WordPress Keyboard Shortcut keys

WordPress is the most popular blogging script and comprise as backbone of majority of websites online. As blogs grow, readers community follows. Our blogs start receiving tons of comments. Many of them are also often spam. If you receive lots of spam on wordpress blog, make sure you’ve activated Askimet plugin successfully. Apart from spam

Mozilla Firefox – Free Download | Latest Version

It came and reinvented the web browsing experience, changed the way we surf the web and soon millions of people worldwide started adopting it with open heart to appreciate its generosity, speed, flexibility, power, stability, security and other richer features. This way, Mozilla Firefox soon became the king of all browsers. People moved from the

RSI | Repetitive Strain Injury | How to Prevent

What is RSI ? In modern times, work is more than just worship. We work for countless hours trying to cope up with the speed and the advancement pace of time and needs. Along the way, do we care enough about ergonomic comforts? For people like me, bloggers, webmasters, computer engineers, programmers, we site in

Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in India

Update: Samsung Galaxy Note II phone is officially released and is available for purchase at price of Rs.39,990 in India. +1 to us as Techotv expectation/guess for the phone was about Rs.40,000 as given below which is approximately equal to the original price revealed above. Exclusive launch offer of free bluetooth headset with every purchase

HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 Specification Features

Running not so late on the catch up of windows phone 8 platform, HTC announced its flagship windows phone – HTC 8X. Touting its unique and iconic uni-body design features matching the satire of windows phone 8 UI, HTC gets it right. The edge of the phone is very thin which gives the overall feel

How To block emails from a particular sender on Outlook

Sometimes, we don’t want junk emails from a particular email address either due to harassment issues or due to other issues like unsubscribing from particular email list when there is no other way to unsubscribe. Whatever be the reason, we just want to block the annoying sender from bothering us anymore so that we could