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Update: A new version of Mozilla Firefox is available – Download Firefox 18

As reported in our previous posts, Mozilla team is working hard to bring newness and promising improvement in Firefox browser, and hence in their latest nightly version, they have introduced Firefox metro app mode to utilize the new metro UI of windows 8 in addition to the classic desktop mode. It’ll take time for that nightly version to make its way upto release channel but meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox 16 has been released with bunch of fixes, improvement in memory management so as to offer more responsiveness, and upgraded tools for web developers to help them ease their work. Firefox is on rapid release cycle which means that a new version and updates are offered at a rapid rate.mozilla firefox 16 download 300x194 Mozilla Firefox 16 Free Download

Mozilla Firefox 16 Release Notes :

  • Increase in Javascript responsiveness with incremental garbage collection technique – This new technique is being introduced in Firefox 16 for the first time. With this method, the garbage collector will collect no-longer used memory and so the same could be used for new javascript objects. This way, it ensures better memory management, greatly improved swiftness in response and speed of javascript execution. To end user, this means that animations, mouse clicks, games, all these and other javascript based actions will now happen more speedily and smoothly without causing Firefox pause or short-duration hangs.
  • For Mac users, the voice-over support in Firefox 16 has been turned on by default. Voice-over is solution for blind or people with difficulty in vision to use mac computer in easy, enjoyable and simple way.
  • When you type something in address bar, the matching suggestions below shows the matching word highlighted in square blocks. This is minor UI change.
  • Initial support for web apps for Windows, Linux, Mac as well. This support was long awaited. Web apps are apps that can run in any browser or standalone and can run even offline. We’ve already seen such web apps on Google Chrome browser. Now is the time to enjoy awesome web apps on our favorite Mozilla Firefox browser. These apps will be available for download in Mozilla Marketplace.
  • The Developer Toolbar has been upgraded with new buttons for easy and quick access to tools, error count for the Web Console, and a new command line for quick keyboard access.firefox 16 developer tools 300x18 Mozilla Firefox 16 Free Download
  • To ease the development and maintenance work of web developers, Firefox 16 adds support for several uprefixed css3 animations, transitions, transforms, and gradients in addition to certain unprefixed HTML 5 elements(indexedDB, battery API, vibration API), HTML 5 Microdata API, <meter> element, etc. Unprefixed means that writing codes without vendor-applicable prefixes i.e. writing standard css3 codes. This makes the development job easier and maintains universality on all modern browsers. Such prefix-free method should be advocated by all browsers.
  • Scratchpad displays a list of recently opened files.
  • Some other fixes that has been made include – default opus codec support (for low latency realtime communication purposes), per tab reporting in about:memory, MD5 as hash algorithm in digital signatures no longer supported, implementation of reverse animation direction, etc.

If you’ve switched to Google Chrome browser for some reason, its time to switch back to Mozilla firefox as Firefox 16 is much improved from previous versions. In previous version i.e. Firefox 15, lots of new features, enhancements, support have been added which is being continued in this version also, like SPDY protocol v3 support, WebGL enhancements, silent & automatic updates, etc.

Update: Mozilla Firefox is updated to 16.0.2 because a major vulnerability was found in Firefox 16. So, we’ve updated the download links to 16.0.2.

Download Mozilla Firefox 16.0.2 Free for windows xp, windows 7 and 8 from here

Download Firefox 16.0.2 for Mac OS X from here and for Linux from here

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    1. You’ve not specified the kind of problem you’re facing.. Still, we’ve mailed you all the possible download solution on your mail address. I hope it helps..

  1. When I log into hotmail I can see I have messages but cannot open anything, this only happened last week. I have uninstalled and reinstalled firefox but still the same problem, as far as I know I have not changed any settings on my computer. I have seen on a forum that this is happening to lots of people but could not see a solution, thanks, Lin

    1. Hello Lin,
      Go to this page –
      Copy paste the given url above in firefox browser and see if any firefox plugins need to be updated.. Update if necessary and restart your browser.. I hope this helps..

  2. Hi Saurabh,
    Tried that but no luck, thanks for your suggestions. I have tried to get in touch with Mozilla but as I live in Australia they do not have an office here. I also thought their help page not much help and could not find where I could email them a question? Thanks, Lin

    1. Disable all addons or try start firefox safe mode (Launch firefox – go to firefox menu – help – restart with addons disabled).. Certain firefox addons or plugins also cause such errors..
      You can even try to reset firefox by navigating to firefox menu – help – troubleshooting Information – Reset firefox on the page that opens..

    1. The firefox download link is clearly given in the article.. Still, for your sake, I have mailed you the link.. Enjoy..

  3. thanks for the good work you are doing, mozilla firefox is my best browser now, pls email me updates on your browser.
    thanks so much

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