How to run Windows 8 Apps on Netbook with low screen resolution

Windows 8 can be installed on netbook without any problem and it works fast. But there is one problem, you can not use modern metro apps on netbook because of the limited screen resolution. On most netbooks, the highest screen resolution available is 1024*600 pixels, and this is low as per windows 8 requirements. So, when you try to run any of the modern windows 8 apps, you’ll receive error If you go to your computer screen resolution setting in attempt to increase reolution, you’ll find that you really can’t bump resolution to anything greater than 1024×600, but there is a way to get 1024*768 resolution on your netbook. 1024*768 is the minimum screen resolution required for windows 8 apps to work correctly. So, to increase screen resolution of netbook, you need to do little registry hack/tweak, but here in this post, we’ll spare you the trouble of going through registry editing. Instead, we’re sharing with you one awesome app that does the required for you so that windows 8 apps will work flawlessly on your netbook as well be it of whatever brand i.e. Acer, Samsung, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. This particular free app works on most of netbooks.

  • Install Windows 8 on your netbook.
  • Download Higher Netbook Resolution freeware program from here.
  • Extract the zip folder and Run this program as administrator and hit on Most Netbooks button to scale your netbook screen resolution to 1024*768.
  • Done! Now open any modern metro windows 8 apps from start screen. It should work without issues.
  • You can even undo changes made by this freeware app if in case things don’t work as desired.

Still some of the windows 8 features won’t work, for example, snapping two apps on the screen require minimum screen resolution of 1366*768. Also, increasing screen resolution to 1024×768 is minor tweak and so was easy, but if you’d try to scale resolution on your netbook to something like 1366×768, your netbook LCD might not support it at all and will produce error.

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