HTC One M8 Dual SIM Released, Availability, Price, Specs

When HTC One M8 single sim was launched with no details/announcement of dual sim variant, I was certain that sometime in near future, dual sim variant will also be launched. Something similar happened with last year’s HTC One M7. Single sim model was launched few months before the release of dual sim variant. So, I advised my friends, who desperately wanted dual sim functionality in their top-end android smartphone, to wait for a few months and here it is. HTC One M8 dual sim features the same set of specifications as its single sim brother: Snapdragon 801 chipset, 2gb ram, duo camera setup, 16/32/64gb internal memory, external memory card support of upto 128gb, non-removable 2600mAh battery, 1080p 5-inch display etc. One of the two dual sim slots support CDMA as well as GSM sim One M8 dual sim model comes in gunmetal grey color. No announcement nor availability is made for white color yet. It will be initially released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and its price is set at 799 Euros. Single sim model sells at around 559 Euros in these countries. Hence, the price difference is huge and we hope the price to come down soon. It is not yet released in India nor any such announcement been made, but we’re pretty confident that One M8 dual sim variant will be soon released in India as this country is among those markets that favor dual sim smartphones. Though, the price difference seems high between the two variants and therefore one or two more months of wait is recommended so that price may subside down by reasonable margin.

HTC enjoys leverage here in dual sim high-end smartphone niche as it doesn’t have any competition. Samsung, Sony, LG – all these major brands have not launched dual sim variant of their flagship handset in the country. These brands have dual sim smartphones in mid and low segment, but not in high or flagship segment. So, those consumers that want dual sim indispensably will have no choice but to go for HTC. We hope Sony to jump in this market soon, accompanies by LG and Samsung. The latter launches dual-sim flagship in China, but not in India.

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