How to see Real time Traffic on your website

Traffic is the life of any website but measurement and assessing of the traffic and its conversion, the flow and user experience of visitors are equally important. There are several ways in which we can check live visitors on our website but our article is restricted to Google Analytics ways since most of the webmasters,

How to create Nickname on Facebook

Facebook is great social networking site for keeping in touch with friends and families. It diminishes the distance and brings buddies together. But Facebook is very rigid about your name. It doesn’t allow you to keep fancy names or pet names at your primary profile name. It wants you to keep your real name as

HTC One X+ Specification, Price, Release Date

2012 has been the year of gadgets and phones. This year, we witnessed launch of several android smartphones from several manufacturers. Android has really grown and the companies want to leave no space empty to lure customers of all kinds. Going along the line, HTC One X+ is announced officially as upgrade to the successfully

How to change yahoomail email reading mode view

In the new yahoomail, which is smooth, buttery, fast and very organized, when we check any mail/message, the mail opens in a new virtual tab within our account. This kind of email view is good but some people just don’t prefer it especially when they’ve to handle plenty of email messages. If you’re among those

Cloud Gaming – All you need to know

There is no denying the fact that we encounter Internet and its application in almost everything we do. For us, Internet has become as vital as oxygen we breathe. Internet serves us in variety of ways but its limits are never approaching a halt. It is ever-expanding and always broadening its scope, giving birth to

WikiPad – Android Gaming Tablet

Playing games on smartphones or tablets is a nice experience but it gets tricky with certain games where our thumb takes up fairly good portion of the screen to control the game. Using on-screen controls are not as convenient as using game controllers are. Tablets are very portable and we love playing games on tablet.