How to create custom fancy url for facebook profile or pages

If you’re addicted facebook user, you might have already set this up but if you haven’t, you might want to. With this tutorial, you can create your facebook public profile url easy to remember, easy to communicate, easy to spread. For example, My facebook profile url is .. So, I can easily share my

Buy Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet in India

Update on August 24, 2012 :  Now Samsung Galaxy Note is officially launched in India and is available in stock on Samsung Online Estore India for a price of Rs.38,500… Samsung India official estore has started taking pre-orders for Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1 i.e. Gt-N8000 tablet so those early birds can fly to Samsung estore

How to Create Subdomains

Subdomains are, as the name suggests, apparently domains under your main domain name for ex –, ,etc. Creating subdomains on your main domain may be required for several purposes for example, setting up a forum on subdomain or a blog on it or a support script on, etc. Subdomains are very powerful as

How to get custom url for Google Plus Profile or Page

Of late, Reportedly Google plus has introduced vanity or custom url for profiles and pages of top brands and select celebrities like Britneyspears ( Such vanity google plus profile urls are not yet rolled out to the general public. It is being offered to more numbers of celebrities and brands in coming days. Google promises

How to change from IDE to AHCI after windows installation

This tutorial is for those who have advanced knowledge in computer, who can alter BIOS settings (and understands what BIOS is, regedit is). If you’ve installed windows 7 in IDE mode and for some reason, you want to switch it to AHCI mode. If you just go into your system BIOS settings and alter the

SSD Optimization Tips and Tweaks on Windows 7

If you’ve added a new SSD(Solid-state drive) to your computer for the first time, you must be amazed by its speed but if you’re like me, you’d always want more speed. So you might think – Is this all I get with my SSD or is there any way so that I can get even

How to update kaspersky offline

Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the best security suite available for pc that protects our computer from all kinds of viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, malicious programs and other threats but it is resource-heavy. If installed on a system with low resources, it might make the computer slow. Furthermore, the update process is also slow

Laptop Buying Guide

Count on us if you want to buy a laptop as we’ll be there to make your decision easy. Buying a laptop is not an easy task since your laptop is going to be your fun, work, nonetheless your friend. You need to make sure you’re buying what you need rather than what you want.