Download Quickoffice free on android, iOS- Courtsey of Google

The popular Quickoffice had been acquired by Google for over a year now, but Google did something today, which is kind of signature activity of Google. It made Quickoffice free for all users – android, iOS. Earlier, this app was only available free to Google apps users. Google has released new version of Quickoffice with a new icon, more enhanced features, deep integration with Google drive. This app is now free to download and use, but the user needs a google account to access the app. Some of the salient features of this app are:

  • Create and edit word, excel, powerpoint files.
  • Conversion of MS Office documents
  • Easy access to files on Google Drive or your device.
  • Ability to read and open pdf files.
  • Create zip folders

quickoffice-android-ios-freeQuickoffice doesn’t work with other cloud services so the user need to download the files or import them into Google Drive. Another beneficial bell to this news is that if the user signs into Google account in the new Quickoffice app by September 26, 2013, he will get extra 10GB of Google Drive storage with 2 years of validity for free.

Quickoffice pro and Quickoffice pro HD have been removed from Google Play Store and apps store. Those users who’ve recently bought pro or pro HD variant of the app might be feeling little bit of remorse. To make up for their purchase, Google is providing 50GB of free Google Drive storage (with proof of purchase) if they’re bought the app within last 3 months i.e. on or after 17th June, 2013. To avail this offer, the user needs to visit this link . Google has highly recommended all its users to upgrade to the new free version as the new Quickoffice is supported for future updates. Also, Quickoffice pro and pro HD are not fully compatible with iOS7 and some features may not work. Moreover, all cloud storage services will become unavailable after March 31, 2014.

This move is appreciably welcome by all users. Now engage in productivity work for free on your android and iOS devices.

Download Quickoffice app for free from Google Play for android smartphones and tablets, and fromĀ  App Store for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad.



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