possible it’s my sisters name and the year she was born. I’ve used for the past 2 yes after she passed away.

  13. I don’t know why but someone change my password to my gmail and the password to my recovery email to and my cell was took so the recovery number I don’t have any more so plus help me all my pic are on that gmail thank u

  14. Smashed sceen got a new phone,my passwords for different accounts were saved in my clip board .I can’t sign in to my gmail or google accounts.can you help?

  15. I can’t remember my password and my phone number has also changed but it isnt associated with my account yet. I can get a text thru my new number 865-299-1670.

  16. I cant get into my gmail acct.I recently have had incidents of someone else accessing my acct.Now my password does nt wrk,and I also cracked the screen on my phone which has to be sent 4 repairs(so I dont have access to it)and the only option I get to verufy is a call or txt to that phone.I ve been given other options in the past.My recivery phine number must ve been changed also because Im %98percent sure that I out this number as recovery number .would be nice to have access to my personal files stored in google drive.

    1. It wont do any good to send.comments to my gmail.I cant get into it to read them anyway.But if yiu would like to see some pretty shady things thats been going on with my phone,you can email me at sta****key***yahoo**com.It shows who has a hand in screwing with my phone.It would help in understanding why alot of this is happening.I would make copies from the many SD cards I have.I have hrs of recirdings,and screen recordings.I would gladly send to anyone who would like to see them.Thanks, Jim Starkey

  17. ok I got a phone from a friend and he moved away so when I went to set p the phone its askin for the google account that was synced to the phone, but I don’t no noe of that and ant cantact the friend, how do I go about resetin the phone so I can put all my info and google password of my own

  18. Pls email me to solve my problem is before 3days I factory reset my phone I lost my most important Gmail account how can I recover it pls reply me on my recoverable id. I have back up on my that account and important mails pls

  19. Don’t have old phone.. 2-step verification keeps me locked out because I don’t have a backup phone number, now, to receive sms messages!! Please help! !

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