“MyFitnessPal” – Best Health & Fitness app for Android and iOS – Review


For reviewing, we have today “[sch i=”itemReviewed” c=”MyFitnessPal Mobile application”] developed by MyFitnessPal LLC, [sch i=”description c=”one of the popular fitness & calorie counting applications available free to download for both iOS and Android devices. It is easy to use no needless jumping screens; linked to the MyFitnessPal website with community message board and other self-tracking devices such as Fitbit, the Withings scale & Endomondo to name a few.”] This is a user friendly exercise tracker and calorie counter app, other than a complete weight loss program not having any nutritional recommendations or advice. This app will help you to figure out how much calories you consumed and how much you burnt; can also track your weight and waist size as time progresses. To work accurately, you must put every single information about your eating & drinking habits and all the exercise you do at daily basis.


With a first time registration, you need to use this application several times in a day to put your entire intake and exercise information. User must put his/her general info including age, sex, weight, activity etc. Setting the activity is important as it counts the calories counter based on the activity you do every day as a professional. Most users are desperate to reach a goal of losing extra weight or calories but this application will restrict you from trying to lose a little less than 1 kg/ week (more than 2 lbs.). This app will help you to achieve your goal by calculating a target number of calories you must consume in a day. This consumption will change based on how much exercise you do and sticked with your profile info and goal unless you change those.


All entries can be done from opening page and food entry can be made via text entry or from the extensive database. You can categorically enter your food preferences into meals like breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. There are multiple types of exercises to choose from “Cardiovascular to Strength” training. Pressing the Progress tab will illustrate a graphical chart showing your last 30 / 60 / 90 days progress of losing weights. There are also News, Friends and Messages tabs for information, how your friends are going and messages from other users about tips respectively. MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and it is like a record book to keep all your weight loss progress data, exercise and eating info. You can search for food and drink by typing text or scrolling through frequent, recent, My Foods, meals and recipes. You need internet availability to work all the pages and showing you various information and diet tips.


The food catalog that MyFitnessPal fetches from the U.S, U.K and Canada’s brand name food list, restaurant dishes, recipes from leading cooking & fitness magazine and even recipes posted by users worldwide. User can’t see the names of the recipes’ up loaders, only the food name and nutritional info will be available for you. You can search your favorite dishes from other part of the country or the world, just type the name identical to that food and recipes will be there and you just have to choose your pick according to your nutritional value & facts.

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Verdict: We have found “MyFitnessPal“ is the best calorie counter and exercise tracker application available for iOS & Android among the others. There are so many applications available similar to “MyfitnessPal” such as Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO (INR 275/-), Runtastic PRO (INR 300/-), Calorie Counter by FatSecret (Free) and many more. The easy to go interface, simple menu, easy to put your data, calculation accuracy and output shown in terms of graphically makes it more efficient than the other applications. It can tie into other apps like Fitbit, the Withings scale & Endomondo for self-tracking which is also a great feature and it can be updated regularly. All you need internet availability and this app will work like a charm with huge database of foods, information and tips. This application also has bar code scanning feature. One thing we dislike about Myfitnesspal that there is no way to ‘turn off’ the “recent news” on the starting page; as it is a free application, users have to tolerate this. Anyone wants to track caloric intake, Obese patients and type 2 Diabetics would benefit from this app and Professionals such as Primary Care Doctors, Paediatricians, Cardiologists, Nutritionists and Endocrinologists would also benefit. This application has been out there for a long time now, continuously upgraded and helpful to many users, so we recommend MyfitnessPal is a must have application for all iOS and Android users. You can download this app by searching it on Google Play Store on your android phone or on iTunes App store on iPhone.

Rating – [sch i=”reviewRating” c=”4″]/5 – Review by [sch i=”author” c=”Shubhrajit Chakraborty”]

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