Official Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 for Samsung Galaxy S2 – Review [Video]

In one of our previous posts, we’ve published tutorial on how to flash samsung galaxy s2 phone with Jelly Bean android 4.1.2 official leaked firmware. As usual, I always try and test things before publishing it on our blog, so I updated my galaxy sII phone with Jelly Bean firmware, that day. Now, after 10 days of usage, I’m here with a video review of the same so that those s2 owners who have not yet updated, could find out what they’re missing.

After updating my phone to Jelly Bean, I do feel that this update is the finest firmware update galaxy s2 has ever received. I’ve not encountered any serious bugs or problems. Touchwhiz UI is flawless. Phone seems pretty responsive. Proximity sensor and all other sensors work quite well. Most of the S3 exclusive feature has also been ported onto this firmware update like, smart dial (in the name of direct dial, this option is present in Motion in phone settings menu), smart stay (this option will be found in Display in phone settings menu), etc. Jelly bean exclusive project butter, Google now, improved keyboard, etc are also very well implemented in this firmware. Lockscreen is also highly improved with shorcuts, news/facebook ticker, weather updates, etc.. Battery life is either improved or pretty much the same as it was on ICS. For complete review, watch the video given above.

Guide on flashing and download link of Jelly bean firmware is mentioned in the first paragraph.

8 Replies to “Official Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 for Samsung Galaxy S2 – Review [Video]”

  1. why dont you increase your screen backlight duration instead of having to keep clicking home in the video? And you need a new screen guard dude!
    Thanks for the video.

  2. Not impressed. My phone keeps freezing like crazy, half the time when I take a photo or video it doesnt read the file after I have taken it. Going to downgrade my firmware.

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