How to solve Warning Unresponsive Script error in Mozilla Firefox – Fix, Tips

Have you ever encountered issues with Mozilla Firefox when browser almost hangs and then a pop up dialog box appears that says “Warning Unresponsive Script” and presents option to continue or stop script?

In a cheery mood, surfing some not so random websites, exhilarated by infinite illusionary racing depth of web circle, paddling my way through towards the far end and I had to halt, put brake, albeit a short one, to my course of incessant browsing; it hit me,

a dialog box pops up on the screen, confusing my dazed mind with option to continue unresponsive script or stop.

It’s like driving at faster speed on a narrow road and all of sudden forced to decide whether to steer right or left to bypass a cute little animal. It’s difficult and as momentary and short timed it might be, decision making is unscrupulously long in such situation. By fate, everything just might work out, whatever course you choose, and as such happened with me in case of my browsing session. Before I could decide to hit on continue or stop button, the dialog box disappeared and my browsing continued barring this little hiccup.

However in some cases, it doesn’t work out, you need to reach to a decision and execute it and in this post, I’m here to help you do that with my only so limited technical expertise ;)

If this error occurs on few websites that you often visit, hit on continue button to give the script more time and if this warning error doesn’t pop up again in that session, this means that a certain script just needs more time to execute properly and fully. The long script execution time might be because of poorly designed script or because of low system resources of the user. To solve this issue once and for all, you just need to increase the default script execution time that Firefox has set. You should only increase script execution time if hitting on continue button has solved your problem for the concerned websites.

How to increase script execution time in Mozilla firefox Browser

  • Type about:config in Browser url/address bar and press enter. Then, Hit on I’ll be careful, I promise button.
  • In the search box at the top of the page, search for dom.max_script_run_time and set its value to 20, instead of the default 10.
  • close the tab.

firefox-unresponsive-scrit-error-hangsIn cases where hitting on continue button didn’t solve issues with the unresponsive websites, instead it crashed firefox browser or made the browser to become completely unresponsive or hang, we need to stop the script from executing. However, we can’t wait each time for the firefox to hang a little and then give us option to stop the script. Instead, we can set Firefox to automatically block scripts on concerned websites.

How to Block website scripts from running in Mozilla Firefox

  • Download and install YesScript addon from here.
  • Restart browser after installing the script.
  • Go to Firefox addons page the usual way, or by typing about:addons in browser address bar.
  • Hit on option button of YesScript addon.
  • In the blacklist option, add the url of the problematic websites.
  • Firefox will then block such blacklisted websites from running scripts.

These are the two usual options that you can control, rest is in the hand of website developer who could do some optimization so that their scripts complete within the given time.

In some cases, certain addons might also cause such issues so make sure all your addons are updated, only use necessary addons, keep your browser upto date as well. In case of unresponsive shockwave plugin warning, you might also try disabling hardware acceleration from Firefox option> Advanced> General> Untick use hardware acceleration when available. If none of these steps help, comment here with more details of your case and we’ll try to help you out!




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