Motorola X Phone to be released Officially in May At Google I/O

Companies like Sony, LG and BlackBerry are trying their level best to develop devices that can pull down the success of Samsung and Apple. This time its Motorola with its new smartphone geared up to join the bandwagon. Droid-Life made an announcement this Monday that Motorola will be unveiling its Motorola X Phone at Google I/O in May.

Motorola - x-phone (1)

Google and Motorola are working together to produce a ‘sophisticated handset’ as described by The Wall Street Journal which sports a massive 5 inch bezel-less display screen. Analysts believe that the X Phone is going to the smallest 5-inch smartphone with unmatched technical specifications. Google makes it possible for Motorola X Phone to run on the latest version of Android, the Android Key Lime Pie OS (Android 5.0).

Google will be making the announcement of the X Phone at the Google I/O conference. The X Phone will not be classified under the Nexus line of phones from Google but it is going to be launched under entirely new category. The device is going to come out with a Nexus like user interface on top of the Android 5.0 OS.  It is being designed to accentuate the Android experience.

Droid Life claims that the X Phone is going to be Motorola first handset to work across different cellular network service provider in order to compete with top running smartphones in the market. It means the X Phone will not be shipped only be Verizon which is currently happening with the Nexus line of phones. We won’t be saying any new Nexus phone for some time as Google CEO Larry Page had already stated in the previous month that until Feb we won’t be hearing any news on the new Nexus phone. So, the next big thing to watch out from Google’s camp is definitely going to be the Motorola X Phone.

As per rumors, X Phone will be available under various carriers with 2-year contract for expected price of $299. However, if you wish to use another cellular network on the X Phone, you can get the unlocked device from the Google Play Store. The price of the unlocked Motorola X Phone is going be similar to that of the Nexus 4.

Motorola - x - phone

Rumors have it that Google and Motorola are also done with the making of Motorola X Phone and has now started working on the tablet version of X Phone called the X Tablet. After unveiling the X Phone in May, the device will be launched on 8th of July, but there is a high probability that it may be launched on some other date. Experts believe that the Android OS is going to be a stock-version. If you do not like it, you can remove the bloatware and run the device on the much stable OS like the one on Nexus.

The rumored tech specifications of the Motorola X Phone is as follows, 5inch HD display that supports 1080p, quad-core CPU, very slim bezel, size smaller than the Galaxy S3, 12MP camera, KLP, NFC and many more. We will have to wait and watch to see how the competition unfolds in the smartphone world by mid-2013 as it may also be the time when Samsung might release its much-awaited Galaxy S4.

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