How to install drivers on windows 8 which donot have digital signature information

Sometimes, when you try to install certain drivers/custom modded drivers on your computer, you get installation error that the driver doesn’t contain digital signature information or failed to pass digital signature verification, etc. In few lucky cases, it prompts you to continue anyway and in some unfortunate cases, it simply fails to install the driver because of lack of digital signature information. Earlier, we could easily change that setting by launching gpedit.msc from run (win key + r). In gpedit.msc, go to user configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Driver Installation > Code Signing for Device Drivers > Disabled. After settings this specific setting and restarting computer, you can try installing the concerned driver, but it fails even in such case as it happened for me. So, what to do then. Here in this guide, we’ll tell you how to install unsigned drivers or such drivers on your windows 8 computer which do not have digital signature

  • Before proceeding ahead, close all your work because we’ll need to restart our system using the method given below. Read the full tutorial before doing things mentioned in this tutorial.
  • Press win key + r and enter this command: shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t 00
  • As soon as you enter the above command, your computer will restart. You’ll be prompted to Choose an Option.
  • Select Troubleshoot and then Advanced Options.
  • Now select windows startup settings. Now hit on Restart.
  • Now when the computer starts, you’ll be presented with list of numbered options. Press the number where it readsDisable Driver Signature Enforcement“.
  • System will start and now you’ll be able to install any third-party unsigned drivers or such drivers which lack digital signature.

If you’re still getting error and if you’ve recently bought your system, you should go into BIOS and check if secure-boot is enabled. Disable secure-boot and then follow the steps mentioned above. This way you can bypass digital signature verification and install the desired drivers without getting any such error on windows 8 computer.

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