Top 5 Reasons NOT to buy Redmi Go – Its Cons, Demerits, Negative Reviews

Can price of Rs 4499 and Xiaomi(Redmi) signature on Android Go smartphone make Mi Redmi Go a popular entrant? Xiaomi has launched Redmi Go in India and its first sale online is scheduled on 22nd March, 2019 at 12 noon. Though, the price may seem very budget-friendly, the question that perplexes is whether it is

List of Best Smart Ceiling Fans in India – Make any normal fan smart

Smart devices are on good uptrend in India, thanks to increasing internet penetration & fairing reliable connectivity. With introduction of alexa devices, google home devices, the littering spark to smart home appliances, automation and smart home control is adequately matched. Beside smart speakers, several smart home products including smart lights, smart fans, Smart Switches, Smart