Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date, Specifications, News, Report, Features

Samsung Galaxy Note series is truly original and bold product fromĀ  Samsung, which represents the company’s capacity for strategic, experimental play in mobile arena. When the original Galaxy Note was launched, entire world(well, most of them) ridiculed on Samsung, laughed about ginormous screen size, but nothing deterred Samsung from making the next, Note 2. The

Android app to add custom apps shortcut in notification drawer – Video

[sch t=”m” i=”duration” c=”PT2M29S”][sch t=”m” i=”thumbnail” c=””] [sch i=”description” c=”Watch this video demo on How to get your favorite apps shortcut in Notification panel on any android phone so that you could easily launch or switch to your favorite apps from anywhere through notification drawer. The name of the app is Power Toggles.”] Full review

How to add custom Toggle buttons in Android Notification panel on any Phone

Have you always wanted to customize those useful settings toggles in notification panel/bar on your android smartphone? Wondering how to add more toggles in addition to the few toggle options specified by the device manufacturer, without going for custom third-party modded android firmware? How to add more rows of toggle options in notification panel instead