How to recharge any Jio plan pack from Jio number account balance talktime

Did you know that you can recharge Jio with any desired plan/pack with your Jio account balance? Yes, you can top up your Jio number with any amount/talktime from time to time and when you want to recharge specific plan on your jio number, just use the accumulated talktime/balance to activate the desired Jio tariff plan. Now two questions arise, why would you want to activate any plan with your Jio number account/talktime/topup balance, and how to use Jio account balance to recharge or activate any Jio pack? Answer to the first question rests in the several recharge offers available online from time to time. Most of the websites like Amazon, freecharge, phonepe, paytm, mobikwik, niki, haptick, etc offer 25% or 50%-100% cashback on recharges, but they limit cashback to Rs.50 or Rs.30, or Rs 60 or Rs. 100, which sorts of defeat the percentage point but makes great headlines from marketing perspective. So, if you topup your jio number with necessary recharge amount from various websites and avail those great cashback offers, you can really save upto 50% instead of lame 50% cashback offer circumscribed by capping cashback amount.

To give you a more clearer picture, at present, Amazon is running 50% cashback offer capping maximum cashback amount to rs 50. Likewise, other recharges websites like paytm, freecharge, etc are also offering cashback offers limiting cashback to rs. 20, 30 or 50. So, you can do 100rs topup recharge(which gives 100rs talktime balance) from each of these service providers and avail maximum cashback in their wallets. Once you have accumulated required account balance, say Rs.400 in your jio number, you can use this balance to activate 399 Jio tariff pack. This is just one scenario. There could be several other cases in which users have talktime account balance with no good usage of the same. So, this option is great.

Given below are the steps to answer to second question.

How to recharge or activate Jio plan with already accumulated Jio account talktime balance:

  • Make sure you have enough account balance in your Jio number prior to following the next step to use mobile balance on Jio to activate any Jio pack. (Recharge of these amounts i.e. Rs 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 2000, 5000 — give full talktime balance on your Jio phone number. These full talktime topups recharge are also known as booster plans or topups or recharges)
  • Login to website using your Jio mobile number, via any method i.e. OTP or password as you choose.
  • Select recharge option (usually present at the right side after logging in) and choose the desired plan that you want to activate, and proceed.
  • You’ll see an option to pay for the recharge with prepaid account balance as well as other options like credit/debit cards and wallets. Select the account balance option and go recharge.
  • Note: The prepaid account balance option won’t be visible if you have less balance than the selected recharge plan.
  • If you already have any other plan active on your Jio number, the freshly activated plan will be queued up and will become active automatically after expiry of the current plan. However, you also have the option to run two plans concurrently on Jio number utilizing data benefits of both the plans at the same time. For example, if you already have 448 plan active on your number and if you recharge and activate 448 plan again, you’ll be able to use 4gb (2GB benefit of each pack) per day with their expiry dates intact and different as per their activation dates. For this, you have to login to my jio app, tap on view plans option, you’ll see activate option on the queued plan. Hit on it to run two jio packs concurrently.

I hope the Jio recharge trick above helped you. If you face any difficulty or have any queries, feel free to inquire via comments below.


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  1. Its not working..payment option using account balance is not displaying.

    1. you need to have higher account balance than the amount you want to recharge. Say, you want to recharge for 399, you need to have 400rs account balance for the prepaid balance option in payment mode to appear

      1. can you call me for this. i am suffering from this issue only.

  2. It is not working… I followed all the steps and finaly click on recharge.. But it is not working

  3. Can we transfer the jio account balance to the other jio accounts

  4. It’s not working. There is no option showing for my account.

  5. Apologies for my previous comment. This is working completely. Thanks

  6. I want to recharge 449 plan.. I have 400 balance can I apply 50₹ voucher nd recharge?

    1. Unfortunately, no. voucher and account balance together is not yet allowed

  7. Sir, I have a doubt…. If my current plan
    Exhausted. How this topup plan works….
    Shall I make a call even my current plan gets over?

  8. its work on my jio app also

  9. I want to recharge another number using account to do it ?

    1. You can not as of now. You can only recharge the same number on which you have prepaid balance.

  10. Wtf!!I hv my main balance but i cant do any regular cls…Bs

  11. Might your plan has expired(main balance =core balance ) which only works on plan vadility

  12. I have 300 in main balance and I want to have plan of 98 but then also it’s not showing option of paying through main balance.

  13. Is not successful my balance

  14. I didn’t transfer my main account balance convert into data recharging so please give me resolution

  15. I am also not seeing the option to top up from main balance. Maybe they have removed it now. I tried to top up an amount which is well within the existing balance in the main account.

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