How to open any browser in Windows 8 metro mode Start screen

In this video, we’ve shown how to open internet explorer, Google Chrome in Windows 8 metro mode in start screen. Mozilla Firefox 18 will have support for windows 8 modern metro mode and so this video tutorial applies to any browser. For windows 8 metro mode to work in a browser, we need to set that browser as the default browser. This means that at a time, only one browser can be the default browser of our windows 8 computer and hence only one browser can be opened in metro mode be it either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or others. So, if you want to use metro mode of a web browser, you should first set it as your computer’s default web browser and then launch it using the start screen. On Google Chrome, under its settings, we’ve option to switch to desktop mode or windows 8 mode to launch the browser in desired mode. In Internet explorer, if we launch the browser from start screen, it’ll launch in modern metro mode, if we launch it from the desktop, it’ll start in desktop classic mode. So this means that you can launch both the modes of internet explorer at the same time which is not possible in Google Chrome. The windows 8 mode of Google Chrome browser is almost same as desktop mode.browser-windows-8-start-screen-mode

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